Abatin Wellness Center is an established dispensary in Sacramento and it offers both recreational and medical marijuana. 

Location: You can find this dispensary at 2100 29th St. Sacramento, California. The dispensary is fully accessible with curbside pick-up available too. Abatin Wellness Center is easy to find. You can find guides on how to reach them on their website. They also provide a tour of their dispensary so you know what to expect. 

Operating Hours: The dispensary is open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day. It is very convenient to pick up your cannabis order on your way back from work. Unfortunately, the curbside order pick-up is only available from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Ordering system

There are three ways to order cannabis in this dispensary in California. You can order online and ask for a delivery. You can order online and pick up at the store. Or you can walk in, browse through the store, and then order something. 

The last option is convenient for first-time users. 

The weed delivery isn’t in-house. Abatin Wellness Center relies on a third-party company like Bud.com. You can order on this platform and get weed delivered to your doorstep quickly.

Special offers

Abatin Wellness Center has some interesting specials and recurring discounts. Some of the ongoing deals include:

  • Stimulus Saturdays that include 10% off on all products. 
  • New patients get up to 10% off on products when they sign up.
  • They also get a pre-roll for just a penny. 
  • If you refer to a new person, you will get up to 10% off as well. 
  • There’s an active 10% discount for seniors. 
  • Veterans also get to enjoy 10% off on all products at this dispensary in California. 

These are perpetual offers so you can just some percentage off regardless of the day or time. You can also join their mailing list to get updates on things like new items in stock, discounts, and even clearance sales. There’s no mention of any loyalty programs on their website. 


Abatin Wellness Center has nearly 100 unique brands and the list has some very popular names. Most cannabis users will find what they need:

  • AbsoluteXtracts
  • Biscotti
  • BeMore Blunt
  • Big Pete’s
  • Bob Stash
  • Camino
  • Canna Lean
  • Bloom Farms
  • Cannavis
  • Coastal Sun
  • Dime Bag
  • Dip Devices
  • Don Primo
  • Equilibrium
  • Fig Farms
  • Kashmir
  • KingRoll
  • Petra
  • Rasta 
  • Pure Beauty
  • Purple City Genetics
  • Standard Oils
  • Stuf Cannabis
  • Super Wow
  • WYLD

The list is fairly long so you should be able to find something you like on here. Some of the best brands are on here and if you can’t find your favorite, you may be able to find a decent alternative.

Best selling products

Abatin Wellness Center has more than 516 products on its menu now. Like most cannabis dispensaries, Abatin also keeps a dynamic menu. You can expect more strains and cannabis products down the line. 

1. Hybrid Space Force One

This flower from Kashmir has a nearly 5-star rating on the website. With 28.86% THC, the weed packs a substantial punch. It is a hybrid strain combining Space Force with Vegan Safari. It is Sativa dominant so you can expect to feel uplifted and energetic after taking it. 

2. Peanut Butter Breath and Znackz 

This is an infused blunt from BeMore Blunt. It has some Shaman Extracts that combine 20% extract with 80% flower. Many users claim it gives a potent hit. This one isn’t for the more inexperienced users because it has more than 40% of THC. The blunt is of fairly good quality with 100% hemp wrapper and sugarcane tips. 

3. Gushers Pre Roll

This pre-roll is from Ice Box Flat Farms and has around 27% THC. It is somewhat popular with first-time users as it comes in a convenient pre-roll package. The strain is Indica-dominant and is made from Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. The flavor combination is a rich mix of tropical fruits with baked goods. Abatin Wellness Center has other products too. You can find accessories like vape pens, wrappers, and bongs. You can also find flavors, edibles, concentrates, and a decent collection of blunts and pre-rolls.