Club 78 Dispensary has a diverse range of cannabis products for both enthusiasts and medical buyers. If you want to buy from this dispensary in California, you will have to reach 18441 Vanowen St, Reseda, CA 91335, United States.

  • Operating hours: Club 78 dispensary starts its operations at 8 AM in the morning, and you can make the last purchase before 9:​45 PM in the night. This is the time from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday, the ​operation closes at 8 PM. 
  • Ordering system: The ordering system a​t this dispensary in California is just like any other dispensary. To make a purchase directly from the store, you can visit the above-stated address, and if you are willing to go for pick-up service, you can call the dispensary 30 minutes prior to your visit. ​If you are willing to choose the home delivery service, you can place an order by visiting the website

Deals and offers

There are various deals and offers at the Club 7​8 dispensary in California. They offer a variety of deals for different customers, and some of the​ exciting offers that you can get in this store are as follows:​

  • The senior citizens at this dispensary offered a 15% discount on their entire purchase.
  • Fo​r the first-time buyers, there is a 5% discount, and for the second-time buyers, there is a 2​.5% discount available on the selected items. 
  • Th​e products from STEEZY are offered at a 10% discount from Wednesday to Friday.
  • If y​ou are a dispensary staff member, you can get a 20% discount on your purchases.
  • If y​ou are an industry staff from another dispensary, you can avail of a 5% discount on your purchase.

There can​ be various other deals and offers at the Club 78 dispensary, and to know about them, you will have to enquire at the store or check on their official website.


There is a ​diverse range of products available at the Club 78 dispensary that you can buy. You can get cannabis flowers, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, oils, and much more.

They also ​have a diverse range of brands to serve their variety of customers. If you are buying from this dispensary in California, you will come across the below-given brands with different products and price ranges:

  • ​PLUGplay
  • ​Punch Edibles & Extracts
  • ​Oakfruitland
  • ​Cannabiotix
  • ​Caviar Gold
  • ​Jeeter
  • ​West Coast Cure
  • ​Heavy Hitters
  • ​Gelato
  • ​Clade9
  • Pacific Stone

The above-given names contain brands that will cost you more than $300 and also names that will cost you only $10 per product. This is the diversity in products so that they can serve all types of customers with all types of budget preferences.

We will now check out some store-selected and best-selling items at the Club 78 dispensary.

King Cavi Moon Rock

This product is a cannabis flower from King Cavi, and you can buy this for $65 at this dispensary in California. It is one of the best products from 2022, and it contains 50% THC and 11% CBD levels. It has an earthy, woodsy, and diesel flavor, making it highly interesting for cannabis enthusiasts. The top effect you are going to get from this product includes lightheadedness, sleepiness, and relaxation, and therefore, you may also experience being couch-locked. 

Blueberry Dream x Blue Dream

These are the cannabis pre-rolls, which are infused, and you can buy them for $39 from this dispensary. If you are a first-time member of the loyalty program of this dispensary, you can get it for a 50% discount. Also, the product is a mix of two strains, making it highly effective. The top flavors of this product are blueberry, spicy herbal, or peppery. You are going to experience feelings of being relaxed, happy, and giggly after consuming it.

Kush Milk

It is a cannabis flower that you can buy for $68 from the Club 78 dispensary. It is also under the 50% discount offer of this dispensary, and it is created by mixing Cereal Milk and Kush Mountain Pheno 366. It is a hybrid strain containing 80% Indica and 20% sativa. The total THC content is 34.55%, and it gives you a smooth and kushy flavor, and you will experience the feelings of being relaxed, joyful, and sleepy.

There is more in their product selection, and you can check more from their official website.