Affinity dispensaries have a wide range of cannabis products for the enthusiast. If you want to purchase your cannabis from this dispensary in Massachusetts, you can visit its store at 175 Circuit Avenue, West Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • Operating hours: The visiting hours for the dispensary are pretty simple. To buy your cannabis from here, you can visit the store between 10 AM and 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, the dispensary opens between 11 AM and 6 PM.
  • Ordering System: You can directly visit the store to make a purchase if you are nearby. Also, you can place an order on call to pick up your cannabis. For this, you will have to call the dispensary 30 minutes prior to your visit. Additionally, you can also go for the home delivery option. There may be additional charges applicable after a certain distance from the store. Also, they have additional facilities like ATMs, ADA accessibility, and storefront pick-up.

Deals and offers

There are several deals and offers that you can get at the Affinity dispensary in Massachusetts. The below given are the offers that you are going to find here:

  • 10% OFF Industry Friend
  • 10% OFF Senior
  • 10% OFF Students & Educators
  • 10% OFF Veteran
  • 20% OFF First-Time Patient
  • 20% OFF Renewing Patient
  • 10% Hardship Discount
  • Get 20% OFF on your first purchase
  • Get 30% OFF on your second visit
  • Get 40% OFF on your third purchase
  • Every dollar you spend here gives you a point under the loyalty program that you can later use to get discounts here.

These are the offers that you can get at the Affinity Dispensary, and there may be more, and you can grab them while visiting the store. Additionally, if you want to cross-check the availability of offers, you can visit the official website of the dispensary.


Affinity Dispensary has a diversity of products for the consumers of cannabis. If you are an enthusiast, you will find products like flowers, edibles, Cannabis concentrates, and oils at this dispensary in Massachusetts.

When it comes to the brands, there are many popular as well as lesser-known brands at this dispensary in Massachusetts. Some of the brand names are premium, while others are budget-friendly. Let us tell you about the brand names that you can find here:

  1. RYTHM
  2. Dogwalkers
  3. boboe
  4. Betty’s edibles
  5. &Shine
  6. Incredibles
  7. Bountiful Farms
  8. Cresp
  9. Fine Fettle
  10. Dr. Solomon’s
  11. Nordic Goddess
  12. The Healing Rose
  13. TreeWorks
  14. Bic
  15. Elements
  16. Boveda

Products from some of the above-mentioned brands will cost you more than $300, while others are budget-friendly, and you can buy them for just $10 and even less than that. So, there is a mixture of affordability and premium experience at the Affinity dispensaries.

Let us now go through some stuff select and most selling products of the affinity dispensaries.

20:1 Unwind

This is a CBD tincture from Dr. Solomon’s, and it contains 475 mg of CBD and 25 mg of THC. It is considered to be highly suitable for a relaxing period. You are going to find it easy to do, and it is completely non-habit forming. It is capable of providing you with full-body relief and also helps you soften your worries.

Daily Drops

This is a Sativa tincture from the Sunrise Punch brand, and it will cost you $80 per unit. It is considered to be highly suitable for indoor activities as it gives you relaxation. The important characteristic features of this product include raspberry lemonade flavor, energizing and uplifting effects, focus and creativity building, and full spectrum cannabinoids.

Banana cream

It is a cannabis indica-based flower that contains 27.83% THC. Banana Cream is from the brand RYTHM, and you will have to pay $36 for this flower at Affinity dispensaries. It is known to make you feel relieved, and you can use it to hang out with your friends. The top feelings include relaxation, creativity, and blissfulness.

Apart from the above-given products, there is much more to the collection of Affinity Dispensaries in Massachusetts. Visit the dispensary to explore more.