20 Popular Purple Weed Strains You Must Try!

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For ages, we’ve been growing and mostly using green cannabis buds. However, as most of you are aware, not all cannabis plants are the same; they come in various colors, flavors, scents, and effects. While green buds are far more well-known worldwide, the best purple weed strains are gaining popularity day by day.

What Makes Weed Purple?

Purple weeds were not as common as they are now in the past. However, they have gained appeal due to their aesthetics and market demands. The high content of anthocyanin in weed plants causes them to turn purple. This is a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties available in purple weeds and some plants. It’s in the leaves, stems, fruits, and almost every other part of the plant.

20 Most Popular Purple Weed Strains That You Have To Try

Let’s talk about the top 20 purple weed strains you should try at least once now that you know what purple pot strains are and why they’re purple.

#1. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a nearly 100 percent pure Indica strain that grows well indoors and outdoors, making it a favorite choice among producers. It has a frosty purple look that adds interest to any cannabis plant collection. It has a higher THC concentration – roughly 22% – making it a strong strain better suited to experienced users rather than beginners.

#2. Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a wonderful hybrid of Purple Thai and Haze strains. This strain’s popularity is so extensive that it even received a shout-out from legendary American musician Jimmy Hendrix! It has 70% Sativa and 30% Indica characteristics. As a result, the DNA of both parents combines to generate sweet and earthy flavors. This weed can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It does, however, perform better in natural light. In addition, it is a disease and pest-resistant strain.

#3. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is a major medicinal marijuana strain known as a natural tranquilizer. It has approximately 21% THC concentration. The aroma of flowers and grapes will be noticeable. Purple Urkle has a flavor that is similar to Purple Urkle. Furthermore, you will detect skunky undertones. It, like the others, is a simple strain, making it a suitable choice for novice growers with minimal experience in marijuana growing.

#4. Ayahuasca Purple

The Ayahuasca Purple is a potent strain that mixes the strains Master Kush and Red River Delta. It’s a virtually pure Indica strain, which means it has a more soothing than energetic impact. It has a THC content of around 21%, which means it has enough strength to produce feelings of relaxation, mood improvement, and pleasure.

#5. GDP (Grand Daddy Purple)

Grand Daddy Purple, a West Coast strain, is known for giving users long-lasting highs and farmers with higher yields. It has a high THC content (23%) but isn’t very potent so beginners won’t be overwhelmed by the effects. It’s made up of the cannabis strains Big Bud and Purple Urkle, both popular among producers and users. This strain’s gorgeous purple hue is enhanced by cooler temperatures, although it can grow in practically any region.

#6. Purple Diesel

This cross combines Sour Diesel’s pain-relieving power and mind-blowing strength with Bubba Kush, another strain known for its “platinum” color effect. Purple Diesel is probably worth a try if you can locate it at your local dispensary if you’re a fan of the diesel/gasoline strains and want to spice it up with something a little more unique!

#7. Grape Ape

Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Original Afghani were crossed to create Grape Ape. Its look sets it apart from the other purple Indica cannabis strains on this list. Deep purple leaves cover these purple weed strains, which become darker as they mature. Grape Ape is a similarly powerful flower, with THC levels ranging from 18 to 21%.

#8. Purple Skunk

Purple Skunk allows Sativa fans to enjoy purple strains even more and has a deep purple appearance. Even though the origin and pedigree of this marijuana strain are unknown, it remains the most potent and popular purple Sativa marijuana strain.

#9. Purple Space Cookies

This strain is a mixture of the fabled Girl Scout Cookies and the notorious Durban Poison. It’s a classic British Columbia variety with a beautiful purple finish. The flavor profile is exceptional, combining the characteristics of DP with the power of GSC.

#10. Mendocino Purps

In the last two or three weeks of flowering, this plant turns purple, creating a stunning effect. It made the “High Times Top Strains of the Year” list in 2007, and it’s a foundation for many modern purple strains. You get a powerful narcotic sensation with undertones of berries and grapes and very aromatic perfume.

#11. Obama Kush

Obama Kush is a purple-blooming cannabis strain created by combining OG Kush and Afghani landrace strains. If you want to feel relaxed and unwind while remaining conscious, this Indica-leaning hybrid purple cannabis is a great choice. Obama Kush has a subtle scent that is sweet and tart. There are also hints of a skunky, moreish aroma.

#12. Purple Power

Check out the effects of the Purple Power cannabis strain if the GDP’s high isn’t long enough. This purple cannabis strain was developed from the Skunk#1, and Dutch Dope strains to thrive in milder areas such as those prevalent in Northern Europe. The THC level is roughly 22%, but this varies from plant to plant.

#13. Purple Pineberry

The Purple Pineberry cannabis strain is a return to primarily Indica strains. This purple weed strain has a THC content of 19-22 percent and a CBD content of roughly 1.3 percent. Furthermore, you can expect an enhanced mood and a great deal of relaxation when using this strain.

#14. Purple Widow

Purple Widow is a hybrid strain created by crossing White Widow with Purple Power. It is a marijuana strain derived from the ever-popular White Widow strain. The aromas will be sweet and delicious. The fragrance of grass alone makes you want to smoke as soon as you smell it. You’ll also appreciate the smooth smoke it produces.

#15. Alaskan Purple

Due to its unique ancestry, the Alaskan Purple has become one of the most popular purple weed strains on the market today. It’s a Brazilian Sativa, Kush X, and Purple Alaskan cross. It’s mostly indica, and that can adapt to various growth environments. It has a THC content of 15 to 20%, making it an effective strain for relaxing.

#16. Purple Bud

The Purple Bud strain was created by crossing many purple weed strains, resulting in a one-of-a-kind strain with great potency. It’s primarily an indica strain, having a 75 percent indica to 25 percent Sativa ratio. It normally has a THC content of up to 20%, making it extremely strong and effective.

#17. Purple Tangie

Purple Tangie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Tangie with an unknown cultivar. The leaves of this exotic cannabis strain are dark green and purple. Even the reddish-brown pistils on the shrub add a nice touch. You will love the unique aroma of this purple cannabis strain: citrus, orange, and floral.

#18. Purple Afghani

Purple Afghani is known for its gorgeous purple hues and is one of the greatest purple-colored cannabis strains. With a THC level of up to 25%, it is one of the most potent purple weed strains. Purple Afghani is a Canadian-made product. It results from a hybrid between Afghani 1 and Purple Kush, and the purple coloration is genetic.

#19. Sour Grape

Sour Grape is a common moniker for cannabis hybrids containing Sour Diesel and grape-flavored or purple-hued parents. This flowers offer a distinctive aroma. A chemical, fuel-like odor dominates, plainly carried down from Sour Diesel.

#20. Purple Mexican

Last, there’s the Purple Mexican, a cross between Oaxaca and Purple Kush. It strikes a nice mix between Sativa and Indica, giving users a strong, long-lasting high. It has a THC content of 18 to 20% and a relaxing yet stimulating impact that helps balance the mind and body.


People love the exotic taste, appearance, and smell of the purple weed strains. Different strains come with different effects. When it comes to using cannabis, quality matters, purple weed strains are one of the most exotic cannabis you can get, and they even provide the best experience. You can try out these 20 popular purple weed strains if you want a satisfying and appealing strain.

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