Delta King Cannabis: A California Brand Rooted in Quality and Innovation

Delta King
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Cruising down the emerald hills of Humboldt County’s famed Emerald Triangle, a stately house surrounded by lush cannabis plants comes into view. This is the home of Delta King Cannabis, a leading California cannabis company crafting premium flowers and extracts. 

From humble origins to industry leader

Delta King Cannabis was founded in 2015 by a couple who saw potential in Humboldt County’s cannabis fame. As 12th-generation Humboldters, they felt passionately about cultivating the region’s legacy as a premium cannabis producer. The company started small – a humble greenhouse addition to their house allowed them to nurture high-quality plants from seed to harvest. Know more about the brand at

As California moved towards cannabis legalization, the founders saw an opportunity to bring Humboldt County’s legendary cannabis to the legal market with the quality and care it deserves. They expanded slowly and thoughtfully, building relationships with other multi-generational Humboldt growers to source distinctive local strains.

When Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, Delta King was ready to navigate the new regulations and bring their superb sun-grown cannabis to a broader market. Their attention to quality and partnerships with heritage Humboldt farms allowed Delta King to stand out among the green rush of new brand names.

Today, Delta King operates a state-licensed 34,000 square foot cultivation facility while still maintaining small-batch integrity. They supply discerning dispensaries and consumers across California with flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and concentrates showcasing robust Humboldt terroirs. Despite immense growth, Delta King stays committed to hands-on, sustainable practices that leverage generations of cannabis wisdom while raising the bar.

The spirit of the Emerald Triangle

The heart of Delta King Cannabis stems from Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, renowned for ideal outdoor cannabis cultivation. Humboldt County’s remote forests and microclimates produce connoisseur-grade cannabis with complex aromas and effects. Delta King channels the soul of Humboldt into every strain – rich, robust and unmistakably sun-grown.

Delta King maintains personal relationships with multi-generational Humboldt County farms to source unique cultivars. By championing heritage family growers, they preserve the Emerald Triangle’s legacy while those farms gain new opportunities through legalization. This supports a strong local economy and cannabis culture.

Grow methods combine age-old techniques perfected in the region with sustainable, innovative practices. Each plant thrives in carefully amended native soil under the California sun. Farmers use natural inputs, conservation programs like rainwater catchment, and regenerative growing principles focused on soil health. Delta Kingis a brand name that also experiments with biodynamic farming inspired by the surrounding forest. This reflects a mindset grounded in stewarding the land and plant holistically.

The result is superlative cannabis with a distinct Humboldt County terroir. Plants develop robust cannabinoid and terpene-rich profiles that capture the region’s exceptional microclimates and soils. These intricate chemotypes impart nuanced aromas, flavors and effects that reflect a sense of place – the mark of a world-class cannabis region.

Pursuing excellence through craft and science

Delta King Cannabis rises above average greenhouse mass production through an unrelenting commitment to quality. Their cultivation balances artisanal craft with scientific precision to create unique, exceptional cannabis. Cutting-edge facilities allow them to maintain impeccable standards while meeting demand and navigating strict regulations.

In the nursery and greenhouses, each plant is nurtured from clone to harvest. Balanced, living soils amended with organic inputs provide the foundation. Dialed-in climate controls, integrated pest management, and strict cleanliness protocols ensure healthy growth. Farmers employ time-honed techniques like hand watering, pruning and harvesting based on daily observations of each plant.

The drying and curing rooms maintain precise temperature and humidity levels that lock in terpenes and aromas. The company is currently constructing an advanced processing center incorporating pharmaceutical-grade extraction, distillation, and isolation equipment to capture the full complexity of each harvest for products like vapes and concentrates.

Delta King is a brand name that conducts rigorous internal testing for potency, purity and composition. They partner with labs to analyze terpene profiles that provide a blueprint of each harvest’s distinct characteristics. This provides consumers detailed insights into the nuanced expression of every cultivar.

By merging sun-grown farming with high-tech facilities, Delta King achieves the quality necessary to be called a top California brand. Their cannabis captures exceptional terroir while achieving utmost safety and consistency.

A portfolio of distinctive sun-grown flower

At the heart of Delta King’s offerings is a sun-grown flower showcasing Northern California’s cannabis heritage. Their strain portfolio celebrates classic Humboldt County cultivars alongside new favorites bred to thrive in the coastal climate, earning them distinct praise from major cannabis review brands like Hempercamp.

Sour Diesel remains an energizing and aroma-rich sativa staple while Blue Dream delivers invigorating yet mellow effects as a regional favorite. Exotic crosses like Strawberry Banana and Purple Punch offer tropical or berry-packed flavors balanced by relaxing properties.

New additions like Golden Apricot (Golden Ticket x Apricot Kush) provide a treat for the senses with sweet, fruity notes and happy, euphoric effects. Special small-batch crosses only available from select Humboldt farms keep the selection intriguing and diverse.

No matter the cultivar, each harvest expresses a richness distinctive to sun-grown cannabis. Flower tests 20-25% THC on average while robust terpene levels around 2% make flavors pop. Dense, resin-coated buds showcase intricate chemotypes that connect back to the natural terroir.

Packaging details harvest dates, lab-tested cannabinoid and terpene profiles, regional farm origins and sustainably-minded growing methods – providing full transparency. Delta King flower provides the ultimate expression of Humboldt County’s legendary cannabis, now in accessible form.

Continuing a commitment to craft cannabis

Since humble beginnings in 2015, Delta King Cannabis has blossomed into a leading California-based brand name. They progressed carefully with intention at every step – guided by a dedication to superb sun-grown cannabis. This integrity persists as Delta King evolves.

Looking ahead, Delta King will continue charting a unique course in California’s dynamic cannabis market. With their commitment to quality, innovation and community, the future looks bright and green. So like the grand riverboat that inspired their name, Delta King sails confidently onward – carrying the spirit of Humboldt County’s emerald cannabis legacy through excellence, authenticity and craft into the new era.

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