Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary is a medical cannabis store. It doesn’t offer recreational marijuana. You can apply for and get a license at the store itself. 

    • Curbside Pick-Up – You don’t need to walk into the store to get your weed. 
  • Immediate Sign-In – The dispensary can help you get registered as a medical marijuana user. You need to schedule an appointment at a suitable time to get the prescription.
  • Limited Delivery Available – Chesapeake Apothecary can now deliver to select patients. However, the time and slot availability is limited. 

The dispensary offers medical and adult-use weed. It also holds events and classes to help people in the cannabis community. You will also find some fun accessories in the store.

Location: The Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary is located in Southern Maryland. You can drive to their store at 4781 Crain Highway, Whiteplains, MD to get your prescription.

They also have a new location in Clinton, MD at 9135 Piscataway Road.

The store has wheelchair access and has an entire retail floor. You can bring guests that are over 18 years old and have a valid ID. Children are allowed if they are younger than 7 years.

Timings:  The store is open from Sunday to Thursday between 10 AM and 9 PM. On Friday and Saturday, it is open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

The timings are comfortable for people who want to pick up their order on their way back from work. 

Ordering system: 

Maryland regulations only allow people with valid adult patient registration. Registered patients of 18 years or older must first register with the MCA or Maryland Cannabis Administration to purchase anything at the dispensary.

The ordering system is straightforward. You can:

  • Order Online and Pick-Up – You can place an order on the Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary website directly and then pick up the product. 
  • Order Online and Get Delivery – Limited delivery is available to certain patients. You can order online and get the product delivered to your home if you’re eligible.
  • Browse at the Retail Store – First-time buyers will like this. You can just visit the dispensary and browse through the products. You can also ask for advice or recommendations from the friendly and enthusiastic staff in the store. 

You can also call them directly to place a pre-order and then pick it up. Only registered members with valid licenses can pick up the weed from the dispensary.

Special offers

The Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary has a loyalty program and several offers as well. You can earn points for every purchase and then trade in those points for discounts. 

The dispensary also has several discount programs. You can get around 10% off on some of the products available. You can the dispensary in Maryland to know more about any specific offers.

Featured brands

The Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary has a fairly impressive collection of brands. Some of the most prominent brands they support include:

  • Eden Solventless
  • Culta
  • Curio Wellness
  • Grassroots
  • Temple Nepalese Hash Ball
  • Alchemist Ventures
  • Verano
  • Mogul
  • Cookies

You’ll find a few other brands and products on their menu as well. People in the cannabis community trust these brands, going by the reviews published on multiple platforms. They also offer a wide range of products from concentrates and pre-rolls to tinctures and edibles. Some of these brands also sell vaping devices and oils. 

The dispensary has been around since 2018 and has added several new brands, especially local brands, to its inventory. If your favorite seller isn’t on there yet, you can ask them if the products will be added to their menu down the line.


Some of the best-selling products in Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary include:

1. Hand-rolled bubble Hash Infused 1 Gram PRJ – Citrus Sativa

This pre-roll from Eden has 32% THC so you’ll experience a proper high while smoking. The Citrus Sativa has a lingering lemony flavor and aroma. It can be pretty refreshing during a tedious or stressful day. 

2. Lilac Diesel Live Rosin

The Lilac Diesel Live rosin is a popular choice among experienced users. It is a concentrated rosin of around 1 gram, which means you can expect a potent hit. It contains 75.9% THC in total.

3. Sour Peel Live Rosin Disposable Cart

Also from Eden Solventless, this vape cartridge has a 0.5ml capacity and offers a good vaping experience. The build quality is solid and most reviewers comment the product lasts for a long time. 

Other featured products at the Chesapeake Apothecary dispensary include Georgia Pie Temple Hash ball, Pie Crust Temple hash ball, Eden’s Grape Pearl live rosin, and more.