Best Cannabinoids To Take With Your Morning Coffee

cannabinoids with coffee
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Coffee is a staple of a lot of people’s morning diets. Most of us cannot get going without having our morning cup of coffee. Having that jolt of caffeine in the morning helps a lot of people improve their focus and become more alert faster. And what better way to start the day than to pair Cannabinoids with morning coffee?

So we’re going to further examine what kinds of cannabinoids with morning coffee can be combined, which can help make the whole process of consumption a lot more uplifting and better.

First up, we’re going to see what variety of cannabinoids can be used with coffee and which ones should be chosen for that combination.


1. THC

THC is probably the most popular cannabinoid on the market. Most products that use cannabis are made with THC these days. 

What makes this cannabinoid so highly valued? 

The fact that it contributes the most to the psychoactive effects of cannabis products is a major contributing factor to its value. This cannabinoid is the one that gives users that sense or feeling of euphoria when they consume it. It is also said to boost the user’s levels of creativity, focus and of course, bursts of euphoric pleasure. 

THC is a really strong cannabinoid, and too much of it added to coffee can result in effects that aren’t really desired. It can push the euphoria to a very high amount, giving the user a distraction from their creative focus. Therefore, using it in an amount that creates a good balance between these two characteristics is ideal.

2. CBD

CBD is another cannabinoid with morning coffee that is relatively popular. While its usage is much more limited than that of THC, it is still used in the majority of cannabis related products. This is due to the fact that it does not produce any of the psychoactive effects that THC is so famous for. This means that it is used in a lot more medical cannabis products due to its much simpler effect on the user.

This also means that it is a good cannabinoid to use when it comes to reducing some of the negative effects that caffeine can have. Some of the major issues caffeine causes can be reduced by using CBD, which is said to give users relief from anxiety, stress and even digestive issues. 

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3. CBG

CBG is another popular cannabinoid among other cannabinoids with morning coffee. It is found in much smaller proportions than most other popular cannabinoids and hence isn’t really seen in most cannabis products.

It is known for the boosts in productivity that it can provide upon usage. This means that when it is combined with coffee, it can give the user real focus and creativity for long spells.

This cannabinoid is said to have a lot of therapeutic effects and can even help with some medical conditions.

For context, for every 1% of CBG that is found, about 20 to 30 percent of THC or CBD is found in comparison. Recently, however, it has been growing in popularity due to quite a few benefits that it seems to provide to the user. Due to the low amounts of CBG that are found in the cannabis plant, it is usually quite expensive and not easy to find. It is known for the boosts in productivity that it can provide upon usage. 

Which One Is The Best?

After comparing all these, CBD emerges as the winner, as it takes away a lot of the negative side effects of coffee and vice versa in a smooth manner. It counteracts the energetic effects of caffeine without any of the psychoactive effects that THC has. CBG doesn’t quite offer that either.


There are also a few terpenes that you can use for this coffee cannabis combination that also provide good benefits for users. Lots of terpenes are used in most cannabis products, but typically in amounts that are much smaller in comparison to the overarching cannabinoid usage. 

They are also responsible for the scent, i.e., the aroma of the product, along with some of the other, less notable effects are also present due to the use of certain terpenes in said products. Some of the more identifiable ones are limonene, pinene and caryophyllene. 

Let’s take a look at some of the effects that they can have on the user.


Limonene gives the user an elevated mood, as usual. Along with that, it is also said to provide relief from stress and anxiety, and due to the elevated mood, it also gives the consumer a real burst of energy, which can help with productivity.


Caryophyllene is said to be quite protective in terms of the neurological effects that it causes. It has characteristics that protect against inflammation and also increase cognitive alertness within the user.


Finally, we have pinene. Pinene also shares the anti-inflammatory properties that the caryophyllene terpene shows and also has some of the characteristics of limonene, wherein it gives the user boosts of energy that can be used to their advantage. It gives the user focus, which helps them use that energy creatively for longer periods of time.

Now that we’ve seen what kind of cannabinoids you should take with your morning cup of coffee, let’s have a closer look at the different ways in which they can be taken.

Methods Of usage

There are a large variety of ways in which cannabinoids with morning coffee can be consumed, so let’s see what some of the best ways to take them are when it comes to combining them with coffee.


First up, we have the most popular method of the consumption of cannabis. Inhalation is also the most common method by which most people consume cannabis. This can mean a few different things, of course. 

It can mean smoking a joint, vaping or dabbing. Now vaping is used for oil based cannabis, and the concentrates of said cannabis are used by the method of dabbing. The main advantage when it comes to this method is the fact that the effects of the cannabis can be felt fairly quickly, with the only real con being the lack of control that the user has over the dosage of the cannabis.

Edibles And capsules

Edibles and capsules are highly popular methods of consumption due to the ease with which they can be consumed, in addition to the fact that the dosage can be controlled relatively easily as well. The effects of these kinds of products are also quite strong and can have a higher level of psychoactive effects when compared to something like vaping or dabbing. 

The real disadvantage however,is the amount of time it can take for the edibles to take full effect. Due to the strength of the cannabis that these gummies contain, most users have to start with very low doses as well.


Finally, we have the method of using tinctures, which are by far the most convenient when it comes to a combination with coffee. Tinctures come in capsules, which can easily be added to the coffee itself, after which they mix with the coffee seamlessly. All tinctures come with a dropper, meaning that the user has very high control over the dosage of the cannabis. So when the tinctures are encapsulated, they can be added directly to the coffee without any afterthought. However, if the tincture has a base of oil, it needs to be dissolved with simple syrup before being added to the coffee.

After all this talk of the best cannabinoids with morning coffee and methods to use with your coffee, a question can easily be raised: what are some of the benefits that this combination can offer?

Well, here are a few major reasons to add cannabinoids with morning coffee:

  • First up, we know that these cannabinoids can give the user real bursts of creativity and focus, along with a high amount of euphoric highs that can be used to create long spells of creativity and productivity. Combining products that produce the same kind of effects is known by the name of agonistic interaction. This form of interaction gives the user boosts of concentration for days, even. This feature gives the combination of the two a real advantage.
  • Other than the fact that it gives the user beneficial boosts, this combination of cannabinoids and morning coffee can also reduce most of the negative effects that caffeine can have on the consumer. Caffeine is known for providing quick boosts of energy and productivity, but at the same time, it can cause anxiety and jitteriness. Cannabis can help curb these issues to a large extent, which is another plus for this combo.
  • On the flip side, caffeine can also reduce the negative effects that cannabis can cause. Whilst cannabis can have a lot of good effects, one of the main complaints when it comes to cannabis is that it can leave the user feeling sleepy by the time it takes full effect. The caffeine can easily counteract this and make the combo even stronger.

Therefore, you should definitely try and combine cannabinoids with morning coffee.

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