Cannabis Honey Recipe

Cannabis Honey Recipe
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The possibilities of cannabis infusion are not limited to an extent. It can be infused with brownies, butter, etc., but in between these, there is a cannabis-infused product known as cannabis honey. The cannabis honey recipe is the most classy and loveable among cannabis users because of its sweet texture.

What is cannabis, honey?

Cannabis honey is a mouth-watering dish that is made with a combination of two fantastic natural ingredients: Cannabis and Honey. It can be used in any edible item and provide sweetness along with the touch of powerful effects. Weed honey has some magical effects which will give a perfect touch to any dish, drink, or dessert.

It is defined as the best alternative to ingesting hemp without smoking it into your body. Cannabis-infused honey is easy to make and is prepared within one hour. Even if you don’t need to purchase high-cost equipment to make canna honey, all you need is the equipment readily available in your home.

Are cannabis flowers soluble in honey?

Cannabinoid-containing ingredients don’t get mixed with water-based products; hence the cannabis flowers are actually not soluble in the honey. In order to infuse cannabis with honey, we first need to decarboxylate the cannabis flowers in order to convert THCA into THC.

After that, take these decarboxylated canna flowers into cheesecloth and try to dip them into the honey. But this method seems to be old and inefficient because not all the THC gets infused into the honey, which reduces the potency of THC honey.

So in order to make fully potent cannabis honey, we need an excellent weed honey recipe, which is easy to make and will provide you with the high kicks you are craving.

Equipment required for cannabis honey recipe:

  •   Baking pan: to Decarb the canna flowers
  •   Cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer: To strain Decarb Cannabis
  •   Parchment paper: to prevent canna flower from sticking to the surface of the pan
  •   Two glass jars: to store honey and weeds
  •   Mixing bowl
  •   Crockpot
  •   Oven
  •   Grinder

Ingredients required

  •   2-3 grams of cannabis flowers
  •   3 cups of water
  •   1 cup honey

List of strains of cannabis flower to be used in weed honey recipe:

  •   Gelato strain
  •   Mimosa strain
  •   Wedding cake Strain (most preferable)
  •   Runtz strain
  •   Ice cream cake strain
  •   Sherbert OG Strain
  •   Cereal milk strain

How to make canna honey?

To make THC honey, you will need just four simple steps, and the approximate time for its preparation is around one hour. If you already collect the required equipment and ingredients, the time is reduced to 45 minutes for the preparation of weed honey.

So these four steps, which are listed below, will provide you with all the necessary information for the canna honey recipe; read them properly without skipping any step. So let’s get started:

Step 1: Decarboxylation of Cannabis flowers

Whichever strain you pick for making canna honey, firstly, you need to perform decarboxylation of cannabis flowers. This process will activate THC cannabinoids and reduces the level of intoxicating THCA. This process will provide the property to cannabis flowers which are loved by every cannabis user that is high kick effect. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, only Decarb cannabis flowers are soluble in honey.

The decarboxylation process is straightforward; you just need to perform some simple steps:

  •   Grind your cannabis flowers with the help of a grinder, and make sure to grind them well until they attain the shape of fine particles
  •   Now take a saucepan, apply parchment paper over it (to protect the ground cannabis from sticking to the pan), and put cannabis flowers(ground) over it.
  •   Bake them in the oven at 220-245 degrees Fahrenheit ( 105-120 degrees Celcius) for 30 minutes
  •   Make sure to check the cannabis after every 5 minutes to make sure that cannabis flowers are not scorched.
  •   Now your decarboxylation process is done. It will reduce the level of THCA to 0 percent and increases the level of THC to 16 percent.

Step 2: Adding Decarb cannabis with honey

When the process of decarboxylation gets completed, take a saucepan, add 1 cup of honey into it, and after honey, add Decarb cannabis into it. Now mix them well before putting the saucepan over the flame.

Use medium flame only (as on high flame, honey starts to stick to the pan); even if honey starts to stick to the pan on medium flame, add a cup of water to it to prevent sticking.


  •   Always remember to stir the solution after every 5 minutes.
  •   Make sure the mixture doesn’t get boiled; if it boils, the whole texture gets destroyed.
  •   As this is a quick double boiler method of preparing canna honey, so never put the saucepan over heat for more than 40 minutes.

Additional flavors:

After adding honey and Decarb cannabis, now is the time to add your preferred extract flavor; you can skip this also if you don’t want to add any additional flavor to it. Some of the preferable flavors are Cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, and cardamom seeds.

Remember: Add these extracts 30 minutes before the saucepan is put out from the heat to get the proper infused flavor along with a touch of cannabis.

Step 3: Strain with Cheesecloth

Now, after 40 minutes, when the whole water gets evaporates. Put the mixture into the cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. And allow straining the mixture into another container. When the entire mixture is strained into the container, allow it to cool down at room temperature.

Step 4: Store it in a mason jar

Now collect this mixture into the mason jar, which is airtight in nature. Now your canna honey is ready to be in use. Keep it in a dark and cool place; a refrigerator is preferable as it increases the shelf life of weed honey up to 4 months.

The shelf life reduces to 1-2 weeks if weed honey gets placed under the sun’s rays or in high-temperature rooms.

Cannabis Honey Recipe

How many doses of weed honey is preferable?

There is no such amount to be given for canna honey lovers because the potency of weed honey depends upon the quality and quantity of cannabis strain used.

Moreover, it depends upon the ability of a person to tolerate it.

So if you are a beginner, try canna honey with a half teaspoon and wait for over an hour; if you don’t feel any effects, then you should go for one full teaspoon. But remember to make a gap of one and a half hours between two successive doses.

When to use canna, honey?

Canna honey is a flexible and versatile cannabis product that can be used with every edible item that needs sugar. You can use it with bakery products such as cookies, pancakes, or pieces of bread.

Canna honey gives you effective flavor with lemonade drink; just put one teaspoon of weed, honey, into one glass of lemonade drink and get ready to feel the world of amusement.

Canna honey can also be added to salads and fruits, which will provide you the same sweetness as honey with an additional flavor of cannabis.

Will cannabis-infused honey smell while preparing?

It all depends upon the process of decarboxylation and the strain you use for making canna, and honey. There will never be any strong smell while making, but little fragrance is always there while preparing your product.

For how much time will the effects of Canna honey last?

Again it depends on how potent your strain of cannabis is. But the effects start within 30 minutes of consuming it and get at a peak after 1-2 hours of ingesting, and these effects can be felt for up to the time of 12 hours.