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Dank-Lite brand is a brand that has quickly gained traction in the US as one of the brands to watch out for in the cannabis market. 

The brand in itself is still relatively in its infancy, but they’ve quickly established their presence in the industry due to the quality of their products. 

About The Brand

The company was first founded in the state of Colorado. They are well known for their sustainable weed growth plans that they follow in their facility in Denver, Colorado. The facility stands at about twenty thousand square feet and was developed with a notable clean room to ensure that there are no unwanted contaminants in the weed that they provide to the customers. The manufacturing process is also closely monitored in order to follow every single guideline with a systematic approach. Every one of their products is manufactured in their Denver facility, there is no real outsourcing process.

All the plants that they use are either from the states of Colorado or Oregon, which they try to pick from sustainable and reputable farms. Furthermore, they are always on the lookout for new inventions, and each one of their products is tested according to the ISO17025 standards by independent testing facilities. The products are tested for pesticides, metals, mycotoxins, microbials and potency. The picking, packaging, and shipping processes are all done directly from their Denver facility, which means that each client gets their delivery directly from the facility to their home. 

The company sells delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, THCO, and THCV products. Importantly, they also sell products that contain HHC i.e. hexahydrocannabinol, which is a cannabinoid that has been upscaled quite a lot in recent times according to the trends that the industry is following.


Now it comes to their most important asset, their products. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of products they sell and moreover the popular ones among them. They sell a variety of gummies, cartridges, vape pens, tinctures, and more.

Vape Pens

When it comes to vape pens, there are quite a few notable variations that the company sells.

First up, the Delta 8 and Delta 10 Vape King Louie 2g is one of their bestsellers. The pen uses delta 8 and delta 10 THC cannabinoids to create this version of the pen. The terpenes that they use are derived completely through a botanical process. It is derived from the Indica variant of hemp, sourced locally from the facility. It is a disposable vape that is known for its strong, musky flavor and smell. The pen doesn’t contain any kind of artificial filler that can change the quality of the pen or the experience itself. The cost of the pen is around $25.

Another one of their popular pens is the Dank Lite HHC Roze 2g. This pen uses HHC i.e hexahydrocannabinol which is a relatively newer cannabinoid that has been used quite sparingly in marijuana-related products so far. It is gaining traction in the industry as one of the cannabinoids to use in order to create high-quality products. It is said to be stronger than delta 8 THC, but not as potent as delta 9 THC. It is derived from a hybrid of both Sativa and indica, which in turn combines the terpenes of the Roze to give the consumer a good experience. It is also worth $25.


The Dank Lite brand also sells a plethora of tinctures, all varying slightly.

Their best-selling tincture is the THC-P 1000 mg 30 ml. It doesn’t have a flavor and it is about 30 times more potent than the usual THC. The tincture itself contains 1000 mg of THC-P, which makes the consumption really euphoric for the user. It contains 2 ingredients, which is THC-p oil and MCT oil. It contains about 33.3 g of THC for each dropper that is used. Each piece of tincture comes in a bottle that contains a dropper, making it very easy to consume. 33.3 mg of THC equals about 1 ml in the tincture bottle. It delivers both relaxation and euphoria for the user. The bottle costs about $25.

Another notable tincture that the company sells is the HHC tincture 1000 mg 30 ml. Using the newly upscaled cannabinoid i.e. the HHC cannabinoid, the tincture provides people with a real euphoric boost avoiding a lot of the paranoia that comes with a lot of these tinctures.  Again, it has about 33.3 mg of HHC in each dropper and also contains MCT oil. It is also unflavored like the THC-P version of the tincture. The HHC cannabinoid has started to become one of the newer trends in the industry, and it has been used in this tincture, which has already become quite popular. It has the same price as the THC tincture.


Gummies are also one of the company’s more popular products.

The gummies that sell the most for the brand are the HHC Gummies 750 mg 30 ct. It has a flavor of a mixture of quite a few different fruits. The ingredients that it contains are pectin, tapioca syrup, citric acid, water, fruit juice concentrate, natural colors from vegetables, MCT oil, cannabidiol oil made from industrial hemp, and of course, HHC. It is said that having half of a gummy at first is the best way to gauge its effectiveness, and this one is no different. The ingredients are all 100% vegan, and the potency is 750 mg.

The Delta 9 Gummies 750 mg 30 ct are also quite popular gummies that the Dank Lite brand sells. The only real difference between this variation of the gummies is the very obvious inclusion of Delta 9 THC ahead of the HHC. All the ingredients are vegan and pretty much the same except for the delta 9 THC.


Let’s have a look at the different kinds of cartridges that Dank Lite brand sells.

The bestseller in the cartridge section is the HHC-O Superglue 1g. The cartridge contains the highly popular HHC-O, which is derived from the HHC cannabinoid. The terpenes that it contains are derived completely botanically. It is made from a hybrid strain of hemp, and the ingredients are just HHC-O oil and terpenes. It is also charged within 45 minutes, after which it can be used with ease. The price of the cartridge is $15.

The HHC-O Timewreck 1g is also quite popular when it comes to the cartridge section. The strain is almost entirely derived from sativa and has terpenes that are completely derived from the botanical process that is followed in the Denver facility. It costs about $15 per cartridge.