Canna Get Happy Anchorage: About dispensary

Canna Get Happy Anchorage

Canna Get Happy Anchorage is located at 810 E 6th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States. The dispensary sells a premium line of Cannabis products from gummies to strains, at Canna Get Happy you will find everything.

Canna Get Happy has a range of products available in its inventory. Canna Get Happy chooses the products they sell with special care and attention given to their ingredients and production methods. You are assured to receive only the best quality products at Canna Get Happy. Their products are infused with potent, best-quality, THC and terpenes. 

Offers & discounts at Canna Get Happy Anchorage

We all love offers and discounts, and at Canna Get Happy Anchorage you can avail heavy discounts. They have special offerings available on days such as Valentine’s Week, Labor Day, Christmas, New Year, 4th of July, and more. 

Every year on 22nd August, they celebrate their birthdays! So there’s something to offer that day which you wouldn’t want to miss. They also host competitions, in which if you win you will get special goodie bags, discounts coupons, etc. 

Budtenders at Canna Get Happy Anchorage

Budtenders at Canna Get Happy Anchorage are always there for you, to recommend to you the best that suits your needs. When you visit a budtender, all you need to do is tell them the kind of experiences you want to have, and the flavors you’re looking for.

The Budtenders at Canna Get Happy will also tell you about the novel product offerings that they have such as Juicy Hemp Wraps in exciting flavors like Purple Gelato, Cherry Pie, Pineapple Shake, etc. 

Brands at Canna Get Happy Anchorage

In the Cannabis industry, there are multiple brands. These brands can be confusing for a newcomer, but for an experienced eye, it is easy to separate the hay from the chaff. This is true for Canna Get Happy. 

Their owners are experienced in the cannabis industry, Therefore, the brands they sell at the dispensary are top-class, premium brands. Nothing that they sell is cheaply sourced or is a fake product. 

They feature brands such as:

  1. Creative Confections
  2. Good Titrations
  3. Bombshell
  4. Frog Mountain
  5. Stoney Moose  

These brands and the others that are available at Canna Get Happy are known for their product quality and norms. They follow all the ethical and legal measures that they should be in following. 

Products for sale at Canna Get Happy

The inventory at Canna Get Happy is HUGE. They sell a variety of products. If you look at it from a little kid’s eyes, being in the dispensary is like being in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. There is so much that you can try out, that you will surely be having FOMO!

But relax, you can always come to the dispensary and buy the products whenever you want them. They feature amazing products such as:

  1. Lattes from Moose Milk
  2. Buttermints by Lady Gray
  3. Hashade by Red Run
  4. Dablicator by Frog Mountain

This is an exciting line of products that bring completely new ways of consuming the good herb. Such novelty makes coming to the dispensary, checking out the products there, and purchasing them a wholly different process. 

The legal status of products at Canna Get Happy

It is completely legal to buy products from Canna Get Happy. They are a licensed establishment and their license number is #20151. The products that they sell also come from licensed brands.

These brands are in compliance with federal and local laws. The Delta 9 THC levels in these products are below 0.3%. Therefore, you can be carefree and buy whatever products you like from Canna Get Happy!