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1227 West 253rd St Harbor City, California US 90710

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Cana Harbor

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Cana Harbor dispensary is located at 1227 W 253rd St, Harbor City, CA.

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Cana Harbor is a Dispensary in California that offers a wide range of cannabis for enthusiasts.

  • Operating hours: The Cana Harbor dispensary is open from 6 AM to 10 PM all seven days of the week. It is easier to avoid operating time confusion when the dispensary operates for the same hours every day.
  • Ordering options: To place an order for pickup from this dispensary, you can directly call reception at 424-305-4416. You can choose to visit the store or home delivery to get your cannabis products. It is important to be noted that they offer delivery up to a radius of 15 miles from the store. Also, the minimum order value is $50. Also, they offer two free joints on all orders delivered, and only cash payments are accepted on deliveries.

Deals and offers

There is a wide selection of products at Cana Harbor City and some exclusive deals on all days. Let us have a look at some offers and deals you can find at this dispensary in California.

  1. Every Monday, you can get 10% off on edibles and merchandise.
  2. Get 10% off on topicals and tinctures every Tuesday.
  3. On Wellness Wednesdays, get 10% off on all CBD products.
  4. Thirsty Thursday offers you 10% off on all edible drinks.
  5. On Funky Fridays, you can get 10% off on all flowers. Exclusive strain flowers are not included in this offer at Cana Harbor.
  6. Shatterday Saturday allows you 10% discounts on all concentrates.
  7. On Sunday Fundays, you get 10% off on all cartridges at this dispensary.


The Cana Harbor has an array of wide selections for cannabis enthusiasts on its shelves. You can find tinctures, flowers, vapes, and cannabis edibles in this store. 

When it comes to brands, there are premium as well as lesser-known brands in the Cana Harbor City dispensary in California. Some of the brands that you can explore in this dispensary include:

  1. 710 Labs
  2. ABX
  3. Backpack Boyz
  4. AlienLAbs
  5. Cali flower farm
  6. Big gas
  7. Bombay
  8. Cannabiotix
  9. Cannakings
  10. CBD Living
  11. Chronic Dope
  12. Connected Cannabis Co.
  13. Dabwoods
  14. Culture FArms
  15. Deep x Shopping Cartz 415
  16. Drops
  17. Eighth Brother
  18. Element
  19. Eureka
  20. Fire
  21. Fire Crackers x Cali Banger

cana harbour

You can find products for as low as $10 at the Cana Harbor, which makes Cana Harbor City dispensary suitable for low-budget-oriented customers. Also, there are high-quality premium products with a price tag of more than $200 for customers looking for an exceptional cannabis experience.

Let us now explore some staff-selected items that you must try from the Cana Harbor City Dispensary in California.

JUSTplay Peach Ringz

It is a cannabis vape cartridge from Plug N Play, and it is available for $70 per piece at the Cana Harbor. You may not find this product on the online websites, as this product is only exclusive to their store only. It offers an exceptional peach flavor that is a mix of fruity and citrus notes, making it a flavorful and enjoyable vaping device.

King Lous XIII (5g)

It is a flower from Fire Crackers x Cali Bangers, and it offers an exceptional cannabis smoking experience. It is priced at $42 and weighs 5.66 grams. It has a hybrid strain and offers an energetic and uplifted mood to consumers.

Fruit Snacks Berry 100mg

These are edible gummies from Punch Edibles with 100 mg THC content and no CBD. You can get it from the Cana Harbor for only $18. These are completely vegan and do not carry any gluten. You get 45 calories in total in one pack and 9 grams of sugar.

Ultra Pure 1g Cartridge

It is a vape cartridge from Heavy Hitters and has a hybrid strain. This is a product from a verified brand in the cannabis industry, and you can buy it for $60 at Cana Harbor City dispensary. The cartridge has a 1:1 CBD ratio with a taste profile of earthy, woody, and pine notes. It has a restorative, calming, and relaxing effect profile, making it suitable for indoor fun.

We hope our recommendations have been valuable in your quest for quality products. At Hempercamp, we take pride in curating the best options for our readers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore an even wider range of premium brands, dispensaries and products on our website.