What is Dablicator and How to use it?

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The introduction of a Dablicator has completely revolutionized the cannabis experience as it makes the efficient and effective ways of dabbing, eating, or smoking possible to enjoy the intoxicating and soothing effects of cannabis.

This device ensures complete utilization of your intended or desired cannabis oil without any mess. So, whether it’s a seasoned cannabis user or a complete newbie, here is all you need to know about a dablicator.


The dablicator oil applicator is a state-of-the-art cannabis ingestion device that has completely changed the way cannabis oil is dispensed and consumed. Made by Jetty Extracts, the Dablicator makes it possible to dose cannabis oil in a repeatable and accurate manner.

This adaptable applicator is suitable for a wide range of oils, including solventless, rosin, live resin, RSO, distillate, and full-spectrum CBD. 

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or new to the cannabis industry, the Dablicator oil device provides an easy and effective way to reap the advantages of cannabis.

Features of Dablicator 

  • Precise dosing made simple

The Dablicator was created to make accurate cannabis oil dosage easier than ever. You can be confident that you’re getting an exact dose every time with calibrated lines that dispense 55mg of oil with every click.

  • The function of twist and click

The twist-and-click feature of the Dablicator makes dosing your cannabis oil swift. Just unscrew the cap, twist the applicator’s bottom until you hear a click (indicating a 55mg dosage), and then just squeeze the plunger.

  • Determine your THC dose

You should be extremely wary of the fact that 55mg of oil is not the same as 55mg of THC. To determine the dosage of THC per measured line, multiply the percentage of your oil by 55. 

For example, a 50% THC oil, would dosage of 27.5 mg every click (55mg x 50% = 27.5 mg).

  • Versatile and easy to use

The DablicatorTM works well with all oils, including solventless, rosin, live resin, RSO, distillate, and full-spectrum CBD. It’s also quite simple to use, as it completely removes the clutter and effort associated with traditional dosing techniques.


Dablicator Oil Applicator 101: How to use

Here are some brief instructions for using the Dablicator, along with some useful tips.

  1. Hold the oil in your palms for 30-60 seconds to warm it up for easier usage.
  2. To get an exact measured dosage, give it a bi-directional twist.
  3. Every click will earn you one dosage.
  4. To dispense, push the top of the Dablicator.
  5. Apply the oil straight to a hot dab rig using the heat-resistant metal Direct Dab Tip.
  6. Quickly snap the cap to protect the tip and also prevent leaks.

Watch Here How To Use A Dablicator


Credit: Special thanks to True Buds TV Channel for his video on “Jetty Extracts The Dablicator”

Ways to use the Dablicator

The Dablicator Oil Applicator is a cutting-edge technology that enables users to ingest cannabis oil in a clean, accurate, and efficient manner. 

Here are three alternative ways to enjoy your cannabis oil with the Dablicator:

1. Flowers

Applying the oil straight to your flowers or cannabis buds is one method to utilize the Dablicator. This practice entails heating the oil with a torch or electric nail and then inhaling through a dab rig. 

You can quickly apply the oil to your flowers with the Dablicator without the mess and difficulty associated with traditional dabbing methods.

Follow this process while using flowers:

  • You will need to pack a bong or pipe bowl. 
  • Begins by placing the flower at the bottom of that bowl.
  • If you want to make sure the oil doesn’t burn out before you can experience its effects, put more live resin and then some more flowers on top.

For rolling joints

  • Firstly, you will need to adjust the dosage by twisting the rolled paper as you seal it.
  • The oil can also be applied to the joint’s outside. This method is widely favored by some cannabis smokers, as it allows for a more even burn, especially if applied in a circular motion while the joint is wrapped.
  • However, care must be taken to prevent oil from being dripped down to the filter, and it is important to monitor the fire as it burns.


2. Dabs

Dabbing the oil straight onto a hot nail or banger is another common method to use the Dablicator. This approach is similar to the flower method, however, you put the oil straight into the heated nail or banger instead of the flowers. 

This approach is great for people looking for a rapid and powerful dose of cannabis oil.

Follow this process while using dabs

  • When utilizing the Dablicator with a nectar collector, a silicone dab pad is recommended. 
  • Then, place the red dab on the mat, t,hen heat your nectar collector and rake it over the oil at an angle before inhaling.

Dablicator In Joint

3. Orally

For those who may not be aware, Dablicator can be consumed orally, making it a wonderful option for cannabis users who do not want to smoke or vape their cannabis oil. 

This approach is ideal for people looking for a discreet and simple way to take cannabis oil.

Follow this process while using it orally

  • Just smear a tiny bit of the oil over your finger, a cracker, or a piece of chocolate before eating it.
  • You can also add it to coffee or tea to produce an infused drink.

Those who want a greater dosage of cannabis than what is offered in traditional edibles can consider using a dablicator.

Storing Dablicator

To avoid any leaking, we would recommend storing your Dablicator oil applicator upright. 

Moreover, because the Dablicator oil applicator works best with oils that flow at 70-75 degrees F, recommended to keep it at room temperature. But, depending on the oil and its properties, you may want to keep your concentrates in cold storage. 

Please be cautious that the Dablicator oil applicator must be warmed or allowed to come to room temperature before use.

The Dablicator Oil Applicator is a flexible and simple-to-use gadget for consuming cannabis oil in a variety of ways. It has you covered whether you choose to dab, utilize flowers, or consume them orally. 

The Dablicator is a must-have tool for any cannabis user, given its accurate dosage and simple application.

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