51 Delicious and Healthy Cannabis Recipes you need to try

Cannabis Recipes


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If you are looking for an easy way to consume cannabis in the comfort of your home and without messing up with your diet, then these amazing Cannabis recipes are the right fit for you. With a vast variety of dishes — from cookies to milkshakes — this list of Cannabis recipes is sure to have your belly growling by nightfall!

Also, because cannabis has no calories, feel free to indulge in these edibles without guilt.

The following Cannabis Recipes are not only wholesome to your body but also taste very delicious:

1. Blondies

This cannabis-infused dessert is great for everyone. It is gluten-free, sweetened with dates, and has the perfect amount of chocolate to entertain your taste buds remarkably.

2. Cannabis-Cheddar Scones

The perfect treat you can offer to your friends and your family or include even in a dinner party. This cannabis recipe is tasty- it does not need butter or jam.

3. Pumpkin Spice Carrot Cake Truffle

With just three ingredients, you can whip up these cannabis-infused treats! Refined sugar-free and ready to eat in no time, it is the perfect snack to delight all your guests!

4. Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

These green, chocolaty cookies will make you the most popular girl or boy at your next party.

5. Cannabis-Coconut Macaroons

This cannabis recipe is perfect for a rainy day. This could be your new favorite treat if you are craving something sweet without all the added sugar!

6. Cannabis-Lime Truffles

It is time for some citrus action with these delightful bites of pot goodness! With a twist on the classic truffle, these limes will remove any anxiety or stress you are going through.

7. Lemon Loaf with Cannabis-Sour Cream Frosting

This cannabis recipe is also very good to have. The frosting alone is substantial enough to make your mouth water, but the lemon loaf will have you coming back for seconds. Guaranteed!

8. Pina Colada Cannabis Milkshake

Combine your favorite pina colada mix with a splash of rum, and then add cannabis. This delicious milkshake is perfect for a relaxing day at home or a long night out with friends.

9. Dessert Tacos

Creating something new and exciting is always fun! These tacos are filled with brownie bites and drizzled with a cannabis-infused chocolate sauce.

10. Fruity Pebbles Cannabis Balls

Who does not love Fruity Pebbles? This sweet breakfast treat is now infused with the spicy green goodness of marijuana! Serve these delicious cannabis balls in bowls and watch everyone enjoy it to the fullest!

11. Rye-Cinnamon Cannabis Baked Goods

These delicious treats are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. They are baked with cannabis-infused butter, but regular butter will also work fine if you do not have any on hand.

12. Cannabis-Raspberry Oat Bars

These super easy treats are perfect for when you are on the go. With oats, cocoa powder, and Raspberries, this delicious snack tastes amazing.

13. Caramel Apple Chews

This cannabis recipe is delicious, with an intense yet subtle apple taste. The sweetness from the caramel makes it the best treatment for a fall day or to pair with a warm cup of tea and good company!

14. No-Bake Cannabis Caramel Apples

You will need apples, dates, peanut butter, and cannabis-infused medicated caramel sauce to make these delicious treats. It is the perfect treat for any occasion, from a family get-together to a get-together of friends.

15. Cannabis Caramel Sauce

This cannabis recipe is easy to whip up and is perfect for drizzling over ice cream or topping off your favorite baked goods. You will not be able to stop eating this stuff!

16. Cheesecake Bars

These cannabis-infused cheesecake bars are amazing. They are perfect for a party or to send as a special recipe to loved ones.

17. Rasberry Cannabis Cheesecake

Who knew making cheesecake could be so much fun? This recipe is super easy and completely delicious! Perfect for any occasion, this cannabis-infused dessert will have your crowd begging for more!

18. Cannabis Brownies

This cannabis dessert is infused with the earthy aroma of marijuana and finished off with some sweet and tangy lime juice. Cannabis brownies are healthy snacks that you will love to eat repeatedly!

19. Dessert Stuffed Strawberries

This tasty treat is like no other. It is smooth, easy, and quick to make. This recipe would also work well as a dessert alongside coffee or tea.

20. Marijuana-Filled Butter Cookies

You will never find another cookie comparable to this one! You cannot possibly eat just one, but they are perfectly suitable for a dessert bar. The cakey texture with the buttery taste is a delicious combination.

21. Canna-Berry Cheesecake

This decadent cheesecake recipe combines the best of both worlds — a cannabis-infused graham cracker crust and a smooth cheesecake filled with berries. You will love every bite, undoubtedly!

22. Cannabis-Infused Vanilla Pastry Cream

This recipe is simple and easy. It might be your new favorite dessert! The pastry cream was poured on top of the cannabutter to create an amazing dessert sure to impress. It is an excellent way to use leftover cannabutter and requires no baking or complicated techniques.

23. Honeycomb Cannabis Brownies

A delicious treat that is sure to please any crowd with an earthy and sweet flavor. The brownies are light and easy to make with various frostings.

24. THC-infused Vanilla Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so rich they will make you feel like you are eating dessert for breakfast! They are baked using cannabis-infused butter, but regular butter will also work fine if you don’t have any on hand.

25. Marijuana-Infused Fudge

This fudge recipe is low in calories yet melts in your mouth with pure decadence. With a sweet chocolate taste to finish your day, this cannabis-infused recipe will surely be a hit!

26. Cannabis-Infused Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

This cannabis recipe uses a real green pot in place of fake grass. Perfect for enjoying while relaxing with friends and family, these cookies are sure to be delicious no matter what time of year you make them. Regular butter will work fine if you don’t have any cannabutter on hand!

27. Nuts about Cannabis Brownies

These marijuana brownies are a little different from your regular brownies. First off, they don’t use any butter! Instead, they are made with cannabutter, and any nut or seed butter would work just fine.

