Delta-8 THC: The New Talk Of The Town?

Delta-8 THC The New Talk Of The Town
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A newcomer has taken the market by storm. You may have noticed the pharmacies and shelves of the convenience stores are being filled with products that contain a compound called Delta-8 THC alongside Delta-9 THC and CBD products like lotions, gummies, and oil. The invasion of the market by these novel products is so fierce that one can find them virtually everywhere. A random surf through the internet would reveal the climatic inundation of Delta-8 THC products as their overwhelming presence is quite apparent.  

A well-informed cannabis devotee might have come across the details of delta-8 THC products. But if you are not, at least, marginally acquainted with cannabinoids, you may not even comprehend the weight of its inception. To catch up with the rest of the world, you need to learn about the particulars of Delta-8 THC products. This article will help you do that.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Before going into any details about its commerciality and market presence, one first needs to gain an understanding of the origin and properties of Delta-8 THC. It is a chemical compound that is derived from hemp; Cannabis Sativa as it is called in the scientific community. The compound is closely tied with Delta-9 THC for both its molecular structure and chemical properties. Its character makes it distinct from other chemicals obtained from cannabis plants. 

While Delta-9 is traditionally used more often in producing various cannabinoid products, it seems that Delta-8 THC is going to become a long-term replacement for it. However, these two very similar compounds have a tiny but significant difference in their structure. In Delta-9 THC, a bond is formed with the 9th carbon atom in the molecular structure while in Delta-8 THC the same bond is formed with the 8th carbon. This difference might project them as negligible to an untrained mind. However, it is the sole reason behind the distinct potencies of these substances. 

How is it produced? 

The production process differs quite a bit from the production of other cannabinoids like CBD or its counterpart i.e. delta-9 THC. The difference occurs because Delta-8 THC is naturally found at a very low concentration; often less than one percent. Therefore, the usual carbon dioxide processes used to produce delta-9 or CBD can not be applied in this case. Rather it is derived from CBD. CBD and Delta-8 THC have the same number of atoms in their molecular structure but they are arranged differently. Due to their isomeric relations, delta-8 can be obtained from CBD much more easily. 

Best Delta-8 products

Once the raw material is manufactured, it is then utilized in the production of various edible and non-edible goods. Many brands have established several small and large production units dedicated to cooking up such stocks. Despite many brands trying to capitalize on this newly assembled market with their merchandise, Delta-8 products can be categorized in the following distinct classes. They are:  

Edible products: Edible products include honey, candies, gummies, and cakes infused with delta-8 THC. Using these will get you the desired effect within 30-90 minutes.

Non-edible products: Non-edible products related to Delta-8 THC are mostly vaping cartridges, lotions, and prerolls. These types of products take a relatively short time to attain the expected effect; generally within thirty minutes. 

Drinks: Few brands produce drinks containing delta-8 THC. The effect is similar to edible products.  

Where to buy Delta-8 THC products?

After learning about the bits and pieces of delta-8 THC, you might wonder where you can get some quality products. As mentioned earlier, they are available in most of the stores and pharmacies in the USA where most of the states do not foist any restrictions. However, you can get high-class products only from e-commerce sites. There are two fundamental reasons behind it. 

First, you become familiar with a bulk of customer reviews that is publicly available on the seller’s site. Therefore, you are aware of any appreciable or unpleasant detail about the product before buying it.

Second, you can peep into the manufacturing process for each brand and the science behind it as most brands today provide a transparent account of their production process.

To conclude the article, it is necessary to mention that without loads of scientific research on cannabinoids over previous decades, the compound wouldn’t have become such a big deal as the laboratory findings made the manufacturing process much more efficient and productive. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that you cannot consume Delta-8 THC products without consulting your physician if you are under medication. Please avoid self-medication in those cases and follow the guidelines. 

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