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More Information

Ascend Dispensaries is a cannabis dispensary with several store locations in the United States, including Maryland, Collinsville, Crofton, and many others. As it has several locations, you can visit the closest one to yourself in order to buy your cannabis from this store.

  • Operating hours: This dispensary starts its operations at nine in the morning, and you can make your last purchase before nine in the night. The timings for all days of the week are the same to avoid confusion for the customers who are new to this dispensary.
  • Ordering System: In order to buy your cannabis products from Ascend Dispensary, you can simply visit the store and pick whatever you like the most. Additionally, they also offer services like storefront pickup and home delivery. If you are willing to go for a storefront pickup, make sure to place your order 30 minute​s prior to your visit. And also, you can place an order for home delivery at this cannabis ​store, and your product will be delivered to your doorstep with a prefixed charge for the de​livery customized as per your location.

Deals and offers

Ascend Dispensaries is a well-known dispensary in the United States, and therefore, they launched several deals and offers from time to time in order to attract more customers. If you are willing to buy your cannabis products from this dispensary, perhaps the below-given details will be helpful for you in order to keep track of offers that are available here.

Let us now present some of the offers that you might get at this dispensary:

  1. Veterans are offered a 15% dis​count on all the products that they are going to purchase.
  2. They also have a loyalty progra​m, according to which you get one reward point on every dollar you spend here. These points can later be converted into percentage discounts, and you can make more purchases of your favorite cannabis products.
  3. ​Senior citizens are given a 10% discount on both recreational as well as medical cannabis products.
  4. ​If you are a first-time buyer, you will get a 10% discount on your entire first purchase.
  5. ​Staff​ members are given a discount of 15% on the entire purchase regardless of the number of times they buy from the store.
  6. Get ​an Ozone 0.5 disposable for just $18.
  7. Buy ​Ozone 1g budder for just $40.

It is important to keep in mind that Ascend Dispensary has several store locations in the United States. Therefore, the offers in one store may be different from another. Additionally, some of us in this dispensary are exclusive to time and location. So, make sure to confirm if these offers​ are available at the time when you are making your purchase.


There is a diverse​ range of products that you can purchase from Ascend Dispensaries. You are going to see products like cannabis flowers, vapes, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and more.

​This dispensary not only has a diverse range of products but also, you are going to see many ​brands on their shelves. Let us now present a​ list of some of the popular as well as lesser-known brands that you are going to co​me across in this dispensary.

  • Ozone​
  • Airo
  • Simply Herb
  • The Pass
  • 1906
  • Dr. Colombo’s
  • Ascend
  • INSA

These are a few ​of the names that you will see at Ascend Dispensary, and the prices for every product are going to be different. Some of the products are priced very high, and you may even spend $200 on one product. Moreover, if you are a budget-conscious person, you are also going to find some options that will cost you only $10 per item.

Let us now go through some of the exclusive and best-selling products at Ascend Dispensary.

Double Mint Cartridge

This mind cartridge from Simply Herb is one of the best items that you can buy from Ascend Dispensaries. You can get it for $30 from this dispensary, and it has an Indica Dominant hybrid strain. The THC levels in this cartridge are 79.43% making it a potent option for someone who wants to have a good time. The top effects that you can experience from this product are sleepy, relaxed, and hungry.

Wedding Cake from INSA

This flower from the INSA brand is available in the Ascend Dispensary for $32, and it has a hybrid strain. The THC levels are 24.98, and it has 0% of CBD. The top effects of this flower are creativity, energy, and happiness. The wedding Cake strain is a mix of Triangle Kush and Animal Mint. It has tangy sweet earth and pepper notes in every hit, and casual consumers must use it responsibly only. Its double dose can send you straight into sleep due to its highly potent nature.

Apart from these two, you can check out many more of the store-selected and best-selling items at Ascend Dispensaries.

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