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The Perfect Cannabis Bucket List for Stoners

Cannabis bucket list
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Cannabis can make you a fun person, and you can do many things when you are high. Now, make the most out of your time when you are under the influence of THC, and it can be done in not only one but many ways. To begin with, you need to have a cannabis bucket list, and you’ll find some recommendations in this post.

Go hiking

To enjoy the high of cannabis the most, hiking is one of the most important things to add to your bucket list. Nowadays, buildings and traffic surround us. Pollution and noise around us do not allow us to connect with our inner selves. So, the best getaway to add to your cannabis bucket list is hiking, as it will give you a relaxing time and a positive experience.

Attending a music concert

Everyone who smokes weed is aware that music becomes ten times better when you are high on cannabis. So, if there’s a local music show or concert in your area, make sure to visit it. Moreover, live music is much more fun as there are a lot of people to connect with and enjoy.


Cannabis is well-known for opening up your creative parameters and helping you think outside the box. So, this can also be a part of your cannabis bucket list. When you are high, it is a great idea to paint. You can also prefer visiting a nearby garden or park where you can see plenty of things to paint. It is important to make sure that you are visiting a place that is cannabis friendly and nonjudgmental to avoid any trouble.

However, you can also prefer painting at home, if you have everything you need. It is best to start painting at home when you are high and alone. It allows you to brainstorm ideas that might never come to mind when you are not high.

Play video games.

Games have always been one of the most entertaining activities for people of every age. So, if you are high and have friends at your place too, perhaps you can have a good time playing your favorite video games.

Some of the most popular multiplayer games on video consoles include Mario, Mortal Combat, Garage Band, and many more. No matter which one you have got, just add it to your cannabis bucket list, as it is a great way to enjoy it.

Card games

If you are old-school, perhaps video games will not be your best fun activity after you get high. You can also play card games. 

Take out your deck of cards and pick a game or your friend’s. There are many card games with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert.

Visiting the museum, art gallery, or exhibition

Art galleries and museums can be one of the best things to add to your cannabis bucket list after you get high on marijuana. 

Nowadays, there is a museum in every city; if not, there would probably be an exhibition of some art. You can visit these events with your friends and look at art and ancient history.

Frisbee in the park

The cannabis bucket list has no limitations, as the purpose is to have fun. Playing frisbee in a local park is a simple and entertaining activity you can add to your bucket list after getting high.

Even though it is one of the simplest activities, there is endless fun when you are with friends, and you can also get some fresh air while you are at it. You’ll get a chance to create more cherishing memories with our friends too.

Stand-up comedy show

Cannabis can help you have a lot of fun, and the fun doubles when you are at a place of comedy. If there is a local club in your area that is famous for stand-up comedy shows, perhaps it could be the perfect place to visit after getting high. It will help you get the best out of your every puff, and you will have a great time while listening to jokes.

Dance club

Dancing can be a hobby for some, or it can also be a recreational activity for others. Dancing could be one of the best activities that you can enjoy and add to your cannabis bucket list

Dancing not only relieves stress but also gives energy to your body. Therefore, it would be among the best things you will do after getting high.

Hit the beach.

Beaches are quite popular places that people visit. The beaches that are surrounded by shops and restaurants to eat at should be your first pick and on the priority places of your cannabis bucket list. It’s a good place to have a good time with anyone, and therefore, you can visit with your friends or family.


Most people would not agree, but working out can also be a great activity to carry on after you smoke weed. Marijuana can sometimes be a powerhouse for activities that require physical effort. Therefore, working out could be the next thing that you add to your cannabis bucket list

Smoking weed brings you a relaxed state of mind, and it also limbers up your body. You can hit the gym if you want after smoking weed. You will have a longer workout session than normal.

Take a bubble bath.

After you work out, a cold shower is recommended to release stress from your body. The same could be applied to the post-session of smoking weed. Self-pampering is the key to having a relaxed state of mind, and after you smoke weed, taking a bubble bath could be a good option on your cannabis bucket list. You can think about new ideas while you’re in the bathtub.

Safety tips to follow

If you are looking to leave your home after getting high, it is important to follow a few tips

Make sure to never drive when you are high and use only public transportation. 

In addition to it, make sure to be careful with your cannabis intake. It is necessary to appropriately consume cannabis products when you are willing to have to for fun. Overdose of cannabis can get you in trouble and defy the whole purpose of making a cannabis bucket list.

Any activity that you do after cannabis consumption could be completely different from how you did it the last time without being under the influence. These activities could be highly entertaining but, at the same time, can be risky. It is important to be aware of your limits and avoid overdosing

No matter what activity you are willing to add to your cannabis bucket list, make sure that it is safe and under your control.

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