Canna Syrup Recipe

canna syrup recipe | hempercamp
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As a cannabis lover, you try a lot of cannabis products, but if you didn’t try canna syrup a single time, then you are missing a lot in this world of pleasure. Many of you already know about canna syrup and have already enjoyed it for a long time, but if you have yet to try it, then definitely question arises in your mind such as: What is canna syrup? Or what is the canna syrup recipe? How much time will it take to prepare?

So you need not worry; in this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding the canna syrup recipe. And after reading it, you are able to make it in your house without any external help. So without wasting a single second, let’s get started.

What is Canna Syrup?

Canna syrup is a completely vegan product made with a combination of three main ingredients: Sugar, Cannabis flowers, and water. With its rich flavor, if you try it once, you will definitely use it for a long time.

There is nothing that canna syrup can’t do on your plate. It can be combined with any edible dish, making its taste up to the mark. If you are an ice cream or a soda lover who wants to infuse a flavor of cannabis into it, then you will definitely add canna syrup into it. It will enhance the sweetness of your cuisine and give you a kick of cannabis. Even canna syrup is the perfect alternative for alcohol.

With its three main ingredients, the canna syrup recipe is easy to make and takes less than an hour for its preparation.

Ingredients required for canna syrup recipe:

  •   4 cups of water
  •   4 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin
  •   4 cups of sugar
  •   4 oz of cannabis flowers
  •   Extracts of mint, vanilla, and citrus for flavoring

canna syrup recipe | hempercamp

Quick tips:

  •   It is preferable to use granulated brown sugar: it only affects the color of your syrup, but the sweetness remains the same.
  •   Extracts used are optional; you can remove them or add any flavor extract according to your taste.
  •   Vegetable glycerin is preferable as it is available in every food store, even if it makes your canna syrup plain in texture.

Equipment required for canna syrup recipe:

  •   Saucepan
  •   Oven
  •   Parchment paper
  •   Fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth
  •   Mason jar

How to make Canna Syrup?

The canna syrup recipe is easy to make and usually takes an hour for its complete preparation. Always remember to tick off all the ingredients and equipment from the checklist before starting to prepare the canna syrup recipe, as it will save a lot of your time.

We will complete the preparation of canna syrup in just 5 steps.

Step 1: Decarboxylation of cannabis flowers

The first step is to grind the cannabis flowers with the help of a grinder until it takes the shape of fine particles, then decarb your cannabis flower. Decarbing is the process of heating cannabis flowers at 220-245 degrees Fahrenheit (105-120 degrees Celcius) for 30-40 minutes in the oven. It is the most crucial step of the canna syrup recipe as it converts the toxic THCA of cannabis flowers into intoxicating THC.

While consuming the canna syrup, you feel high kicks, which is possible only because of the decarboxylation of cannabis flowers. It makes your recipe potent and fast-acting.

Before decarbing, the toxic THCA in your cannabis flowers is 16 percent, but after this step, the level reduces to 0.

Step 2: Boiling of water

Take a saucepan, add 4 cups of water into it, and put it on medium flame. The temperature of boiling should not be above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Always take the extra cup of water and add it into the saucepan after a regular interval of time when it seems that the quantity of water is decreasing because of evaporation.

Note: Never add cold water to the boiling solution, as it will increase the preparation time of the canna syrup recipe.

Step 3: Adding sugar and decarb cannabis flowers

When bubbles start appearing on the surface of a saucepan containing water, add 4 cups of sugar to it. Stir it properly for about 5-10 minutes (depending on the sugar to dissolve into the water properly). As it becomes the uniform solution, now add your ground decarb cannabis flowers into it.

Here is the time when you add your optional extracts for flavoring; remember, the quantity of extract depends upon the preference of how strong you want that particular flavor into the canna syrup.

Some of the popular flavor extracts are cinnamon sticks, cardamom seeds, fresh vanilla beans, cloves, fresh fruits, or herbs.

