Brief Guide for CBD for Cats

CBD for Cats
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CBD gained immense popularity among the people of the United States of America for its wide-ranging benefits. People started using it as a part of their daily routine to get some relief after a stressful day. While CBD stayed limited to human consumption, now it percolated into pets as well. Recent research shows that CBD is a beneficial component for cats. For all those people owning cats, CBD would be a great addition to make their diet healthy from all quarters. Before we proceed to the intricacies of CBD for cats, let us understand what CBD oil is.

What is CBD Oil?

Among the 100+ compounds under Cannabis, CBD or Cannabinoid is the most popular to serve medicinal purposes. People often confused CBD and THC to be one but Tetrahydrocannabinol is different from CBD as a major active compound. CBD oils get derived from authentic hemp plants growing across hemp farms in the United States. It contains a higher concentration of CBD that aids the cat in getting the right results.

Experts claim that CBD oils are beneficial in bettering the overall life of your fluffy cat and propelling its comfort levels to better heights.

Is CBD legal in the United States of America?

CBD faced legal hurdles for quite a long time as the government and certain people groups were apprehensive about its use. For a long time, it remained illegal until people got convinced enough about its positives. The validation from diverse third-party labs assured the federal government about its effectiveness. Such affirmations led to the passage of a farm law in 2018 that legalized its sale and consumption among humans.

Now after widespread popularity among humans, it is in use for their pet cats. People owning cats in the United States prefer getting CBD treats and oils for their cats now. The numbers have been rising by leaps and bounds along with that of the dog category. 

Are CBD oils safe for use among Cats?

A renowned vet and MD-Owner of the Montclair Veterinary Hospital named Dr. Gary Ritcher claim that cannabis and hemp are perfectly safe for cats. Though various doctors and vets emphasize its safety, you must not go with the general information. Consider visiting the vet who treats your cat on every occasion and discuss the usage of CBD with them. They will know the medical condition of your cat way better and their assumptions and advice would help you determine whether CBD is fine for your cat.

Conversely, there are a few veterinary doctors like Dr. Liza Guess of Ohio State University who still could not clear the air around CBD for cats. She considers the lack of medical research and established data as major hurdles hindering her from certified CBD for cats. Such differing opinions often confuse cat owners about getting CBD for their beloved ones. The best option here is to visit their respective vets and get things clarified, as mentioned earlier.

CBD Doses for your Cat

Simply bringing CBD treats or CBD oil for your cats won’t suffice. One of the integral aspects here is to keep track of the concerned doses and way of application. The doses of CBD for cats will vary from one to another, depending on their anatomy and health condition.

Make sure that you do not make haste while introducing your cat to CBD. Taking it slow would be the best option as it is something new for their mind and body. Though the final decision concerning doses lies with your cat’s vet, the following are general dosage information that you can adopt;

  • Do not administer more than 0.5 mg twice a day for treating asthma and arthritis ailments in your cat.
  • Initiate with 0.1mg twice a day and gradually increase it to 0.5mg twice daily when you find your cat getting suitable for its usage or consumption.
  • 0.2mg twice a day is enough to regulate their bowel movements.
  • 5mg twice a day is necessary to ensure the reduction of all the respiratory issues they suffer from.

Final Thoughts

Won’t you like it when they run around the house in joy? Using CBD would be a good option considering that your cat will enjoy an overall betterment in health. After all, CBD oils are excellent in improving your fur baby’s overall life and boosting their comfortability.

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