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Cannabis for meditation

Cannabis for Meditation
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We are only now rediscovering the benefits of a heightened sense of relaxation in the body in connection with the accompanying health benefits in the modern world. That’s why thousands of people worldwide use Cannabis for Meditation

Since prehistory and throughout Hinduism, Taoism, and other meditation-heavy cultures, cannabis use and meditation have been inextricably intertwined. So, what precisely makes this such a significant and historic link? Let’s start with the fundamentals.

Where it all began? 

The actual history of meditation is still being determined, but historians believe it began thousands of years ago in India, specifically in 500 B.C. Around 400 BC, a Hindu scholar began writing various manuscripts of the Yoga Sutras. During this time, they considered meditation the eighth of the nine steps of yoga.

According to historians, Western meditation originated with Buddhism in the 18th century. The publication of Siddhartha, a book describing Buddha’s spiritual path of self-discovery, in 1922 was a watershed moment in the history of meditation.

Meditation’s tremendous impact on health and overall well-being has lasted to this day. It’s no surprise that meditation is one of the oldest and most widely used strategies for improving mental and emotional stability.

The link between meditation and weed

Meditation, on its own, reduces stress and anxiety while enhancing general health. Similarly, marijuana can help you alleviate tension and anxiety. Is there a link between marijuana and meditation?

Yes, we think so. Meditation and cannabis have a connection that can exist without the other but offers superior outcomes when combined. Certain religious sects, such as Buddhists and Shaivites, have incorporated weed into their meditation rites in awareness of how well it can aid meditation. They feel that there is a connection between the two that can lead to heightened awareness. Meditation weed can help you relax and think more clearly.

10 steps to meditating with cannabis

  1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Sit cross-legged on the floor on a cushion. Keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor if you sit. Alternatively, you can rest flat on your back with a pillow under your head. Just don’t doze off!
  3. Keep your cannabis nearby, along with a timer.
  4. Set a timer for ten minutes.
  5. Take a big breath. Take a few deep breaths and hold them for a few seconds. Then take a long breath out. Repeat this several times until you feel at ease.
  6. Pay attention to your feet. Let go of any stress in that area. Bring your attention back to your lower legs and relax them as well. Continue rising and relaxing each part of your body until you reach the top of your head.
  7. Pay attention to your breathing, concentrating on each inhale and exhale. Don’t try to keep your breath under control. Just keep an eye on it. If you lose focus or become sidetracked by ideas, gently return your attention to your breath.
  8. When the timer goes off, grab your cannabis and take your first dose. Set your timer for 10 minutes more.
  9. Take note of how you feel and how your breathing changes. Again, don’t try to exert control over anything. Just pay attention to the high and your body’s reaction to it.
  10. When the timer goes off, you can either end the session or take another dose and continue. After you feel calm and high, take your time getting to your feet!

Weed and meditation are not for everyone

Some people use marijuana before meditating and have no change in their meditation experience, but others use marijuana before meditating and get into a calm and relaxed state. That’s why meditation weed is the best way to meditate.

The best approach to determine which type you belong to is to try both methods; consume weed before meditating, and meditate without weed on another occasion. This will help you understand the differences in your experiences and determine what works best for you.

5 celebrities who use cannabis for meditation

  • Musical artist Willow Smith has been practicing yoga and meditation to quit smoking. She admits a few doses of cannabis do no harm to health and yoga.
  • Kim Kardashian, one of the famous business moguls, strongly believes in the healing properties of cannabis oil. She recently had a baby shower function named CBD & meditation to celebrate the event!
  • Alessandra Ambrosia, renowned Victoria’s Secret runway model, uses CBD oil-infused cosmetics. She says this oil helps in controlling anxiety and helps in overcoming insomnia.
  • Mandy Moore, the singer, songwriter, and comedy-drama artist, also uses CBD products such as cream and oil, for foot aches.
  • Mike Tyson, in recent times, informed that he is developing a new 40-acre cannabis cultivation named cannabis resort. 

Best marijuana strain options for meditation

Each marijuana strain has its own distinct set of effects. While some strains are excellent for relaxing, others can help with focus and concentration. Many people believe that indica strains are more soothing, while Sativa strains are more energetic – yet there are many nuances to consider that mostly rely on the individual.

Some of the more popular marijuana strains for meditation are:

  • Witch Doctor: An Indica-dominant hybrid noted for its sedative properties.
  • Slurricane: An Indica-dominant hybrid recognized for its sedative properties.
  • Birds of Paradise: A Sativa-dominant strain noted for its ability to improve focus.
  • Jack Herer: A Sativa-dominant hybrid noted for its ability to improve focus.
  • Trainwreck: A Sativa-dominant hybrid recognized for its energetic and uplifting effects.
  • Super Lemon Haze: A Sativa-dominant hybrid recognized for its energetic and uplifting qualities.
  • Strawberry Cough: A Sativa-dominant strain recognized for its energetic and uplifting qualities.

If you’re new to meditation, start with five or ten-minute sessions and work your way up. Even 30 seconds of zoning out can be considered. Allow yourself to sit with whatever arises and let it pass. Observing, breathing, sitting, and redirecting is a cycle or loop. 

So, both medical marijuana and meditation may be useful for anxiety. However, for people who suffer from related conditions, meditation may be a better option because its effects are better understood. It not only does not worsen the symptoms but may even help them.

Consult a marijuana dispensary near you for a deeply calming cannabis strain that will give you the strength to manage your mind while also providing you with full-body clarity.

That pretty much sums up the relationship between marijuana and meditation. Choosing the correct strain of marijuana before meditating is crucial. You can experiment with different strains to determine what works best for you.

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