Step 4: Adding glycerin

After adding all the ingredients:

  1.         Cover the pan with a lid, and stir the mixture after every 2-3 minutes.
  2.         Allow the mix to be at low flame for about 25 minutes.
  3.         When it gives the sign of boiling initiation (bubbles start to appear on the surface), remove the lid from the saucepan.

Now add 4 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin, and allow the pan to be uncovered at low flame for another 10 minutes. Stir it regularly after a few minutes or else crumbles will start developing. When the mixture becomes thick, turn off the flame and allow the mixture to cool down slightly.

Step 5: Straining of mixture

When the mixture cools to room temperature, put it into the cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer and allow to strain the mixture into another small container. When the whole mixture gets strained, put the syrup into the mason jar.

Now your canna syrup is ready to use; it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy it with pancakes or brownies; it will give you the same high rich sweet flavor and the strong effect of cannabis.

How to store it?

After collecting the canna syrup into the mason jar, allow it to be stored in a dark and cool place. The most suitable place is a refrigerator, which will provide a life of 3 months to canna syrup.

Never put this syrup directly under the sun or at a high-temperature place for a long time as it reduces the shelf life of canna syrup to only a few days.

Common mistakes while preparing Canna Syrup recipe

  • Cooking without covering the saucepan with a lid and allowing the mixture to boil will destroy the whole texture of canna syrup.
  • Adding cannabis flowers without decarboxylation: When you feel that your canna syrup is not potent and doesn’t give you a strong kick, then it means you will forget to Decarb your cannabis flowers while preparing for the canna syrup recipe.
  • Not stirring the mixture regularly: The syrup starts to congeal when you don’t stir the mixture properly.
  • Adding too much quantity of flavor extracts will give you the strong flavor of only extracts, because of which the flavor of cannabis starts to disappear.
  • Never checking on the level of flame will also make your syrup extra hard or extra runny.

How much is the quantity of Canna Syrup to be taken?

Whenever a person consumes the canna syrup, it starts to show the effects within 30-45 minutes. It usually kicks you faster than other cannabis products. And when you canna syrup with any edible item, then its results are shown after a delay of 15-30 minutes from its actual time.

The potency of canna syrup is mainly dependent upon the strain you use for cannabis flowers; if flowers have a high level of THC, then you will get stronger effects with a small dose of canna syrup and vice versa.

Every person has a different capacity for consuming canna syrup. To check your ability, we advise that you start taking a canna syrup dose of 1 tablespoon and wait for around half an hour; if it doesn’t affect you much, then you should check by double the quantity of canna syrup. Always remember to take a gap of 1-2 hours between 2 doses.

How to use Canna Syrup?

Canna syrup doesn’t have any limits to using it. You can directly consume it if you are in love with its sweet flavor, and you can use it as an alternative source for any recipe that demands sugar or syrup.

Canna syrup also does great with drinks and smoothies. You can add a tablespoon of canna syrup to your cup of tea as well. Even if you want to relax but don’t prefer alcoholic drinks, you can try adding this canna syrup to the soda.

Along with this, it also works as dessert on the perfect dinner; just add it to the pancakes or into the ice cream, providing you with the sweet and delicious flavor of cannabinoids. It also works in the place of maple syrup to offer a juicy texture to your cuisine.

Are Canna Syrup and Canna Oil are same?

Canna syrup and canna oil seem to be alike, but they have different properties. Canna oil doesn’t contain THC, while canna syrup has a level of THC in it. There is the possibility that canna oil is a part of the canna syrup recipe, but vice versa is not possible. Moreover, canna syrup is easy to manufacture, while canna oil has complex manufacturing.

Canna syrup is a blend of sweetness with a flavor of high-kicking cannabis flowers. It will provide you with the taste along with the same effects as after smoking. The canna syrup recipe is the simplest and is prepared within 1 hour. Always start with a small dose and try to consume it in a limited quantity or in an amount that doesn’t show negative effects on your body and will possibly provide you with the pleasure you want to satisfy your cravings.