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Blue Mountain Collective is a dispensary in California located at 692 Marshall Ave, San Andreas, CA 95249, in the United States.

Contact Information:

  • Operation Hours: they have different operation hours for weekdays and weekends. From Monday to Friday, the store is open from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, the store remains open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • Ordering System: you can buy cannabis products from them by visiting the store, and if you are willing to go for a pickup, call (209) 754 3289 and then get your order prepared for pickup within 30 minutes. For home delivery, you can order from their website – The delivery of products to your doorsteps is free of cost, and there is no minimum order value.

Deals and offers

The Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary has a diverse range of cannabis items for cannabis enthusiasts, and there are some offers that can help you strike the best deal here. Below given are some deals and offers you can find in this dispensary in California.

  1. Buy a Hush Gummies 100 mg pack from here and get another one for $1 only. This offer is live for seven days a week.
  2. Get 10% OFF on Hush Live Resin 1g Dabs on all days.
  3. Saucey J Infused Preroll 1.3g is on offer all days a week. Buy one and get the second one for $1.
  4. Buy a Big Chief 1g Vape and get the second one at a discounted price of $5 only.
  5. Buy Blessed Extracts 1g and get a second one for $5 only.
  6. Dixie Gummies are on Buy One and Get One for $1 offer.
  7. Buy a Two Hush 1g vape and get a third one at a discounted price of $5 only. It is valid for all days of the week.
  8. Buy Sessions 1g Infused Preroll and get the second one for $1.
  9. Buy a Gold Flora Half Ounce and get a second one for $5 only.
  10. Buy Stizzy Diamonds 1g and get another one for $5 only.
  11. Get Money Tree Eighths at a 10% discount from Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary.
  12. You can buy a YADA YADA 5g Bag at a 20% discount here.
  13. Veterans, First responders, and Calaveras County workers are given 10% off on all orders.
  14. All customers are offered 10% off on their first purchase from this Dispensary in California.
  15. They give 5% off to all senior citizens.
  16. Medical patients are given a 10% discount on all orders excluding discounted items.
  17. Get 20% off on your birthday if you are a loyal customer of the dispensary.
  18. Get 15% off for referring the dispensary to a friend.

Some of these offers can be for a limited time or for some fixed hours every day. Make sure to check their availability at the store or on the website before placing an order.


The Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary has a wide selection of products, and you get plenty to choose from. You can buy flowers, tinctures and vapes carts, and edibles from this dispensary in California.

Some of the well-known brands you can find on the shelves of Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary are:

  • 2020 knockout pre-roll
  • 420 Kingdom
  • Allswell
  • Apex Extractions
  • Ball Family Farms
  • Bear Labs
  • Big Chief
  • BOM
  • Breez
  • Breeze
  • Blessed Extracts
  • Bullet Concentrates
  • Cali Kosher Cannabis
  • Camino
  • Cannadips
  • Day Dreamer Chocolates
  • Raw Gardens
  • Riverview Farms
  • Session Supply Co.
  • Zips!
  • WYLD

Let us now have a look at some of the best seller products of the Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary that are a must-try for every cannabis enthusiast.

Hush Live Resin – Hattori Hanzo 1g 

Live resin – Hattori Hanzo 1g from HUSH with 80.9% THC content is available on the Blue Mountain Collective Dispensary at a discounted price of $14.86. They give you a 10% discount, and it is among the well-known and brand-verified products in the cannabis market. It is suitable for outings as the effects include upliftment and an energetic feeling, which is great for adventures.

Breez – Nighttime Tablet Tins

The Nighttime tin tablets from Breez are available here for $50, and these tablets have 250mg THC and 200 mg CBD content. These are in the edible section and can be suitable for various issues like stress, anxiety, and more. These tablets are also well known for promoting sleep and calmness.

Infused Pre roll – Moon Pie – 1g

Get the Infused Preroll from Biscotti at just $17.60 each at Blue Mountain Collective. It has 42% THC content and zero CBD. It has a hybrid strain that is well known for producing feelings of being hungry, aroused and uplifted. On the negative side, you may feel a bit paranoid after consuming it.

These are the important details about Blue Mountain Collective, and make sure to give it a try if you are located in San Andreas.

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