All about CBD pre-rolls

All about CBD Pre-Rolls
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CBD pre-rolls assure a captivating and calming impact among the user without much of any intoxicating or harmful effects on health due to their non-addictive nature and the lack of nicotine. 

Because of their therapeutic effects, some cannabis aficionados refer to them as “herbal cigarettes.”

Today, in this blog we will discuss in detail all the pertinent information regarding CBD pre-rolls. So, do give it a read till the end.

What are CBD pre-rolls?

As the name suggests they are simple CBD or cannabinoid joints that are rolled in advance to ensure less hard work is put in by the consumer, making them efficient and easy to use. Given their nature and form, they are also referred to as hemp pre-rolls or pre-rolled hemp. 

The most important thing to notice about CBD pre-rolls is their effects which are unlike any other CBD products including CBD cookies, CBD gummies, or CBD chocolate as it doesn’t provide the conventional ‘high’ to the user which they usually get from the above-mentioned products. However, CBD pre-rolls do ensure a calming and comforting effect which led the users to also call them ‘therapeutic pre-rolls as well.

What are the characteristic features of CBD pre-rolls?

The major reasons for their popularity can be given to their potential benefits or characteristic features comprising free of nicotine, relieving symptoms, GMO and pesticide free, and so on. Check out the list mentioned below to know more about their other benefits and features:

  • Tobacco and nicotine-free

One thing CBD pre-rolls guarantee you is your health. Unlike the adverse effects of smoking, CBD pre-rolls act as the healthier alternative as their devoid of harmful tobacco or nicotine as their product constituents.

  • High CBD, low THC

CBD pre-rolls contain less than 0.19% THC, which means that they do not produce any psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana use. Instead, they contain high levels of CBD (20% to 23%), which has been shown to provide a range of health benefits.

  • Organically grown

Given the rising demand for cannabis products, the use of various harmful and synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals has become a common trend. However, when it comes to CBD pre-rolls, they are completely free of any of the above-mentioned chemicals. Thus, making them fully organically grown hemp products.

  • GMO-Free

The advancement in the field of food technology has made the use of genetically modified organisms or plants quite prevalent, as their effects are yet to be studied, and using them on marijuana products can be risky. Therefore, CBD pre-rolls are free of GMOs, thus keeping their effectiveness and quality intact.

  • Pesticide free

CBD pre-rolls also ensure a sustainable and greener alternative to the user, as it doesn’t use any chemical or synthetic-based pesticides. Moreover, by consuming CBD pre-rolls you are also helping the environment.

  • Acne reduction

CBD has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it an effective treatment for skin conditions like acne. By reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria, CBD pre-rolls can help to reduce the appearance of pimples and acne breakouts.

  • Anxiety relief

CBD has been demonstrated to offer relaxing and soothing properties, making it a useful anxiety therapy. CBD pre-rolls can help to alleviate anxiety and enhance well-being by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

  • Seizure control

It has anticonvulsant effects, making it an excellent therapy for seizures and epilepsy. CBD pre-rolls can assist people with certain diseases to improve their quality of life by lowering the frequency and intensity of seizures.

How to smoke CBD pre-rolls? Step-by-Step Process

Smoking CBD pre-roll requires patience and appropriate technique if the user wants to inhale all its benefits and effects. To have a fascinating experience of CBD pre-rolls, follow these steps:

  1. First, adhere to the old saying “Start low and go slow”, in the beginning. If you take more consistent puffs than your body can handle, it may lead to potential side effects and may spoil your entire CBD pre-rolls smoking experience.
  1. However, you should also be cautious with your inhale intake as it should not be more than your lung cannot take, if it happens you may not experience the intended benefits of CBD pre-rolls.

Now, that you have understood the way to smoke CBD pre-rolls, you may begin with gentler puffs and slowly fills your lungs with CBD pre-rolls smoke, however, it’s recommended that you smoke in an open area with ample air around.

While igniting your pre-roll, it’s preferred you use a lighter instead of a matchstick, moreover, once you have set ablaze the little nub (present at the tip of your pre-roll joint), the initial puffs must be very light and small, as it aids in consistent igniting and better CBD effect. 

Several cannabis CBD pre-roll users have mentioned that these products’ efficacy lasts from 5 to 15 minutes and it also requires the user to tightly roll them and cut the twisted top for quicker lighting and burn.

How to pick a high-quality CBD pre-roll: Key elements to keep in mind

When it comes to choosing the ideal CBD pre-roll for your needs, keep in mind that not all pre-rolls are made equal and they significantly differ in their quality and material. 

To guarantee that you get the greatest experience possible, there are 5 main criteria to consider when deciding the premium quality of a CBD pre-roll.

  • Quality of the hemp flower

The quality of the hemp flower is the first and maybe most important element to consider when picking a premium CBD pre-roll. For that, you may need to enquire from the manufacturer regarding the cannabis flowers’ processing and grinding methods as it further ensures the cannabis quality and how to fit it is for human consumption, anything cultivated through industrial hemp biomass should be avoided at all costs as they carry adverse health effects.

Thus, quality cultivation leads to building premium flowers that will deliver the most ideal scent, flavor, and impact, providing you with the greatest smoking experience imaginable.

  • Method of extraction

Another crucial element to consider is how CBD oil is extracted from the hemp flower.

Seek for pre-rolls that employ CO2 extraction, which is a safe and efficient method that yields a high-quality product without the use of dangerous chemicals. 

Pre-rolls that include butane or other solvents should be avoided since they might leave toxic residues and damage the overall quality of the product.

However, another crucial aspect you should keep in mind while checking the method of extraction is the CBD pre-roll paper quality, as it’s a primal component to ensure a fascinating experience because its the paper only which acts as the binding agent when you roll your cannabis to enjoy a quality-based CBD pre-rolls.

While determining paper quality you should ensure that how the paper is prepared, must not be chemically bleached, as it leaves a burnt taste on the tongue and completely hampers the CBD pre-rolls smoking experience.

  • Testing and certification

Try to search for CBD pre-rolls that have been tested and approved by a trustworthy third-party laboratory.

This assures that the product satisfies all safety and quality criteria and is of the highest quality. Check for a certificate of analysis (COA) that certifies the CBD content and purity levels on the package or website.

  • Technique

The technique is the critical component when you ensure a top-notch CBD pre-roll, especially how stable it is compared to manually rolling, the concerned CBD pre-roll technique is carefully followed by every manufacturer which is as follows:

  • Firstly, they grind the cannabis flower and fill 1/4th with the flowers, then pack it.
  • Once again, they continue the same process, filling another half with ground flowers and packing and sealing it.
  • Once they are done with packing and sealing to the top, it’s time to pinch the tip, followed by rolling and sealing. 
  • In the last stage, they ensure that when making CBD joints, tube packing must be optimal, neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Social proofs

To ensure high-quality CBD pre-roll, relying on other customers’ reviews and testimonials can come in quite handy. As users, those who have already indulged in the CBD pre-roll smoking experience might turn out to be the perfect indicator or factor in describing which sort or brand’s CBD pre-roll is the best.

Through, reviews, you can also get to know the correct ways to further enhance your smoking experience and at the same time know about certain common mistakes to avoid.

CBD Pre-roll: Where to buy?

Since the legalization of CBD and hemp in the US after the Farm Bill 2018, CBD pre-roll demands have skyrocketed. 

If you are looking to buy CBD pre-rolls and are confused between a dispensary and an online store, you may try the option of buying them online, given the convenience, you get in the form of payment and a wide range of options from several cannabis websites at your disposal makes the experience nice and comforting.


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