A Guide To Purchasing A Bong

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Consuming cannabis is easier using bongs, and therefore, more and more people are buying these tools nowadays. However, as popular as it is, getting the best one from a wide range of them is not sophisticated.

We will learn more about how bongs from Dopeboo work and then understand the different sizes and materials used for making them. At last, we’ll read how you can choose a perfect one.

How do bongs work?

Bongs were traditionally made with glass, but over time, companies started making them with other materials as well, like acrylic, ceramic, and silicone. A bong has a small, removable bowl used to place weed that is connected to a large chamber where water is held. The water-holding chamber leads to a large cylindrical tube that is the mouthpiece for inhaling. 

You have to ignite the small bowl where the weed is placed and then remove it. Then you’ll have to inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece. The water in the bigger chamber purifies and cools the smoke and removes any ashes and percolates that might have accompanied the smoke from the small bowl.

Bong sizes and why do they matter?

While buying a bong, you will see many options on the market in terms of sizes, and it will make you more confused. But, the truth is that every size has a definite purpose in bongs, and understanding this will make the task of buying the best one easier.

Mini bongs

Mini bongs are considered to be most suitable for keeping along when you travel. These are lightweight and crafted with perfection for people who do not want to let others know about their weed-smoking habits by being discreet. On the negative side, these bongs have smaller glass pieces that do not allow for proper airflow and lead to harsh hits.

Medium bongs

Medium-size bongs are suitable most of the time, and their size is in the middle of big and small ones. It allows you to get the benefits of mini bongs and also offers the plus sides of larger ones. The height of these bongs lies between 10-14 inches. These bongs are huge, and therefore, it may not be possible for you to stay discreet while using them. These are not travel-friendly and are suitable for indoors only. Additionally, if you are with one or two friends, this size can be the best choice for you.

Large bongs

When you want to stay home and smoke cannabis for a long time, large bongs are the ideal choice. These are wonderful as they allow for more airflow through the inhalation tube and give better smoke filtration. Hence, the large bongs are better when it comes to smoother and tastier hits that do not lead to irritation of the throat and lungs.

Now that you are enlightened about the different sizes you can buy in bongs, you can make a choice that suits your needs. Make sure that you consider the frequency and duration of smoking before you choose terms of size.

Choosing the right material

Picking the right material in a bong can be a daunting task, but with information about all materials, you can do it with much more ease. Let us make you aware of the different materials used in making bongs and the qualities they possess.

Glass bong

Glass bongs are highly popular among people who smoke weed and want a great experience. The main reason why it gives a great experience is that these give you a clear and pure-tasting hit. The glass bongs you see on the market are made using borosilicate glass, making them resistant to thermal shock and temperature changes. On the negative side, it is always at risk of breakage and needs to be handled with care.

Acrylic Bong

When you are looking for a cheaper bong option, the ones made with acrylic materials are the optimal choice for you. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to choose one from many colors and designs in these types of bong materials. However, cheaper means quality compromises, and therefore, you may not find it to be suitable for a premium bong experience.

Ceramic bong

Ceramic bongs are known to offer durability and reliability, and they are suitable for all types of cannabis smokers. This material can be your second-best choice after glass in bongs, as it maintains the taste profile of weed. Ceramic bongs have been used by people for over 100 years now, but they can still crack and break if dropped. 

ceramic bongs

Silicon Bong

Silicon material bongs are popular for their easier maintenance. You can easily clean them by washing them, and they are also safe for dishwashers. The silicon is soft and malleable, making it suitable for all-time travelers. Unlike others, these bongs do not have any risk of breaking and also retain the original taste of your weed with every hit.

What about the joint size?

There are many bong accessories that you might now be aware of as a beginner. Your bongs have a bowl piece, adapter, nail, ash catcher, and drop, and almost everything has certain properties and types. The joint is an important part of your bong, and you need to be aware of the sizes you get in it. Not to be confused with weed joints.

These have two sizes, and their names are: male and female. Find the details about these two types of joints below.

Male bong

The male bong, or male joint, is called so when the rest of the accessories of the bong are female. If the water pipe of your bong is wider on both ends and the opening of the pipe used to fit the bowl piece is bigger, it is a male bong.

Female bong

The female bong, or female joint, is referred to as the one where the opening is smaller. You will have to use all the male accessories in the joint to assemble it so that it can be compatible completely. 

These are gender names for bongs but do not specify which gender should buy either of them. People of any gender can go for a female or male bong as per their needs and preferences.

Selecting the suitable one

You should prefer keeping things simple and sophisticated when you are buying a bong for the first time in your life. 


The very first thing that you need to consider is none other than the height and it needs to be somewhere close to 12 inches. In case you are buying a bong that is longer than the prescribed height, things can get unwieldy.  


Another important factor is the durability that you need to consider when you are buying a bong. You need to make sure that your bond is a mixture of durability and functionality, and prefer choosing the one with a wider pipe base to prevent tip-over.

Tube length

Prefer buying a bong with a long tube so that you do not experience splashback of water. It can happen when water from the bong gets in contact with your mouth. The down step, a narrow passage connecting the weed bowl to the water chamber, must also have an appropriate size. If its length is too much, the airflow can be poor, and if the length is too short, water can soak up your weed pretty badly and ruin the whole experience.

Some models of bongs come with percolators that work as a filter for smoke and also prevent water from splashing in your mouth.

Other features

Ash catchers that decrease the tar present in smoke when it enters the bong are also integral to bongs nowadays. This is a must-have in your bong. More importantly, the ash catcher has great importance as it cleans the tar and makes the bong hit cleaner.

Now that you are familiar with sizes, materials, types, and other considerations, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision about a bong. As a beginner, make sure to thoroughly research the market and get your bong from a reputed brand.

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