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Best cannabis blogs to follow | Hempercamp
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Anyone with sheer ​interest in cannabis, or ​someone who is a ​cannabis enthusiast, would love to keep up ​with the industry. However, it ​is not as sophisticated​ as it looks. Merely being in the industry by yourself is not going to give you all the knowledge,​ as there is a lot to take in. Now, the scenario has changed,​ and you need to grab as much ​knowledge as possible, and it can be done with cannabis blogs

Yes, cannabis blogs are the best for staying updated about this industry, but ​there are lots of them. So,​ how do you know what to read and what to leave? Not to ​worry, as we have got a list of the best cannabis blogs that you​ must follow to know what’s happening in the cannabis market.

#1 Cannabis Business Executive

It is a cannabis B2B firm that has the primary objective to focus on the exclusives of cannabis businesses. If you want to be a cannabis entrepreneur, this is the most important blog that you have to follow and read. It prepares a watch list of publicly traded cannabis companies and whitepapers to aggregate all of it into a cannabis event. 

Also, they host their online events and webcasts, which makes it even more interesting. You must follow this cannabis blog to get all the important updates and details about the cannabis industry.

#2 Hermpercamp

This is a platform that is highly helpful in getting information about cannabis, and it also assists you in buying cannabis from various states in the US. It can sometimes be a real hustle when it comes to finding a place to buy cannabis when you do not know much about your area. This is a cannabis blog that can help you locate dispensaries around you so that you can easily get your cannabis refill.

Additionally, it gives you an abundance of information on various aspects of cannabis. By reading their blogs and updates, you can get to know about Delta-8, Delta-9, and various other elements that are found in cannabis. Additionally, it also gives you details on the right way of consuming cannabis, different cannabis strains, and more. All these topics covered in this blog make it a must-read cannabis blog for you.

#3 Business of Cannabis

This cannabis blog is run by a cannabis company named Prohibition Partners, and you can find ample information about how to start and​ grow your cannabis business on this blog. The​ cannabis industry is sophisticated, and therefore, starting a business is ​not an easy game. It is more difficult to start a ​new business, and this blog is perhaps the only thing ​you need to begin with.

It informs you about the changes in advertising regulations and stock shifts in the cannabis market from the perspective of the whole world and not just one place. You can get to know more about cannabis trends, and this takes you one step ahead in terms of knowledge about the reports, insights, data, and analytics about the cannabis industry.

#4 Green Market Report

The Green Market Report is something that creates interest for people who are cannabis enthusiasts and in love with numbers. This cannabis blog is from a publication that exclusively focuses on the financial side of the cannabis market. It also includes the reports of the psychedelics industries and tracks the revenue of the market that is legal, along with the profits they create.

Additionally, it takes into consideration the most popular cannabis companies from all over the world while integrating the data with real estate reports, portfolios, and more. You can sign up for the newsletters that they send daily and stay updated on all the minute updates in the industry, and it also gives you the option to choose the type of details you would like to see popping up in your inbox every day.

#5 Cannabis Tech Today

When it comes​ to cannabis and technology, another cannabis blog that you must follow is this one. This is basically a blog that is not focused on the seller side of the industry​ but on the buyer and consumer sides of the cannabis​ market. However, while keeping it focused on the consumer side, it also holds information that is ​relevant to the business execs.

Cannabis Tech Today is among the blogs that are based more on technical aspects and have different ways ​to consume ​content. You can get content in various forms, including magazines, digital newsletters, or weekly podcasts. You ​name it, and they have it, and this makes it one of the most important cannabis blogs to read.

#6 Minority Cannabis Business Association

The MCBA is the largest trade association that is solely constructed to make sure that the minors in the cannabis market can flourish and succeed. This association has a blog that makes sure that small-scale cannabis business owners located in the United States can get all the information they need in order to reach the heights of success.

It has a target to support small-scale, new, and passionate cannabis entrepreneurs who can achieve their goals and create something big for the whole industry. They ​have a weekly newsletter option for someone ​who wants to stay updated on​ all their projects. The newsletter includes information about small business ​series and leadership features, along with networking opportunities and conference discounts.

#7 Ganjaprenuer

In case you are willing​ to start a cannabis business, you are a new startup company, or​ you are a well-established name in the cannabis​ market, this blog is the one that you must ​follow and read. It has some ​serious as well as useful insights for business owners from the cannabis market that is very useful for success in ​this industry.

The publication mainly interviews business powerhouses that contribute to the growing cannabis market. Additionally, they also deal with the cannabis aggregate industry events, feature job postings, and also have a networking index that allows the readers to meet others in the industry. This helps business owners to connect with each other and achieve their targets collectively.

#8 The Cannigma

The Cannigma is a cannabis blog that is well known for offering something that you may not find on the blogs from other publications. It has expert vetting on each article they post from pharmacists, scientists, biologists, doctors, researchers, chefs, and other experienced experts from different niches.

From the information found on this blog, you can get to know about the best strains that are suitable as per the condition of your demand, and that too without going through a whole list of stains. Additionally, with the presence of experts, you can get medical questions answered by pharmacists. You can take a ​deep tour of your endocannabinoid system, and there​ is much more to learn from here. Regardless ​of how much information you have already got about cannabis, you’ll get something new to​ learn from here.

cannabis blogs to follow | Hempercamp

#9 Marijuana Moment

When you read this ​cannabis blog, you will find that it is not just focused ​on the perspective of the​ professionals in the industry but also on the consumers, policymakers, and activists. The interesting​ thing about this blog is that there is diversity on this blog. You get to know about cannabis topics​ that touch politics, culture, science, and ​businesses.

Tom Angell, the editor of this blog, is not just a writer, but he has been an activist for the past 20 years. This ​makes sure that you get to read more interesting topics on this web page. Moreover, when you subscribe​ to their daily newsletter, you​ will not have to focus on getting details, but it will be presented to you on a silver platter. It means​ that the information is easy to understand, and you can fill your mind with lots of knowledge​ with this blog.


When you are a cannabis enthusiast, and you want to consume more and​ more knowledge about cannabis,​ the best cannabis​ blog for you to read is The Herb Lifestyle. It is ​a website where you are going to find all the information about cannabis, including the latest trends, health benefits, and legal ​developments.

Additionally, what’s​ ​more, important is that their articles ​are specifically highly informative and cater to the needs of both beginners as well as ​experienced enthusiasts in the world of cannabis. You will​ get to understand some of the most valuable insights about the​ industry, and it gives you information on how you can expand resources to gain more knowledge. 

#11 Fat Nugs Magazine

Another cannabis blog that you should not miss is Fat Nugs Magazine. It tells you all about the culture behind the cannabis plant. It gives valuable insights about the cannabis market in both magazines as well as digital blog forms, making it a relevant option. 

Anyone who is a cannabis business owner, cannabis lover, and cannabis consumer can read this to know the true depth and culture of cannabis. It has insights, stories, and thought-provoking blogs from people who love cannabis plants more than anything else.

Getting all the information about the cannabis industry is not possible from one source. Some blogs have data-based information, while others may try to make you aware of the different aspects of this incredible herb. Therefore, reading different cannabis blogs is regarded as the most useful option when you want to consume cannabis knowledge to start or grow a business in this industry.

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