Cake Brand

Cake Brand

4.9 stars

The Cake is a well-known American cannabis company that offers hemp-derived cannabis products. 

It started in the year 2020 in Orange County, California, and since then, Cake has become a reputable cannabis brand. It’s highly appreciated due to its optimal-quality standards, continuous innovation, and capacity to reinvent itself. 



You can find this brand in these states:

Cake brand, California is known as a pioneer and is quite popular in the cannabis market owing to its original 1g Cake disposable, the first Delta 8 disposable ever produced, which brought significant acknowledgment to the Cake Brand.

Cake brand collections

Cake brand, California offers a number of cannabis products to its customers. This includes: 

     1. Delta 10

Cake brand, California offers Delta 10 cartridges, live resin, and disposables. D 10 is a cannabinoid that is supposed to provide an energetic and clear-headed high than delta-9 THC.

Top D10 Flavors

  • AK47 Sativa 510 cartridge
  • Banana Rosin 510 cartridge
  • Gorilla Glue Hybrid 510 cartridge
  • Cherry Crumble Hybrid 510 cartridge/Live resin
  • Pineapple Express Sativa 510 cartridge
  • Birthday Cake Indica Disposable

     2. 2.0-gramme Disposables

Cake Brand’s 2.0-gramme disposables are also available in delta-10 and delta-8 THC variations. These products are intended for cannabis users who seek a relatively high potency through the convenience of a disposable product.

Top 2.0-gramme Disposables Flavors

  • Green Cake Sativa 
  • Ice Cream Cake Hybrid
  • Super Sour Diesel Sativa
  • Sour Tangie Sativa
  • White Widow Sativa
  • OG Kush Indica
  • Strawberry Cough Sativa

     3. Delta 8

The Delta 8 collection contains cartridges, live resin, and disposables infused with delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, a gentler type of THC that produces a less strong high than delta-9 THC. 

This collection is enjoyed by people who are new to cannabis or prefer a more modest high.

Top D8 Flavors

  • Thin Mint Shake Hybrid 510 cartridge
  • Purple Punch Hybrid 510 cartridge
  • Blueberry Cookies Indica 510 Cartridge
  • Texas Poundcake Indica 510 cartridge
  • Blueberry Cookies Indica 510 cartridge
  • Banana Rntz Indica Disposable
  • Cereal Milk Sativa Disposable

     4. Cold packs

Cake Brand’s Coldpack line is a one-of-a-kind offering that comprises a collection of items like Catus Jack Sativa, Cantaloupe Kush Indica, Glazed Donut OG Hybrid, Pina Cozaza Hybrid, Blueberry Muffin Indica, and so on, which meant to be preserved in the freezer. 

When these cannabis products are taken, they are supposed to deliver a cold and refreshing feeling since they are loaded with delta-8 THC, HXC, and THC-P.

     5. Sauce

Cake Brand’s 2-gramme disposable sauce is a known product that comes in a range of strains like Animal Sauce Sativa, Waffle Sauce Hybrid, Headband Sauce Hybrid, Space Cake Sauce Indica, and so on. 

These items are infused with high-quality cannabis extract and are intended to provide cannabis users with a strong and tasty experience.

     6. Orchid Nicotine Disposables

Cake brand, California constantly upgrades its cannabis product collection. Recently they added the Orchid Nicotine Disposables product line on their website.

Features of Orchid Nicotine Disposables

  1. 8000 Puffs: One of the main features of this product is its ability to provide an 8000 puff count approx., which makes it a long-lasting solution for cannabis users who are usually on the go. 
  2. 5% Salt Nicotine: Another feature of this product is when compared to any typical e-cigarette, these products tend to have a 5% higher salt nicotine content which ensures a relatively strong and pleasurable nicotine dosage for a cannabis user.
  3. No charging and Refilling: These disposable devices like any other vaping devices, need not be constantly plugged into the chargers or worry about the process of refilling it once it’s been emptied, making them a convenient option for anybody searching for a short nicotine dose.

This disposable becomes a good choice for anybody looking for a satisfactory level of long-lasting, and hassle-free nicotine experience.


Customers have given Cake Brand, California, mixed ratings. Some consumers appreciated their flavor, texture, and quality. 

Customers have also acknowledged the subtle yet powerful high provided by these disposables. Another consumer commended Cake disposables for their ease, adding that they are long-lasting and do not clog up before being fully used. 

Several consumers, however, have voiced reservations about the authenticity and quality of Cake cannabis products. 

As they have found that their products are available under several counterfeit names, with possible dangers of possessing inferior components and little to no levels of delta 8 THC. Consumers have no means of knowing what they are ingesting because there is no official website, brand voice, or third-party test findings offered with such products. 

Therefore, all consumers who intend to purchase Cake brand,California products are encouraged to visit their official website and make their purchases exclusively online.

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