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Flying Monkey USA was founded by three brothers who started hand-making pre-rolls in their home. Their passion for creating quality cannabis products led them to oversee every step of the process, from cultivation to finished packaging. This vertically integrated approach allows Flying Monkey USA to deliver valuable and satisfying quality.

Journey of Flying Monkey USA products

At Flying Monkey USA, the strains are cultivated and then packaged after rigorous testing. While packing, the scientific data of the strains and cannabinoids are taken into consideration to ensure that the natural quality and flavors are retained in the end product. 

Once harvested, the flower undergoes meticulous trimming and curing to optimize its terpene and cannabinoid levels. This sets the stage for artfully crafted products. Flying Monkey USA oversees the entire supply chain from seed to final processing.

The product lineup spans the spectrum from raw flowers to concentrated oils and edibles. Flagship items include vape pens, infused blunts, gummies, and more. Every product is formulated by combining scientific cannabinoid research with a true appreciation for the nuances of the plant.

Featured products

Knockout Live Resin Disposable Vape – Fruity Pebbles

This powerful disposable vape contains a proprietary blend of 6+ cannabinoids, amplified with live resin terpenes. It provides intense potency and mouthwatering strain-specific flavor in every puff. It is a 2-gram disposable vape that is made from live resin extracts with a blend of Delta 8, HHC, CBD, Delta 10, and THCP.

Heavy Hitter Infused Kief Blunt – Watermelon Zkittlez

These top-shelf blunts are hand-rolled with premium cannabis flower, painted with distillate, and coated in kief. They deliver a 30+ minute experience with incredibly smooth, full flavor. It is a 4-gram blunt with 2 units in one pack. You get hand-rolled tobacco-free blunt wraps with kief dust making the product even more appealing and interesting. The stain options you can get in this product include Blue Dream, Blueberry cookies, fruity pebbles, Girl Scout cookies, Green Crack, strawman grape ape, and Sour Apple Killer.

Free Heavy Hitter THC Gummies

Flying Monkey USA offers free samples of their bite-sized, delta-8 THC edibles that pack a flavorful 50mg punch. A tasty way to try their potent gummies risk-free. These gummies are easily portable, poppable, and highly potent making them suitable for advanced cannabis enthusiasts. It has 49 mg Delta 8, 1mg THC-P, and 50mg Total cannabinoid per gummy. The top effects of this product are uplifted, energetic, and boosted making it suitable for adventure activities.

The team at Flying Monkey USA brings decades of collective cannabis experience. But beyond their expertise, there is a shared love for the plant itself and its potential to improve lives. It is this passion that inspires their dedication to researching the latest cannabinoid science and production methods. From seed to sale, the Flying Monkey USA team oversees everything to deliver good-caliber products.