Cannabis Tinctures – Everything You Must Know!

Cannabis Tincture
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Tinctures are concentrated liquids infused with cannabis. These are extracted from the cannabis plants using an alcohol-like solvent to get cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The final product that you get after extraction is an alcohol-like substance that has cannabis extracts mixed into it.

These are highly popular for recreational activities and are also legal in various regions across the globe. You can buy cannabis tinctures from an online or local dispensary near you that is licensed to sell cannabis products.

How are cannabis tinctures made?

There are different methods for making cannabis tinctures. The method a manufacturer chooses depends solely on the resources available. 

As per the traditional ways, the tinctures were made by soaking the cannabis element in alcohol so that the plant matter got dissolved into it. It helps extract the valuable agents from the cannabis plant and uses them for making tinctures.

However, the modern methods of making cannabis tinctures are highly advanced and require the use of machinery. Basically, the cannabis elements from the plants are first extracted with machines and tools, and then it is added to a carrier oil.

Depending on the required amount of potency, there can be various options of solvents in which the extracts are mixed. There may also be participation in supercritical CO2 processes, and some methods may also need distillation for the purpose of purification. 

For instance, in case the CO2 processes are used, the end product will be more clear and free of residue solvents. Moreover, in this process, the concentration of terpenes and other delicate cannabis elements is higher in the end product.

Types of cannabis tinctures

The cannabis market is expanding, and every day, there are new products added to it. In the product line of cannabis tincture also, there are various types available. The three most important types of cannabis tinctures that you can find in the market are given as follows:

  • CBD isolate tinctures – in this type of cannabis tincture, there are only two elements used, and they are CBD cannabinoid and carrier oil.
  • Full spectrum CBD tinctures – it is the type of cannabis tincture that contains not only CBD and terpenes but also some fractional amounts of THC.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures – it has CBD and terpenes in the hemp but do not carry any concentration of THC.

Difference between CBD and THC tinctures

Before you visit a dispensary to buy a cannabis tincture, it is important to have information about the product that you are going to get. There are two different types of elements in tinctures, and with complete information about them, you can make a better choice. The difference between CBD and THC tinctures is explained below.

These are two different classes of the cannabis family. Both are used distinctly to create tinctures and other products, but these both can be used to make one tincture as well. THC and CBD elements can be found in all cannabis plants but in different concentrations. Hemp will always have a higher concentration of CBD, and marijuana has a higher concentration of THC.

The choice you make while buying a tincture depends on what your purpose is. In case you are looking for recreational activities to be more fun, it is better to get a tincture with higher concentrations of THC in it, whereas CBD tinctures are more for self-medication.

Why use tinctures?

The cannabis market is pretty extensive, and there are many product lines in it. You can get vapes, concentrates, flowers, and much more. Tinctures are preferred by people. There are various reasons to use tinctures over other products from cannabis. The most important ones are given below:

  1. Convenience – Everyone looks for convenience, and you get the most out of it with tinctures. When you smoke flowers, you need a grinder, a pipe lighter, and paper. On the other hand, tinctures are highly convenient to use, and all you need is just the product itself.
  2.  Discrete – There is a level of discreteness that you get with the cannabis tinctures that is missing with the other products. Tinctures do not have any recognizable odor when you use them, and you can use them without anyone knowing about them.
  3. Precise dosing – With most of the cannabis products on the market, it is not possible to get the right dosage that you need. On the other hand, tinctures are quite concentrated, and you can know how much exactly you’re consuming with every drop.
  4. Quick effects – Tinctures are taken along with other edible items and, therefore, pass through the digestive system. Then, it is set into your bloodstream, which makes it easier for the product to show results quickly.

How to consume for the best experience?

If you are new to using cannabis products like tinctures, there will be plenty of questions in your mind. The first question in a person’s mind is about the right way to take it to get the best results and experience. Also, it is important to know the right amount of cannabis tincture so that you can get effective results.

The answers to this question can vary from one person to another, as everyone has a different body. There can be various things upon which the effects may depend, and some of them are as follows:

  1. Your experience with different dosages of cannabis tinctures
  2. What is the purpose for you to take cannabis tinctures
  3. What type of cannabis tincture are you taking – CBD or THC?

In order to understand the right dosage of tinctures for you, start by taking a small dose and increase gradually until you know the best level for your body. Mostly, it is recommended to keep the tincture under the tongue and wait for 20 minutes to experience its results. If it shows desired results, then you’re okay, and if it doesn’t show results, you can increase the dose and wait for results.

On the other hand, swallowing the tincture is also just fine, but the waiting period for results to show will increase in this case. When you use this method, make sure to wait for at least an hour to experience the results of the product.

Tinctures are perfect to be added to any of the homemade edibles that you like the most. You can make chocolates and pies at home and add cannabis tinctures in the preferred dosage to get desired results. It will be easier to take in the tincture this way, and it is way tastier than other methods.

Tinctures are entirely a new way to take your recreational fun activities to the next level with cannabis. These products are highly preferable among the masses because of faster results and easy intake methods. Moreover, these are purer in comparison to other items like cannabis flowers that are used for smoking. Just make sure that you buy products from reputed brands and also get them from a licensed dispensary in your area or on the Internet.

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