Are you a passionate​ cannabis enthusiast with​ a flair for writing? HemperCamp invites​ you to be an essential part​ of our rapidly growing community​​ of like-minded individuals​ and share your valuable knowledge​ with​ the world. If you​ have​ an interest​ in contributing​ to our all-in-one cannabis website, we welcome​ your unique​ and​ informative​​ articles. 

Help us expand​ awareness, educate, and ​entertain​​ our readers while​ abiding by our submission​ guidelines. Read​ on to learn​ more about the​​ process and what we’re​ seeking in​ your​ submissions.


Why Choose HemperCamp​ as​ Your Platform?

At HemperCamp, we​ take pride​ in being a leading​ platform dedicated to all​ things cannabis. Our website draws​ a diverse​ audience, ranging​ from seasoned cannabis​ connoisseurs to individuals just starting their​ cannabis​ journey. By writing​ for us, you gain an opportunity to:

  1. Educate the​​​ Community: Share​ your expertise and insights​ to contribute to the vast knowledge base​ of​ cannabis enthusiasts​​ worldwide. Empower others​ with your valuable information.
  2. Promote​ Responsible Cannabis​ Use: Help​​​ us advocate for responsible​​ and informed cannabis consumption, thereby​ promoting the​ well-being​​ of our readers​ and​ the​ cannabis​ community as a whole.
  3. Connect with​ Like-Minded​​​​​​ Individuals: Become​ a part of our​​ vibrant community, engage​ with fellow writers, and​ exchange​ ideas​ on the​ topic​ you​ love. Together, we​ can foster a supportive​ and collaborative​​​ space for cannabis​​ enthusiasts.

How to​ submit Quality Content:

To ensure a smooth​​ submission​​ process and maintain​ the exceptional​ quality of our articles, please adhere to the​ following​ guidelines:

  1. Unique​ and Informative​​​ Content: At HemperCamp, we​ exclusively​ accept​ original content that hasn’t been published​​​ elsewhere. Plagiarized​ or duplicate​ submissions​ will not be considered. We​ encourage​​ you to​ let your​ creativity shine through​ and bring new and engaging​ topics​ to the​ table.
  2. Maintain a​ High Standard​​ of​ Quality: Before​ submitting your​ article, take the​ time to review and edit it​​ thoroughly. Double-check​​​ for grammatical​​​​ errors​ and typos. Ensure​ that your piece reads​ well, with a friendly, helpful​​​ tone​​ in the active​​ voice. Inject​ your​ personality​ into your writing, while maintaining​ professionalism​ throughout.
  3. Respectful​ and​ Responsible​ Writing: We value​​​ open discussions​ and​ diverse​ perspectives on cannabis-related​​ subjects. However, bullying, abusive, or misleading​​ statements will not be tolerated on the platform. Let’s work​ together​​ to promote a respectful and responsible cannabis​​ culture.

How to Submit Your​ Insightful Article:

  1. Contact us for information: If​ you​ are interested​ in writing for us, write us an email at Also, you​​ can fill out the form on this page to be an​ article​ contributor. 
  2. Introduce​ Yourself: In the​ body​ of the​ email, provide​ a brief introduction​ about yourself. Let us know​ about your background​​ in cannabis, your writing​ experience, and what​ inspired you to write​ about the​ particular​ topic.
  3. Topic Selection: Please share the topics you would like to write for us. Once we approve the article topic, you may send us the draft for review.
  4. Article​ Format: Attach your​ article​ as a​ Word document (doc/docx) and​ include any relevant images or media​ separately. Properly​​ format your​ article with headings​ and subheadings​ for clarity. Only one backlink will be allowed to 
  5. Editorial​ Process: After​ receiving​​ your​ submission, our​ dedicated​ editorial​ team will review​ it thoroughly. If​ necessary, they​ may​ suggest​ revisions to enhance​ clarity, coherence, and overall​​ quality.
  6. Publication​ and​ Engagement: Upon​ acceptance​ and completion​ of any required​​ revisions, your​ article​ will be​ scheduled for​ publication on​​ HemperCamp. We​ encourage you to​ be ready​ to engage​ with our readers​ through​ comments​ and questions related​ to your article.

Become an Active Part of​ HemperCamp’s Community:

By submitting​ an article to​​ HemperCamp, you become​ an integral part​ of our mission​ to foster a well-informed​ cannabis community. Together, let’s explore​​ the vast world​ of​ cannabis, spread awareness, and​​ inspire​ responsible​ cannabis​ use. We look​​ forward​​ to reading​ your exciting​ and informative​​ contributions!

Whether​ you’re a seasoned​​​ writer or​ just dipping​ your toes​ into​ the world​ of cannabis content creation, HemperCamp​​ is the​ perfect​ platform​​​ to showcase​ your passion​​ and​ expertise. Our​ website is dedicated to​ all things​​ cannabis, catering to a diverse audience of enthusiasts​ seeking valuable insights and the latest​ developments in the cannabis​ industry.


Submission Guidelines

To maintain the quality and​ integrity of our website, we​ have some submission guidelines in place. We kindly ask all contributors​ to adhere​ to these guidelines:

  1. Originality: Your articles must​ be original and not published elsewhere. Plagiarized​ content will​ not be​ accepted. We encourage​ fresh perspectives and unique takes on cannabis-related topics.
  2. Word​ Count: Aim for articles between 800 to​ 1200 words. This range allows you to delve deep into the subject while keeping readers​ engaged.
  3. Accuracy: Back up your claims with credible​ sources and scientific evidence. Our readers value accuracy and​ authenticity.
  4. Tone and Style: Maintain​ a friendly and informative tone. Avoid aggressive or offensive language. Let your passion​ for cannabis shine through your writing.
  5. Formatting: Use subheadings​ to organize your content to make it easier for the readers to navigate and find relevant​ information.

Join HemperCamp’s Community​ Today

Becoming a HemperCamp contributor​ means more than just writing articles; it means becoming part of a community that appreciates and​ celebrates the wonders of cannabis. Our website is a platform to inspire, educate, and advocate​ responsible cannabis use.

So, if you’re ready to make a positive​ impact on the cannabis community, share your expertise with HemperCamp today! Together, let’s create​ a thriving and informed cannabis culture.