What is CBD Perfume? How is it made? What are the brands who sell it? 

What is CBD Perfume? How is it made? What are the brands who sell it?
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The healing benefits of CBD inspired wellness practitioners to make it into fragrance and make clients feel better. Why? Perfumes, in general, make us feel confident, pretty, and powerful in ourselves. CBD Perfumes are an excellent way to blend health and wellness. CBD oils, when used in perfumes, help you with the relaxation, focus, and energy you need to meet any challenge. It was only a matter of time before the wonder weed permeated the perfume world as the next big thing.

How CBD Perfume smells?

Amazingly scented CBD perfume masks unpleasant odours and normal body odours. This perfume has a long-lasting, herb-rich aroma and is made from sources of real hemp. These perfumes are frequently used by people for their floral magnificence and also because they don’t have the scent of raw hemp oil. The aroma that will undoubtedly fascinate passersby is enhanced using premium terpenes and organic ingredients. Because of the delectable and flavour-worthy green and earthy overtones, the majority of customers have described its smell as absolutely captivating. 

These light-scented perfumes are free of cannabis smell and contain an accurate amount of ingredients that nurture their quality for a long time. 

How is CBD Perfume made? 

There are two types of CBD perfume: the one that is made using real hemp, and the one that contains no hemp, but is engineered to capture that elusive weed smell. The latter is famous in places where weed is still entirely illegal-though now that the U.S has legalized the use of hemp across the country, those places are becoming few and far between. 

In order to understand how to make CBD perfume, we need to understand how to make perfume in general. Perfume comprises four chief ingredients: essential oils, base oil, ethanol, and spring water. The essential oils are further divided into three categories: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top note evaporates the fastest, while the base note evaporates the slowest. When wearing perfume, all three notes are active at first, with the top note-taking centre stage. As it evaporates, the middle note becomes dominant, followed by the base note. Many perfumers also use bridge notes, which help ease the transition between different notes. 

To make perfume, you must first pick out which scents you want for your top, middle, and base notes, as well as any bridge notes. If you are trying to replicate the compound’s scent without actually using the compound, you will carefully need to blend the correct notes to achieve the coveted smell. It may occupy a different note depending on the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the cannabis oil you are using, as well as how it compares to the other oils. 

Once you have picked your essential oils, add them to the base oil-either sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. You usually want to use about seven drops of each of the top, middle, and base notes, in about fourteen grams of oil. Then, you add about seventy grams of ethanol and seal the mix in a container with a tight lid. You should make it sit for about Forty-eight hours and six weeks. The longer you let it stay with the lid closed, the stronger the smell will be. Once it is made, add a few tablespoons of spring water, shake well and let it run through a coffee filter. To restore the scent, add a tablespoon of glycerin. Then, preserve your perfume in an amber-coloured glass bottle.

What are the brands that sell CBD Perfume? 

  1. Candle-Lite Company – It announced the start of Essential elements CBD candles and wax melts. The perfume holds citrus, floral, woody and green scents. 
  2. Aspen Apothecary – It has started its CBD-infused scent line. The balms include citrus, woody, floral, and many more scents. 
  3. Fog and Tree – The label has launched a unisex perfume infused with essential oils with lines of musk, cedar and sandalwood, coastal fog, vegetation and hemp, etc.
  4. Heretic Perfumes – The label started the Herbalist, a THC-imbued fragrance with notes of lavender and hinoki. 
  5. Bel Rebel- It has started its newest scent, Stunned imbued with CBD and featuring top notes with labdanum, geranium, and rose, heart notes with sweet leaf, nutmeg, clove, olibanum, myrrh, vanilla, and carnation, and base notes with cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli, and musk.  
  6. Wellfounded Botanicals – It is an environment-friendly and female-backed wellness brand that started a luxury CBD Eau de Perfume in collaboration with Scent Beauty Inc. The Eau de Perfume has notes of the sea, mandarin, grapefruit, apple, thyme, vetiver, and ambrox. 
  7. Mexican has launched a candle-duo created from hemp oil and CBD-Revitalise and Tranquility. Its scent notes characterize orange, mandarin, lavender, chamomile, natural hemp extract, and green bergamot. 

Bottom Line

CBD perfumes are truly sensational and have surprised many. The high-end collections of CBD perfumes are a real thing to have that will easily beat the foul smells from your body. High-end beauty influencers are embracing fragrances designed to highlight the aroma of chemical compounds like CBD and it is not such a bad trend. They are capitalizing on the CBD craze sweeping across almost every consumer industry. CBD perfumes and balms seem to be very trendy and efficient. The biggest players don’t currently have these CBD-based products, but it may only be a matter of time. As of now, a range of premium products is available in the US and Canada markets. 

If you want to buy the best perfume made out of CBD, visit your nearest dispensary or online store. Check the content details on the packaging before you buy. The market is flooded with low-quality products. So, checking and investigating the product is important.