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Best Cannabis Tourism in the US 2023

cannabis tourism
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Cannabis tourism is getting more popular, and therefore, cities that have a robust weed culture are also flourishing with it. Who doesn’t love holidays when you can add more adventure to them by getting stoned? It gets even more fun. 

There are several states in the US where recreational cannabis is legal, and you can get your fill whenever you want. You can find places where you get a cannabis bed and breakfast, and it makes things more interesting. 

If you are an outsider and want to visit the US for an exceptional experience of cannabis tourism, you have to be at places that we will tell you about here. 

Multnomah Falls Tour, Portland, Oregon

Portland is an ideal location for outings and smoking weed on a private party bus with friends and even strangers. You can go to several places and smoke weed in a pot or roll, as you like. But what makes this place in the US even more appealing and fun is the Multnomah Falls Tour. It heads to the Columbia River Gorge, and it is the most beautiful waterfall in Portland.

You can regard this waterfall as a LEGO version of the PDX airport, and the scenery is so fantastic that you wouldn’t want to leave. When you are at the waterfall, you can see the Gorge from the top of Vista House. There are various stops on the way up and down with dispensaries that will make it easier for you to stock up on weed supplies for your cannabis tour.

Puff, Pass, and Paint

Another great thing to add to your cannabis tour in the US is to go for a puff, pass, and paint. It is a painting class that was founded by Heidi Keyes, and now it has become very popular among locals and tourists. It started in Colorado, and now you can see its outlets in more than 13 cities in various places in Washington, DC, and Boston.

These classes are organized and held in private residences, and you will have to bring your own cannabis to have fun here. Even though they do not sell or make cannabis available for you, smoking, vaping, and even cannabis edibles are highly encouraged here. You can also get to learn how to cook and bake edibles with cannabis and get to know how various cannabis items like ice cream and hard candy are made.

Glowing Goddess Getaways

If you are a woman or you identify as a woman, the Glowing Goddess Getaways is one of the best cannabis tourism locations for you in the US. They organize weekend ganja retreats that women are meant to share along with a few friends. You also get to meet new people here are smoke week with them, allowing you to open up to a larger circle of people.

These retreats are organized privately at outdoor locations, and it is not limited to one location. These are organized at various locations in the US, but only where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes. 

You can use any form of cannabis and take it by any method that you prefer. Also, you can go for dabs, rolls, shatters, concentrates, topicals, vapes, cannabis bongs, or anything else you like, as long as it is legal. You also get to participate in activities like yoga, dance, and meditation that help to give rise to and uplift the goddess in you.

Cannabis Supper Club in Los Angeles

Los Angeles alone can be the perfect destination for you if you want to combine a cannabis high with a fine dining experience. The Cannabis Supper Club is the place in the city of Los Angeles where you get finely selected premium strain flowers added to great meals for a memorable cannabis tourism experience. They have a team of chefs, growers, and mixologists that creates a perfect mix of weed and food, keeping in mind the consumption laws.

Different strains of cannabis are paired with every meal, and you get a chance to sip some of the finest wines here. It offers delicacies like Shigoku Oysters and dashi-dusted filets that have cannabis punch in them. These are the perfect meals to satisfy your food and cannabis cravings in one go, and this makes it one of the best cannabis tourism locations in the US.

Cannabition Immersive Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas

It is a perfect place for people who are on a cannabis tour in the US, but you are not allowed to get high inside Cannabition yet. However, as per the Founder, they hope to change it soon in the future. It is a museum that is completely dedicated to weed. Before you go here, make sure to get your cannabis hit from a nearby cannabis dispensary to enjoy this incredible place to the fullest.

This museum is highly Instagram-friendly, and here, you can ride on slides that lead into a pool of kind buds. Do not forget to take pictures when you are inside, but besides selfies, it will give you plenty of education regarding the history of cannabis plants and their biology. Apart from this, you will get to know about its uses and the culture that is thriving around the cannabis industry.


Bud & Breakfast, Multiple locations

It is one of the most cannabis-friendly brands that are expanding throughout the world. This outlet allows you to vape and even smoke cannabis in public areas like lounges, parks, and private rooms. In the San Jacinto Mountains, the Hicksville Pines Buds & Breakfast is the first from this chain in the state. 

It has ten rooms that are themed for cannabis enthusiasts, and smoking is also allowed in Room 420. The common areas on this property are weed-friendly, and you can get vapes provided by them on offers. The friendliness of the cannabis culture is an important thing that makes this place a must-visit for cannabis tourism in the US.

Sushi & Joint Rolling in Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling is one of the most popular cannabis-focused experiences that are offered by My 420 in Denver. Initially, you are given classes on how to roll a professional dispensary quality joint with the herbs picked by you. Before you can start this, you are given a $10 coupon that you can use to buy two grams of weed from any local dispensary.

When you have bought your cannabis supplies, you are allowed to sit in designated smoking areas outside of the class and puff the joint rolled by you for, maybe, the first time. Then, you are given a chance to roll sushi. These classes are held on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only, so make sure that you make a tour plan according to it. Also, you will have to pay $79 for this experience.

Cannabis Infused City Cruise Tours, San Francisco

If you are someone who wants to experience a luxury and VIP cannabis experience, the Emerald Farm’s Cannabis Infused City Cruise Tour in San Francisco is the best option you can go for. They hop you into a luxury limousine and get you a tour of the most appealing and popular sights and weed-focused tourist locations in the city. It is also the best option if you are excited to meet the local cannabis enthusiasts of San Francisco.

You are allowed to smoke weed as you enjoy the city tour and meet people, as it is legal here. You get top-shelf VIP treatment at all the places you visit throughout the tour. Also, you get to sit in the VIP lounges of the popular cannabis retail outlets, and they offer you deep discounts on cannabis. Additionally, these discounts and VIP treatments are exclusive only to tour guests.

Mary Jane Fonda in Portland, Oregon

The Founder of this palace, Amarett Jans, wants to break all stereotypes and make a new picture of weed consumption. They aim to offer you a fitness experience where participants not only get their heart rate high but also get to take cannabis in the way of their preference. 

Do not expect that after smoking, you’ll get couch-locked because they aim to change the perspective of weed smoking. After your cannabis hit, you get to have a mix of aerobics and yoga, and these sessions last longer than your typical workout. These activities mixed with cannabis make it a party that is dedicated to wellness and hence, is a must-try experience for your cannabis tourism in the US.

Cannabis tourism is constantly increasing in the US, and there are various places and experiences that you must visit and try. These options offer you education and visual experience that you can remember all your life. 

Be it sushi and joint making, cannabis smoking integrated with workouts, or cuisine delicacies, US cannabis tourism has the best to offer. However, as a tourist, make sure to be informed about the laws of places regarding cannabis use and stock to stay away from legal problems and enjoy your cannabis tourism to the fullest.

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