Delta-8 THC: The Game Changer

Delta-8 THC The Game Changer
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Alongside popular cannabinoids like CBD, another substance is rising its popularity steadily in recent years. It is Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol.

Throughout the United States of America and beyond, Delta-8 THC is gaining customers’ attention. It is reflected in the virtually unlimited abundance of merchandise containing Delta-8. From the gas station to the local pharmacies, from boutique weed dispensaries to convenience stores, the irresistible march of these products continues around all fronts. Those who are familiar with the world of cannabinoids might have heard of the substance called Delta-9 THC. 

Unlike CBD, it is the agent responsible for the specific effects of cannabinoids. Possessing analogous molecular structure Delta-8 shares some of its physical and chemical properties with delta-9. One of the fundamental reasons behind Delta-8’s rise to ‘stardom’ might have some link with this fact. Also, it does not have to face legal restrictions like its counterpart. Therefore one might frame it as the ‘game changer’ in the cannabinoid universe. 

What is Delta-8 THC? 

Delta-8 THC can be described safely as an organic compound that occurs naturally in Cannabis plants. Cannabis Sativa is the primary source of this compound. However, it is also found in Cannabis Indica, too.  Just like CBD, CBG, or Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC is also classified as ‘cannabinoids’.

Similarities and dissimilarities with Delta-9 THC 

As mentioned earlier, the compound has a lot in common with Delta-9. They have an almost identical structure in their molecules. Only one double bond separates them. While in Delta-9 THC, the bond is formed with the 9th carbon atom of the ring; its cousin gets the same bond created in the 8th atom of the ring. Although the difference creates variability in the ‘potencies’ of these substances, the result of using these substances is essentially the same.    

The history of Delta-8 THC

The bulk of Delta-8 THC production has an economic link with the overproduction of CBD from hemp in the United States of America. Inflation in the supply relative to the demand caused the price of CBD products to fall. The manufacturers suddenly have to find innovative ways to make use of this extra CBD. A study published in the 1960s showed them the much-needed light. The study explained the process of synthesizing delta-8 THC from CBD. The synthesized substance has similar effects to Delta-9.

The production process  

Delta-8 THC occurs naturally at a very low concentration. The value commonly lies between 0.1 percent to 1 percent. Therefore, the usual processes for extracting cannabinoids from organic material are not adequate to produce delta-8 at an industrial scale. However, producers can generate it from its isomers like CBD. Simple chemical agents cause CBD molecules to transform into Delta-8.  

Why is it legal? 

Delta-8 THC is procured from CBD (Cannabidiol) which itself is a derivative of hemp. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, abbreviated as USDA, authorized production of hemp is permitted alongside all hemp derivatives. Therefore, the production of CBD is legal. Since delta-8 THC is manufactured from CBD, it is also legal in most of America. 

The best Delta-8 products

From e-commerce sites to local dispensaries, delta-8 THC-contained products have now reached every corner of this country. The products include edible products like delta-8 tinctures, candies and gummies, cakes and biscuits, and non-edible substances like vape cartridges, pre-rolls, oils, and lotions. A minority of CBD brands also manufacture delta-8 infused drinks. 

Where to buy Delta-8 THC products?  

You can buy products from anywhere you wish as delta-8 products have taken over the market from corner to corner. However, you cannot always expect to get the best of the deals while purchasing from retailers and convenience stores. No purchaser review is available in this case so you cannot form a wholesome idea of the product before buying it. On the other hand, on the internet, you not only get a section containing reviews and feedback on the seller’s website but you can look into the details of the production process also.  Most of the sellers are compelled to project transparencies in their manufacturing process. Therefore, the internet is a much safer place to buy Delta-8 products. 

Since it is derived from CBD, the production and consumption of this material are legal, unlike Delta-9 as per the federal regulations. Thus, the attempt to make the overproduction of CBD profitable paved the way for Delta-8 THC to enter the market and subsequently conquer it. Also, its milder potency indicates its usefulness to most of its target audience and beyond. 

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