Best Places to Buy Delta 8 Products Near You

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Delta 8 products are currently available in approximately 30 states across the USA. A legal struggle is raging in several states, and the legality of our favorite green herb product is not clear.

With all this confusion relating to where Delta 8 THC is legal and where it is illegal, we are here to help you find out which is the best place to buy Delta 8 from, and much more.

Let’s get started!

Where should you buy Delta 8 THC from?

Before telling, you which are the best places to buy D8 products near you, you need to know about the places you shouldn’t buy them from. 

Where to buy Delta 8 THC from?

You can buy Delta 8 THC from the following two places:

  1. Online Stores
  2. Reputed Cannabis Dispensaries

Why should you buy Delta 8 THC from these sources?


Yes, it is all about quality. The Delta 8 THC that is sold by these sources would be accompanied by a certificate of analysis. A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by this party lab that affirms the content of the product.

Through this, you know what you’re buying is actually what the seller claims it to be. So if the seller is saying it contains less than 0.3% THC (the federally mandated level), then it would actually contain that percentage of THC.  

Online stores

Today, there are many online stores that sell good quality Delta 8 THC products. These brands have been built to cater to especially those who look for specific products such as Delta 8 THC.

They don’t involve much infrastructural cost. Therefore, they divert their resource towards ensuring the product is of good quality while remaining affordable to people. They also invest a lot in continuously improving their inventory. Therefore, you will always get trendy flavors and blend from these online stores.

Best Online Stores To Buy Delta 8 THC From

After much research, we are able to bring you the best sites for buying Delta 8:

Area 52 works with a focus on the integrity of their products. They do not compromise at any point and ensure only premium grade extract reaches their customers. Their isolates are extracted using a slow method of extraction. They believe that such a method makes the products more enjoyable and gives a better feeling. 

Area 52 sells UFO products and Delta 8 products. The UFO range has products that deliver a (very) high dose of different cannabinoids. They’re (extremely) potent. The other delta 8 products are vapes, blends, carts, gummies, etc. 

The company Delta Munchies was made with munchies in mind. They sell an amazing array of flavors from Cookies and Cream to Watermelon Slush. They also give their customers an option to write to them about what flavors they would want to try out next. 

Delta Munchies delivers to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Utah. So if you’re in one of these states, then you know who to hit up for your Delta 8 Munchies need!


Binboid is a major CBD and THC company. They deal with multiple cannabinoids and offer products some lesser known cannabinoids too. Binoid has a whole range of Delta 8 products.  

They sell, Vapes, Tinctures, Bundles, Dabs, Gummies, Capsules, and even Vape batteries! We have not seen any other store selling such an expansive line of products in multiple flavors!

Cannabis dispensaries

Cannabis Dispensaries | Hemepercamp

Cannabis Dispensaries are physical storefronts where you can go and buy your weed product from. They are a professional establishment that has the tinge of personal touch that an online store might lack.

Cannabis dispensaries function all over the US, with an exception to a few states. They have a budtender, a proper waiting area, etc. 

Best cannabis dispensary chains in the US

We have collated a list of the best places to buy Cannabis from. This list of the best dispensaries in the US and the best places to buy weed from will answer all your long-standing queries! Your search to find the ‘best dispensaries near me’ ends here

Curaleaf has around 26 growing locations, over 30 processing sites, and 134 local dispensaries, with at least 70 retail licenses. They are now present in 22 states. They are a renowned supplier of high-end cannabis.  

Curaleaf grows clean and pure weed. Their products are available in a variety of strains and dosages. They also have different delivery methods available. You can choose the one you like better.


Green Thumb Industries are leaving its impression with product offerings such as Good Green, Rhythm, Incredibles, Beboe, Dogwalkers, and Doctor Solomon’s. Their pursuit is not limited to weed selling, but they also raise awareness about cannabis and its potential benefits to society. 


MedMen has over 86 licenses and 25+ stores in California, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, New York, and Florida. Their sales are so high that in the industry, they are known as the ‘Apple’ of Cannabis.

They sell premium flowers starting from $40 to $60. Their vaporizers are priced at $45 to $100. Their exotic flavor offerings like Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bites, Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Bites, and Peanut Butter Breath are much loved.

Places you should NOT buy Delta 8 THC from

You should buy Delta 8 THC from online stores only and not from local stores. The reason behind this is that Delta 8 THC is currency unregulated. There are no FDA or CDC guidelines as to how production should be done and what standards are to be followed.

This results in a situation where the f Delta 8 THC produced by untrustworthy sources can be harmful to health. If you buy Delta 8 THC from local stores and not a reputed dispensary or online, you will end up buying something the contents of which are unsure.

Such a product can contain heavy metals, pesticides, dangerous additives, and remnants of cutting agents in harmful quantities. Low-grade extracts come packed with toxic elements like cadmium, lead, mercury, butane, & hexane.