The 805 Beach Breaks dispensary is a cannabis store that you can visit in California, the United States. In order to make a purchase from this dispensary, you will have to visit 1053 Highland Way, Grover Beach, CA, 93433, United States. They have a diverse range of cannabis products to offer, and you can enjoy them as per your preferences.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary in California starts its operations at 10 in the morning and is open until 7:45 at night. They have the store timing the same throughout the week in order to make sure that the customers can visit as per the schedule without facing problems.
  • Ordering system: When you want to place an order at the 805 Beach Breaks dispensary, you have to choose from the options that are available. You can either directly visit the store and make your purchase by selecting your favorite items. Also, you can go for the storefront pick-up option, and for that, you will have to place an order 30 minutes prior to your visit. For this option, you can call +1805-668-228. They also have a home delivery option that you can choose from, and for this, you can visit their website

Deals and offers

The 805 Beach Breaks dispensary has several deals and offers for its customers. It is going to make purchases easier and more affordable for you with these offers. Some of the incredible offers that you can avail on the products at this dispensary are given as follows:

  1. It has a daily sale where if you spend $75, you are going to get a promotional item just for $0.01. If you spend more than $100, you will get promotional items for $0.01.
  2. Veterans are offered a discount of 22%, but they must visit with an identity card.
  3. Senior citizens who are +65 years of age or offer a 10% discount on all items.
  4. If someone is a senior citizen and also a veteran, he’s offered a 30% discount on all items.
  5. On your birthday, you can get a pre-roll for just one dollar, and this offer can be availed within 14 days of your birthday.
  6. The 805 Beach Breaks dispensary also has a manager special discount of 50 to 75% on specific products until the supply lasts.

All the offers mentioned above are only applicable when you are going to place an order by visiting the store. Also, this condition also applies to first-time customers. This dispensary accepts payments only through cash, and an ATM facility is available with a charge of $3.50.


The 805 Beach Breaks dispensary has a diverse range of products. You can purchase cannabis products like CBD flowers, edibles, concentrates, cartridges, and more from this dispensary from various brands

When it comes to the brand range, there are various well-known as well as lesser-known brands available on the shelves of this dispensary. Some of the brands that you will come across here are given as follows:

  • Cresco Labs
  • Alien Labs
  • Aphria
  • Marley Natural
  • Cannabis Edible
  • Willie’s Reserve
  • Curaleaf
  • Lowell Herb Co

The above-given list includes names that provide you with premium as well as low-cost products. If you want to experience the high-class as well as premium products, you can go for the expensive ones that will cost you more than $300. Also, there are cheaper products available on the list that will cost you less than $10 and will match your affordability. 

Let us now go through some of the well-known and most selling items that you will come across on the shelves of this dispensary.

Mary’s Medicinals THCa

This product is a THCA containing 2.2% THC from Mary’s medicinals. This is available in this dispensary for $12, and it is well known for offering fast-acting results. The results may last for hours, and it has a net weight of 0.9 g. This is a transdermal patch that is very easy and convenient to use.

Mandarin Cookies

It is a live resin product from the Kingpin with a hybrid strain containing 91.8 THC. You can buy it from the 805 Beach Breaks dispensary for just $43 for a 1 g unit. It has several ingredients in it and has full spectrum oil. It has several distinct features; the flowers are first flash-frozen in order to preserve the full profile of cannabinoids. Also, the re-engineered cartridges make sure that the dabs can be carried along wherever you go. 

Passion fruit pineapple 10 mg

It is a cannabis drink from the PABST labs, and the strain is sativa dominant with 10.0 mg of THC content. He will have to pay five dollars per unit for this drink at this dispensary. The strain is highly dominant and is more on the energizing side. The feeling she will get is energetic, creative, and aroused. Some of the side effects of this product may include dry ice and dry mouth.

Visit the 805 Beach Breaks dispensary to explore more about their product range.