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Cannabis and Sex
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Cannabis has long been associated with relaxation and stress relief, but did you know it may also have benefits in the bedroom? An increasing number of couples are exploring the use of cannabis to enhance intimacy, arousal, and overall sexual experiences. 

This article dives into the science and personal accounts behind using cannabis for better sex and intimacy. Discover how the plant could potentially bring you and your partner closer together.

The history of cannabis as an aphrodisiac

While cannabis sex benefits have gained mainstream attention recently, herbs and plants have been used to increase libido and heighten sex since ancient times. Cannabis in particular has a long history as a traditional aphrodisiac.

References to cannabis as an arousal aid date back thousands of years in Indian and Arabic societies. Tantric sex practices often incorporated the herb to prolong arousal and increase sensitivity. The plant has featured in romantic and sexual contexts across various cultures over millennia.

As cannabis spreads globally, old traditions touting its aphrodisiac and sensual properties continue to persist. Many modern consumers specifically seek out strains like “SexxPot” and products aimed at sexual enhancement. Science is also now confirming some of the historical lore around cannabis and sex.

How cannabis interacts with our sexual response?

To understand cannabis’ benefits in the bedroom, it helps to first understand the science of our sexual response. There are complicated neurological and physiological processes that underlie arousal, intercourse and orgasm. Key players include:

  • The limbic system – regulates emotional response, reward processing and hormonal release.
  • Hypothalamus – drives sex hormone secretion and physical responses.
  • Pituitary gland – governs hormones contributing to arousal and reproduction.
  • Sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone, testosterone regulate sexual desire.
  • Dopamine – crucial neurotransmitter for arousal, motivation and pleasure.

So how does cannabis interact with these systems? The two key active compounds THC and CBD affect our brains and bodies in various ways that can influence sexual response:

  • THC mimics our natural endocannabinoid neurotransmitters, leading to dopamine release, altered time perception, disinhibition, heightened sensation and relaxation.
  • CBD reduces anxiety, increases blood flow, and improves connection to one’s body. It may also increase nerve sensations.

Combining these effects, cannabis has potential to enhance both the physical and mental aspects of sex. Next, let’s explore the major research to date on how cannabis impacts sexual experiences and functioning.

The science on cannabis and sex

While cannabis sex research is still emerging, initial studies point to some exciting possibilities:

Increased arousal and sensitivity

THC relaxes smooth muscle tissue leading to vasodilation – increased blood flow and swelling of sexual organs. This boosts physical arousal and sensitivity in both men and women. CBD may also heighten nerve sensations.

Enhanced pleasure and orgasm

Cannabis activates the brain’s pleasure centers. Combined with increased sensation from vasodilation, this can enhance intercourse pleasure and orgasm intensity for women and men alike.

Decreased inhibitions

The disinhibiting effects of THC allow couples to communicate desires more freely and engage in new experiences. Feelings of judgment and self-consciousness fade away.

Relief from pain and discomfort

Cannabis can alleviate common sex impediments like pain from vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction, enhancing comfort and enjoyment.

Strengthened emotional intimacy

The empathy and connectedness from cannabis highs can deepen feelings of intimacy and closeness between couples.

While human studies remain limited, the physiology and anecdotal reports strongly indicate cannabis’ potential to be an effective aphrodisiac. However, experts say dosage and strain selection play a key role in outcomes.

Maximizing sexual benefits with dosing and strains

As with any cannabis use, proper dosing is key to getting the desired effects. When using cannabis to enhance sex, moderation is recommended. Too high a dose can backfire, leading to sedation, mental distraction and impaired coordination.

Most couples report the optimal dose for sex is just enough to feel relaxation and heightened sensation – around 5mg-15mg of THC – rather than an intense high. Consume edibles 60-90 minutes before sex and start with low doses.

Regarding strains, those with moderate THC and CBD levels work best for most people. High CBD strains may offer added benefits for women. Avoid super high THC strains – the intense psychoactivity can reduce focus on physical sensations. And because effects differ across individuals, experimentation with dosing and strains is important.

Props, products, and techniques for cannabis and sex

Beyond flowers, cannabis products geared specifically towards sexual enhancement are growing in popularity. Let’s explore some recommended products and techniques:

  1. Sensual oils and lubricants – Infused intimate oils and lubes heighten sensation while easing dryness and discomfort. Look for water-based CBD or low-dose THC formulas safe for genital use.
  2. Edibles and drinkables – Oral products like chocolates, mints and beverages provide longer lasting effects compared to smoking. Time consumption 60-90 minutes before intimacy.
  3. Vape pens and topicals – Inhaling or applying creams before sex offers more acute effects. Useful for absorbing cannabinoids quickly in the moment versus consuming edibles ahead of time.
  4. Combined with massage – A sensual massage combining cannabis topicals, oils and oral products can heighten relaxation, sensitivity and arousal.
  5. Sexual enhancement products – Products like suppositories, spray oils and bath soaks designed specifically for sex are growing in popularity. Most contain blends of CBD, THC and other herbs.

Experimenting with cannabis-based lubricants, massage oils, edibles and other products can unlock new sensations and pleasure. But dosage and expectations still play a key role in outcomes.

Potential challenges and considerations

While the benefits sound enticing, cannabis and sex do come with some potential drawbacks couples should consider:

  • Dosage issues – Overconsumption can lead to lethargy, mental distraction, anxiety or impaired coordination – all detrimental to great sex. Moderation is key.
  • Decreased libido – While studies show cannabis increases arousal in the moment, chronic use may lower baseline libido for some long-term consumers. Periodic tolerance breaks can help.
  • Vaginal dryness – THC has shown to reduce blood flow and moisture in vaginal tissue over time with frequent use. This requires extra lubrication.
  • Erectile difficulties – Some men report occasional erectile difficulties from regular cannabis use. However, evidence remains limited.

While for many cannabis enhances arousal and sex, individuals can have different biological responses based on dosage, method of consumption, genetics and tolerance. Managing expectations and communicating with your partner is key.

Guidelines for optimal cannabis and sex experiences

To maximize benefits and minimize any downsides, couples interested in exploring cannabis for intimacy may want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Start low and slow – less is often more when combining cannabis and sex.
  • Pick the right strains – medium potency indica/hybrid strains work best for most people. Avoid super strong sativas.
  • Set the scene – create a comfortable, relaxing ambiance for intimacy.
  • Use proper lubrication – cannabis can decrease natural vaginal lubrication.
  • Time it right – consume edibles 60-90 minutes prior to allow effects to kick in.
  • Communicate desires and comfort levels – cannabis helps lower inhibitions to share fantasies.
  • Manage expectations – experiences vary greatly person to person. Stay flexible and have fun!
  • Avoid overuse – chronic heavy consumption can negatively impact sex drive and performance.

Following these guidelines will lead to more positive cannabis and sex experiences. But most importantly – listen to your body and partner’s signals.

Research and anecdotal reports indicate cannabis shows promise as an aphrodisiac for enhancing arousal, pleasure, orgasm, intimacy, and overall sexual experiences. But as with any substance, effects vary person to person. Managing dosage and expectations remains key. 

For couples wanting to explore deeper intimacy and pleasure, using cannabis intentionally could unlock exciting new possibilities in the bedroom. Let science guide safe experimentation. With the right approach, cannabis may bring you and your partner closer than ever before.

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