The Beyond Hello Dispensary offers cannabis items, and it has several locations in the US. The places where you can find their stores include Alexandria, Ardmore, Arlington, Bethlehem, Bloomington, Bristol, Cincinnati, Dickson, Fairfax, and more.

  • Operating hours: The Beyond Hello Dispensary at its various locations has different operating hours. However, ​most of its locations​ have operating hours between 9 AM and 8 PM from ​Monday to Saturday. On ​Sundays, they operate from​ 10 AM to 9 PM. Due to the variety of ​store locations, it is important ​to always ask for timings before you visit their ​store. You can check the same form ​on their official website.
  • Ordering system: You can visit the Beyond Hello Dispensary store to make your purchase, or you can order on call from their store. When ordering on call or from their website –, you can choose from storefront pickup or home delivery. For both ​these options, there is no ​minimum order value.​ However, for home delivery, you may have to pay additional charges. At the stores of Beyond Hello Dispensary, you​ also get amenities like​ free parking, on-site ATM, ​online pre-ordering, and ​welcome walk-ins.

Deals and Offers

The Beyond Hello Dispensary offers its customers a diverse range of products as well as offers. If you are buying ​from this dispensary,​ here are​ the offers that ​you can get:

  1. They have a ​reward program that allows​ you to get 1 point on every​ dollar spent. Also, after a certain number of points​ are collected, you can get a ​discount on their products, and the ​information for the same is given below:
  • For 200​ points, they give you ​a $10 discount.
  • For 1000 ​points, you can get a ​discount of $60.
  • With ​2000 points, you can avail ​a discount of $140.
  1. You can get 25% OFF on all products from Beyond Hello Dispensary.
  2. Veterans ​get a discount of 10%​ on all orders.
  3. Senior​ citizens are given a 10% discount ​on all purchases.

These offers ​and deals can sometimes​ be limited to particular​ stores, making it necessary​ to check their​ website before buying your ​cannabis. 


At the Beyond ​Hello Dispensary, there are a ​variety of products available, ​ranging from​ cannabis flowers to​ concentrates and vapes to edibles.

Additionally, ​when it comes to brands, there are lots​ of brands available here. You​ can find premium as well ​as affordable brands on the​ shelves of Beyond Hello Dispensary. Let us present a list of some well-renowned brands here:

  1. &Shine
  2. Bank
  3. Bic
  4. Cannabis Devices
  5. Clipper
  6. Crud Bud
  7. Dharma Pharmaceuticals
  8. Dogwalkers
  9. Eyce
  10. Formula 420 Products
  11. gLeaf
  12. Higher Standards
  13. Lab
  14. Luvbuds
  15. Puffco
  16. Pulsar
  17. RAW
  18. Sackville and Co
  19. SeCHe
  20. Seed and Strain
  21. Stash Logix
  22. Tasteology
  23. The Lab
  24. Yocan

These are the brands that are available at the Beyond Hello Dispensary, and they include both classic as well as budget-friendly options. You can buy cannabis that will offer a premium experience while costing you over $200. Or, you can purchase a cannabis product from a cheaper brand that will cost you only $10.

Now, we will go through some staff-selected and best-selling items at Beyond Hello Dispensary.

Blueberry Calm XI

The Blueberry Calm XI is a gummy that you can buy at Beyond Hello Dispensary for $32, and it has an Indica strain. It comes from the brand Tasteology, which is well-known for selling high-quality cannabis items. It has 7.76 mg THC content and helps in bringing your mind to a calm state. These ​are made with a mix of real ​fruit and other all-natural ​ingredients to ensure that it is vegan.​ It makes you feel relaxed ​and sleepy and might help​ ease your mind and get a good night’s​ sleep.

Purple Punch Flower

It is an Indica strain flower that you can buy from the Beyond Hello Dispensary for $32, and it gives you a 17.16% THC content. It has a strain that is rare and has a prolific lineage. It gives you the experience of being happy and blissful and has fast actions in your head. 

For some people, it can also turn out to be a knockout shot, and therefore, it is necessary to use only a limited dosage. Additionally, it has flavors like sweet vanilla, candid blueberries, earthy spices, and tart grapes. It has been made by crossing Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG and gives the topmost effects of feeling relaxed, and blissful. 

Cantaloupe Haze

It is a vape from Alexandria that has a Sativa strain with 84.23% THC content in it. It​ has no additives​ and is known for the smooth ​vaping experience it has to ​offer. You can buy​ it from Beyond​ Hello Dispensary for​ $40 and feel the​ effects of being ​relaxed, blissful, and​ creative.

These are ​some best sellers and​ top-shelf items from Beyond ​Hello Dispensary, and you can browse more items​ on their website.