Arizona Organix is a dispensary in Arizona that sells a variety of cannabis products for weed enthusiasts. You can visit their store at 5303 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, United States.

  • Operating hours: the Arizona Organix opens at 8:00 AM, and you can make your last purchase till 10 the night. The store timings for all days of the week are the same to avoid confusion among the customers.
  • Ordering options: You can visit the store to buy your cannabis, or you can go for a pre-ordered store pickup option. For the pre-order, you can place your order by calling (623) 937-2752. Additionally, you can also place an order for home delivery or storefront pickup by visiting their website – There is no minimum order value for free delivery, and you can get your order prepared within 30 minutes. At the store, you can find amenities like ATMs and ADA accessibility.

Deals and offers

The Arizona Organix has several deals and offers available for cannabis enthusiasts. Let us give you some deals about a few offers you can get in this dispensary in Arizona.

  1. When you are buying for the first time from this store, you get a buy one get one offer on select brands.
  2. On your second purchase from the Arizona Organix, you get a 25% OFF on the entire purchase.
  3. While making your third purchase, the dispensary gives you an AZO 1g Pre-roll free of cost with anything you buy.
  4. Buy 2 Bud Bros 1g Concentrates for $40.
  5. Buy 2 Item 9 Lab .5g D9 Cartridges and get the third one for free.
  6. Avail of the Buy one gets one offer on WANA BOGO 100mg Gummies every Wednesday.
  7. Get $10 OFF on the SAP .5g D9 Cartridges.
  8. Buy one get one free offer on the Drip/PAX pods.
  9. Get the LOVEJOY’S Blue Dream 8th flower at a discounted price of $30 on Wednesdays.
  10. Get $10 OFF on the SAVVY half oz on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

While these offers are available most of the time in this dispensary in Arizona, some can be exclusive to a certain time period. Always make sure to check the availability of these offers before placing your order online or making your purchase at the store.


The Arizona Organix has a wide range of products that you can select from. You can buy flowers, tinctures, and cannabis vapes to edibles at this dispensary in Arizona;

Additionally, you will find most of the well-known brands on their online and store shelves, giving you the opportunity to buy whatever is your favorite. Some of the well-known and lesser-known brands are available here, and the following are the names:

  • AZO Accessories
  • BIC
  • Big Pete’s Treats
  • Bud Bros
  • Chemistry
  • Clipper
  • Copperstate Farms
  • Highfield
  • Goldsmith Extracts
  • Genesis Pharms
  • House
  • High Hemp Wraps
  • Gron
  • Jeeter
  • KEEF
  • Lookah
  • Malibu
  • OCTO
  • Orion CBD
  • Quartz Castle
  • PURE
  • Sip Elixir
  • Sploosh Glass
  • Timeless vapes
  • Vital
  • Torch Northwest
  • Tipsy Turtle
  • WYLD
  • Wana Brands

The Arizona Organix has a diverse range of brands from the cannabis industry, including expensive and affordable ones. You can buy an expensive one priced over $200, or you can go for budget-oriented options that are priced as low as $20.

Let us now take a look at some products from their cannabis stash.

Galeto .5g pod

This pod from PAX is available in this store for $38. It is from a verified cannabis brand with a Guava Gelato hybrid strain. The top effects are feeling aroused, euphoric, and creative, and there are some negative ones as well, like dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia. It is suitable for making you feel dreamy during the day, and the flavor profiles are creamy. You get tropical aromas with notes of pina colada, and it promotes an uplifted mind and relaxed body.

Wana Mango Gummies 100mg

These gummies from Wana are available in this dispensary from Arizona for $18. These are mango-flavored Sativa strain gummies infused with terpene-enhanced and tropic-inspired gummies with notes of refreshing sweetness and tangy citrus bursts. You get 100 mg THC per pack and 10 mg THC per piece of each gummy. These gummies are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and are sweetened with organic ingredients only, making them a low-fructose product. These are infused with 30-plus terpenes with a packing that is child-proof, food safe and sustainable.

D9 .5g Cartridge

It is a brand-verified cartridge from Item 9 Labs that has an Indica Granddaddy Purple strain with 17% THC levels. It makes you feel sleepy, hungry, and relaxed, but sometimes it may also cause dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. These cartridges are based on Delta 9 with enhanced cannabis terpene contents making these ideal for relaxation.