Buying or DIY edibles – What is better?

DIY edibles
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Cannabis edibles can be the best product for those who do not like cannabis taste but still like its experience. For cannabis edible lovers, there are many options out there, and they can buy readymade edibles or DIY edibles as per their choices and preferences.

However, it is important to understand that both ways come with pros and cons. In this post, you’ll understand whether you should buy readymade edibles or go for DIY edibles.

Buying cannabis edibles

When buying cannabis edibles, there are many options in the cannabis market ranging from tinctures to chocolates. It is a matter of tastes and preferences when you will buy.


Buying cannabis edibles offers several pros you will miss with DIY cannabis edible options. The most prominent ones of them are:

  1. Convenience is the most important thing people seek in everything these days, and you can get it when it comes to cannabis edibles. Readymade cannabis edibles come in pre-dosed proportions; the dosage is mentioned on the label. It makes it highly convenient for the buyer to control the intake and avoid overconsumption.
  2. Consistency in dosage is very important to get the best experience from cannabis edibles. When you buy readymade edibles from the market, you get a carefully measured and consistent dosage with every bite, ensuring a better experience.
  3. The variety of cannabis-readymade items is very wide. You can choose from many types of edibles, including gummies, chocolates, and other baked goods.


With the plus points, there are a few cons of buying readymade cannabis edibles, and they are given as follows:

  1. Price is a crucial factor in deciding what cannabis product you will purchase. However, when you buy cannabis edibles rather than making them yourself at home, it can be pretty expensive. It is because you must pay a higher price for convenience and quality control.
  2. There is no control over ingredients added to the edibles when you buy them readymade from the store. Commercial cannabis edibles may or may not be suitable for everyone because some people have dietary restrictions or allergies.
  3. Quality is highly crucial when it comes to cannabis items, and in readymade edibles, there can be issues with the quality. Sometimes, you may get products with no consistency, or the products can be non-tested as per industry standards. It can cause serious problems for the person who consumes these items.

Tips for buying cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are an easy way to consume THC, but when you want to buy readymade cannabis edibles, you can get confused. Therefore, some tips can help you make the right choice, and you can find them below:

    Understanding the dosing standard is the most important tip you must know when buying commercial cannabis edibles. For minimal THC tolerance and a mild experience, a dosage ranging from 1 mg to 15 mg is considered ideal. On the other hand, if the tolerance is high and you need a strong experience, you may go for a dosage ranging from 15mg to 30mg.

    Make sure to get your commercial cannabis edibles from reputed dispensaries near you and high-quality brands only. Putting attention to the price can help, but you must avoid products that are too cheap. With lower prices, the consistency and quality may be compromised in the cannabis edibles like chocolates and cookies.

    It is also important to understand how edibles work. With no information on how edibles work, you may not be able to buy yourself the right dosage to get the best experience from cannabis edibles.

DIY cannabis edibles

People who do not prefer commercial cannabis products can also go for DIY edibles, and this can be more fun than simply buying the product from the dispensary. You need to get everything required to make edibles at home, and it can be a new experience.


When you prefer making your edibles like brownies or gummies at home rather than buying them directly from the store, there can be some benefits in your favor. Some of these advantages are given as follows:

  1. Cost-effectiveness is an important advantage that you get when you decide to go for DIY edibles. It saves money as you can buy raw materials in bulk and do not have to pay extra for the convenience.
  2. You can enjoy the advantage of customization when you make DIY edibles. It is in your control to use whatever ingredients you prefer, and it allows you to get the best experience from cannabis edibles while taking care of your dietary restrictions.
  3. Quality is perhaps the best advantage you get when you DIY cannabis edibles. With commercial edibles, there may be doubts regarding the quality and potency of the products, but with DIY, you can ensure both.


There are a few cons of DIY cannabis edibles, and they are given below:

  1. Making your cannabis edibles at home can be pretty time-consuming as there are various steps involved. You need to gather all the ingredients, and then you need time to prepare the edible.
  2. When you DIY cannabis edibles, there can be problems with the consistency of the dosage. Therefore, the potency of dosage in every unit can vary, giving a bad experience.
  3. The risk of overconsumption of cannabis always persists with DIY edibles. If you are not well experienced in making the potency and dosage equal, it can lead to overconsumption.

Things to consider for DIY cannabis edibles

After doing a buy vs DIY edibles, if you decide to make it at your home, you will need some extra information rather than just the recipe. Here are a few things you must consider when you are making cannabis edibles at home:

    There are various types of cannabis flowers on the market that you can use for making edibles at home. Always make sure to get cannabis flowers that are completely free of any dirt and are high quality.

    Being precise about dosage and potency is very important when you are cooking your cannabis edibles at home. With minute changes in the dosage of cannabis, the effects can be different from what you expected. Hence, use precise measurements while adding cannabis to your edibles.

    Decarboxylating your cannabis is a very important thing when you are making your edibles at home. It is done to activate the THC element in your cannabis. Spread the cannabis on a baking sheet evenly after grinding it. Heat the oven to a temperature of 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the cannabis flower for 30-40 minutes, and then they are ready to make whatever recipe you are preparing.

Whether you choose to buy or DIY cannabis edibles, it is important to be well-informed about the decision you are making. You can enjoy cannabis both ways, but it is buy or DIY cannabis edibles a matter of preference if you want to go for either of them? When buying, ensure that you know what you are buying and how it will impact your body. On the other hand, if you decide to make your cannabis edibles, make sure to get some experience first.

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