28. Cheesecake with a THC Brownie Crust

The cannabis used for the cheesecake recipe is typically high in THC and low in CBD, the cannabidiol strain that has proven to calm our nerves and help promote peace of mind. It is the perfect recipe for anyone looking to achieve a state of tranquility and relaxation.

29. Vanilla-Cannabis Butterscotch Bars

This is the best cannabutter you will ever taste! That is because it has been infused with a vanilla extract specially mixed for cooking for those suffering from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. It does not have flavorings or artificial colors and can be purchased in most health food stores. The butterscotch bar recipe is easy enough to make; you will need cannabutter, unsalted butter, and a source of vanilla extract.

30. Caramel-Filled Chocolate Chip Cannabutter Cookie

This is a recipe perfect for when you have a craving for something sweet. They are dense and chewy yet incredibly sweet. This recipe makes two or three batches, depending on how many cookies you want. If you do not have any cannabutter on hand, regular butter will work just fine!

31. Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Cupcakes

These cupcakes are absolutely delicious and so easy to whip up! The double chocolate taste is amazing with all the cocoa in it! They are great for a party or to make for special occasions!

32. Cheesy Cannabis Caramel Popcorn

This marijuana popcorn recipe is perfect for movie night or when your friends come over. It is savory and has a hint of caramel to give it that extra kick! It is like the best thing ever. Throw on your favorite movie or TV show and snack away!

33. Honey Dabs

Check out these honey dabs made with Washington State Hash Honey — available at select retailers in Washington State. It is one of our gold-medal winners at the 2014 High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup in the Edibles and Indica category and the Best New Product!

34. Cannabis Coconut Oil Chocolate Mousse

This cannabis recipe lets you take your chocolate mousse to the next level! It uses coconut oil instead of butter, giving it a smooth and creamy texture. The marijuana coconut oil also gives it an extra kick!

35. Canna-Coconut Macaroons

Don’t let the green color fool you: These macaroons taste great and amazing! They are filled with a sweet, tangy lime coconut filling that will please any crowd. This cannabis recipe takes coconut macaroons to the next level.

36. Cannabis-Infused Lemonade

This cannabis lemonade is great for a summer day. It has a sweet flavor that will be refreshing when things heat up. Make sure not to add too much THC, or it could get you very high!

37. Cannabis-Infused Fruit Strips

These fruit strips will make your mouth water! They have a very good sweet and fruity taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth every time. Just make sure you eat only a few at a time! These are perfect for parties, movie nights, or just hanging out with friends or family.

38. Green Cannabis Brownies

These marijuana brownies are made with cannabutter and organic sugar – no artificial colors or flavors! They are vegan and gluten-free and will be a hit at any party you throw.

39. Cannabis-Infused Bean Dip

This pot-laced bean dip is guaranteed to be a hit! The recipe includes instructions on how to make your cannabutter so that you can enjoy this dish.

40. Cannabutter Caramel Filled Cookie Cups

These are one of the best cannabutter recipes ever made. The crust is tricky, but these will be amazing once you get it right!

41. Blackberry Cannabis Crisp

You do not need to stick to Blackberry when making your cannabis recipes! You can mix it with mint and strawberries for an antioxidant-rich crisp that tastes incredible! It will last several days in the fridge and make a great afternoon snack or dessert.

42. Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Cream Pie

This cannabis recipe is perfect when you are in a pinch and have to whip up something quickly. It has a great chocolate taste, with a little kick from the marijuana. They are sure to make your mouth water!

43. Vanilla-Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups

This weed recipe is the best peanut butter cup you will ever have if you have not tried it out before! The Dutch process cocoa powder gives them an incredible dark chocolate flavor that will melt in your mouth! Just eat only a few at a time; they are very potent!

44. Cannabis-Infused Granola Bars

These granola bars are one of my best weed recipes. They are easy to make and have a great texture. These granola bars are great for kids or adults, so you can make them for parties or a snack.

45. Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is an amazing cannabis recipe that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! The chocolate chip cookies are soft and chewy, and you can taste the chocolate chips in every bite! They have such a great flavor; you will surely love them!

46. Canna-Jam

This non-alcoholic cannabis jam is perfect for spreading on toast, bagels, pancakes or waffles. You can use a nice ripe peach or nectarine to make this home, which will be your favorite jam recipe.

47. Cannabis-Infused Tropical Fruit Salad

This topical cannabis recipe is a goldmine for all my parties! It has an amazing flavor that will please anyone who tries it. It works well with papayas, pineapple, mango, and kiwi fruit; there are so many different combinations you could try!

48. Cannabis-Infused Salsa

Salsa is a great addition to any Mexican food recipe, and this cannabis salsa recipe is a fantastic addition to the list! It has a nice kick that will satisfy those looking for something stronger.

49. Chocolate Cannabis Truffles

These truffles are reminiscent of the chocolate truffles you would get from a hotel on a romantic weekend away – just in chocolate form! They have a strong chocolate odor, which will please the pickiest eaters. This cannabis recipe goes great with some nice scotch!

50. Cannabis-Infused Caramel Apple Peanut Butter Bars

These cannabis caramel apple peanut butter bars are a delicious treat to enjoy during a picnic with friends or at a BBQ! This recipe is similar to the cannabis caramel apple recipe we mentioned above, and you can use it in its place.

51. Cannabis-Infused Coconut Macaroons

These macaroons are filled with a sweet, tangy coconut filling that will please any crowd. They have a buttery, flaky crust and a delicious caramel filling.

Have a lot of fun trying out some of the amazing cannabis above recipes, which you can enjoy with your buddies and family members readily!

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