Cannabis Business Seminar

Cannabis business Seminar
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As we are a cannabis community, we are obliged to inform you about the most important cannabis events in the US. One of them will happen, Sat November 19 in L.A. This cannabis business seminar will cover the vital aspects of cannabis business start-up, and operation, and how to obtain a license in your city or county.


Unlike other seminars, the cannabis pros at the cannabis business start-up seminar have agreed to rip back the curtain and teach their EXACT, step-by-step plan for breaking into the cannabis start-up, how to start and operate a city and state-approved cannabis business. Real-life, triumphs, and honest businesses generously share their insider secrets.

What to expect? 

Their agenda includes discussing cannabis business start-ups, fund development, and starting a new cannabis business. Cannabis seminars draw many businesses looking to network and interact with other cannabis industry experts. We will concentrate on how and why you must start your cannabis business Adequately and Legitimately, following state and local regulations.

  • Providing a real-time solution to start any cannabis business
  • Specifically explained what business licenses you need
  • Creating Applications
  • Different tax strategies for tax challenges
  • Banking solutions
  • Discussions on insurance needed to cover your business and crop
  • How to choose the best locations
  • How to deal with landlords
  • Packaging testing requirements
  • and much, much more

Unlike other events, everyone is there to do business or advance their profession. There are friendly experts in every part of the cannabis community who are eager to engage with you.

Why do people need such events? 

The cannabis economy is the fastest expanding worldwide business, with an exceptional track record of R&D and a substantial contribution to the field of medical treatment.

The cannabis industry’s progress has grabbed the curiosity of investors worldwide. This can be observed in the average size of cannabis equity capital offerings, which has increased 165% from $7.5 million in 2020 to $19.1 million in 2021, with seminars and cannabis festivities playing a pivotal role.

During the course, you’ll learn the following:

  • The seminar is designed to educate those interested in raising money.
  • This event takes a deep dive into creating new contacts & networks with others.
  • Learning more about making the Pitch and talking to investors.
  • Funding rounds secrets from the pros.
  • Everything related to business models & corporate structure under one roof.
  • Take in sessions about debt vs equity, creating pitch decks, equity financing sources, and financials.

Furthermore, the information provided here is exceptionally comprehensive. So, whether you come with nothing, you’ll have a good grasp of where the cannabis business is and where it’s going this year (and beyond).

Where it will happen. 

The event is now taking place in Hilton Pasadena, California. The primary goal is to continue expanding the cannabis community on a large scale now and in the future.


No, we are not paid for this promotion! We care about the cannabis community. That’s why we share information. It means the organizers of this event did not pay us. It means you can be on our website as well. If you want to inform us about news or any ideas, write to us!