The Apothecary Farms is a cannabis dispensary that has various outlets in the United States. The store locations of this dispensary in Colorado include Colorado Springs, Denver, and  Pueblo, and in Oklahoma, are OKC – North May, Tulsa, Durant, OKC Auto Ally, and Moore.

  • Operating Hours: The Apothecary Farms cannabis dispensary opens at 8 in the morning, and you can make your last purchase at 8:50 at night. But, as there are multiple store locations, make sure to get operating hour information about the store located in your area to avoid inconvenience. 
  • Ordering System: The Apothecary Farms dispensary offers you in-store purchase options, home delivery, and storefront pickup. To place your order for a storefront pickup, you can make a call at the Apothecary Farms outlet in your area. If you want to opt for home delivery, go to their official website at and place your order.

Deals and offers

The Apothecary Farms dispensary has various offers for its customers in all its Colorado and Oklahoma locations. These offers allow you to get your cannabis refill at a lesser price. Some offers of this dispensary are as follows:

  • On Max Out Mondays, you can get 8 grams of Ambrosia or Batter for just $165/ The price for 8 grams of Shatter/wax/ sugar is just $80. You can also get 8 grams of Ambrosia Sho for just $220.
  • On the Colorado locations, the first 35 customers on Monday get a penny gram of Ambrosia or batter for free.
  • Spending $100 or more can get you an exclusive TEE and dab pad for free.
  • Two units of 250 mg live resin gummies for just $20 and 500 mg live resin gummies for just $30.
  • Pay just $18 for two units of 100 mg rosin gummies and $30 for two units of 250 mg packs.
  • Spend $30 and get a shirt or dab pad for free
  • Buy 4 Infused Joints at a discounted price of $18 only.
  • Buy joints at 30% OFF and Topicals only for $15.

The above-given offers can be time-limited, occasional, or exclusive to some store locations of Apothecary Farms. So make sure to enquire at the reception before you make your purchase to know if you can get these offers.


The Apothecary Farms has a wide collection of cannabis products for its customers. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you can get flowers, tinctures, vapes, cartridges, topicals, and more in this dispensary.

At this dispensary, there are cannabis products from its own farm as well as a few other brands as well. Some of them offer only premium quality expensive items, whereas others also deal in affordable products with expensive options. The other brands that you can find in this dispensary include DC Premier, Curative Farms, and more.

There are products to meet the budget of all types of cannabis enthusiasts at Apothecary Farms, and you can buy premium as well as affordable options. Some products are priced as low as $10, while there are others priced at $250. So, there is diversity in terms of products as well as budget for the buyers.

The Apothecary Farms also have some high-rated and best-selling items on their shelves. Let us now have a look at some cannabis products that you must buy from this dispensary when you visit here.

Grapple Infused Joint

It is a homegrown product of Apothecary Farms, and you have to pay $4.90 for a 1-gram pre-roll. It is made with an Indica strain and contains 31.33% THC and 1.52% of total terpenes. This pre-roll has effects of euphoria, relaxation, sleepiness, and calmness. If consumed in high doses, it may lead to couch-locked conditions, so be responsible while consuming it.

Bermuda OG Ambrosia – H 1G

It is a concentrate from the Apothecary Farms brand and is well known for its high concentration of THC content, which is 71.49%. Due to its high potency, it can make you feel the effects of being uplifted and energetic. However, it may not be suitable for activities that need focus and attention, like driving and operating other machinery. You can buy it from this dispensary for $25.

Guavaz 74 – Shatter 

This highly potent shatter from the Apothecary Farms is made with whole plant material making it completely organic. It has a total of 74.35% THC and 3.68% of terpenes. The strain is Indica, and therefore, it will create more calming and relaxing feelings. You can use it if you are planning to stay indoors. The price for this product is $8.

These are only a few of the best-selling items of Apothecary Farms, but there are more. You can pay a visit to their store

and check out what else they have got for cannabis buyers.