7 Best Wake and Bake Strains 2023

Wake and Bake Strains
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Everyone has a fixed morning routine. For some, it’s just about getting in the groove and ready for the hustle, and for some unconventional lads it’s the time to kickstart the day with wake-and-bake stains.

What are Wake And Bake strains?

Wake-and-Bake Strains get their name after including the morning freshness through ‘wake’ and the informal touch it gets through ‘bake’ which is slang for feeling high.

Though, when we try to trace its origins, it takes us back to the 1960s, when the Grateful Dead and their followers, called the Deadheads proudly introduced the term Wake n’ Bake for the first time.

Why weed in the morning?

Weed in the morning can have a plethora of effects some of the prominent effects are as follows:

  • Everyone needs energy in the morning

Cannabis has always been the powerhouse of energy that individuals often need when they wake up. The wake-and-bake strains could be the much-needed energy booster that will last throughout the day.

  • Elevates mood

In a world of cutthroat competition and stress, it’s very important your morning is full of euphoria and freshness. So, wake and bake strains will not only make you happy but will also add creativity to your morning routine.

  • Bodily function

Research clearly states that cannabis effects heighten the most in the morning, so there is a definite advantage in the wake-and-bake strains.

  • Cool as a cucumber

Getting up early can be one of the most dreadful tasks, especially during winter. A lot of factors like stress, last night’s sleep, anxiety, and others play a huge role in determining your quality of morning. So, wake-and-bake strains can be one of the best ways to start your daily hustle with a calm and relaxing mind.

These strains are not only energy boosters but are ideal for a euphoric morning full of zeal and inspiration. No doubt, cannabis aficionados look for the best wake-and-bake strains to make their 2023 a memorable one.

Best Wake and Strains 2023

Invoking a Sativa strain is the norm when one seeks to motivate oneself for a successful day. Sativa strains, in contrast to indicas and even 50/50 hybrids, tend to produce more intellectual and energetic highs, which often lead to greater endurance.

After years of smoking whatever was handy by the bed, we can attest to the positive impact that a particular strain may have on setting the tone for a productive day and evening.

blue dream2 | hempercamp

Starting your mornings with the sweet combination of blueberry and sugar is just exhilarating. Blue Dream has one of the strongest tastes on your tongue owing to the milky white trichomes.

This wake-and-bake strain is a hybrid with 26.5% THC content which not only has a delectable taste but also gives a pleasant high and rush.

Another feature that makes this strain top-notch for pleasant mornings is its high potency and feelings of creativity and vehemency.

It is also known to have various positive effects on the user, making it the best morning companion for any cannabis user.



Chocolope is a phenomenal morning strain with a powerful chocolaty punch, a sureshot energy booster. It’s formed after crossing two of the most intoxicating strains, chocolate thai, and cannalope haze.

It would be quite refreshing to begin the morning with this strain as it provides nice coffee’s earthy sweetness and a narcotic head high as it not only aids in battling lethargy but even is a genuine ‘stress buster’.

Regarded as one of the best wake-and-bake strains, it is known to have a THC content of 22% that ensures high potency with uplifting and stimulating impact without the typical hefty body stone of hybrids or indicas. This is a strain that stimulates the mind but doesn’t cloud one’s judgment too much, so it’s good for people who want to have their heads on straight.

Furthermore, its coffee-laden beautiful nutty aroma is a pure delight, especially, if you want an extra sparkle in your morning.

durban poison

Durban Poison as the name suggests finds its heritage on South African shores with a robust THC content of 20%. This pure sativa cannabinoid is regarded as the top wake-and-bake strain given its euphoric high with the ability to provide a wide spectrum of thoughts.

With Durban Poison you are in for pleasurably intoxicating highs that can make your head relaxed and make you feel lost in its blissful effects making you feel energetic and uplifted.

The piney and spicey flavor of Durban Poison might be strong on your tongue but has the prowess to make your mundane day full of excitement and positivity.


jack herer

Among the best wake and bake and strains, there is a reason why Jack Herer holds a special position given its sativa dominant hybrid nature and combination of haze with northern lights and shiva skunk.

This blend is known for its highly energizing and creative effects which are pre-requisite for cannabis users who want to excel at an artistic level on that particular day.

Jack Herer’s strain is a homage to the emperor’s weed’. Like the leader, this strain also can instill revolutionary-like zeal and high potency which runs parallel to the caffeine punch present in a coffee, as it not only makes your morning refreshing but adds purpose to your day and keeps you uplifted.

Despite its optimum high that battles every inch of your anxiety, you are always in control of your decisions and movements.


sour diesel

This hybrid of chem dawg and super skunk, known as Sour Diesel, is the most seasoned of the wake-and-bake strains. Its effects and high appear to be flawless stuff to consume in the morning.

Another fan favorite, this Sativa-dominant variety is well-regarded for its uplifting and stress-reducing effects. This strain is great for those who struggle with morning gloom since it not only gives them a burst of energy but also improves their attitude. Its scent isn’t as pleasant as that of the other top wake-and-bake strains (as the name suggests, this strain smells like diesel).

Foremost among the qualities that have propelled Sour Diesel to legendary status in the cannabis community are its stimulating, energizing, and euphoric effects. Sour Diesel is the ideal wake-and-bake strain, providing a stimulating, upbeat high to help you get your day started.


purple thai

Purple Thai is a prestigious landrace sativa strain, known to have a 17% THC content which oozes with the aroma of chocolate and coffee that is the cherry on top as it equals any premium hot beverage making your morning sublime and full of energy.

These uplifting and elated strain provides a stimulating high, making them a good choice for ambitious people who have certain objectives to accomplish.

Morning cannabis strains like the Purple Thai, improve concentration and energy levels, making it ideal for those who want to be more productive in their imaginative endeavors.

This strain is quite prominent, especially for its morning qualities and effects which ward off any somber or depressive attitude from you and gushes emotions of hope and tranquillity.


pineapple express

Like the Hawaiian warm current, this Pineapple Express strain has the same warmth and makes your morning well-balanced and quite zestful. This strain given its 21% THC content and aromatic tropical and mango taste is surely the top best wake-and-bake strain.

Consuming this strain is highly effective in the morning, given its work benefits, because it gives you that creative space where you can express yourself and keep your best foot forward on that day.

Pineapple Express has the potential to provide the space to eliminate all your anxieties and clear all fog-like confusion from a cluttered brain.

More about Wake and Bake!

These morning strains mentioned above are the complete package when it comes to providing refreshing, energizing, and peace of mind to the users.

If you want to know why it can is a good idea to have the best cannabis first thing in the morning, it’s time to approach the nearby dispensaries near you that shelve the best wake-and-bake strains.

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