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Columbia Care is a marijuana dispensary that provides users with a variety of cannabis products. This New York-based dispensary has positioned itself as a reputable name in the cannabis industry. 


Columbia Care offers a good selection of pharmaceutical-quality medical cannabis vape cartridges, tinctures, oral tablets, topicals, and more at their dispensary locations. Their cannabis products are available to all NY-certified medical cannabis patients. They also offer their own line of hemp-derived CBD products, legal for purchase without a medical card (must be 18 w/ photo ID). Columbia Care’s pharmacy staff is available to assist both medical cannabis patients and CBD consumers with how to use their products as part of your wellness program.

1. Columbia Care Dispensary product line

Columbia Care Dispensary offers a range of cannabis products to satisfy the individual demands of each consumer. 

The dispensary provides its consumers with a wide choice of pharmaceutical-quality medicinal cannabis products.

  • Vape cartridges

Columbia Care Dispensary has a range of vape cartridges for use with a vaporizer pen. 

These cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that may be vaporized and inhaled for an intoxicating high. 

Vape cartridges are a popular choice for individuals who want an immediate potent high since their euphoric and relaxing benefits can be noticed within minutes. The dispensary also provides a wide range of strains and formulas, allowing patients to select the medication that matches their needs.

  • Strains

The dispensary has a plethora of cannabis strains, each with its distinct blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Strains at the dispensary are carefully chosen and tested to guarantee that they satisfy quality requirements. 

  • Tinctures

They are liquid cannabis extracts that are used orally. 

Columbia Care Dispensary provides a selection of tinctures that are simple to use. 

Tinctures are alternative for people who want a more exact cannabis dose because the liquid can be metered out with a dropper.

  • Oral pills

Columbia Care Dispensary holds a variety of oral medications. 

These pills are designed to give long-term symptom relief and may be a useful choice for people who do not want to smoke cannabis products. 

  • Topicals

Cannabis-infused topicals are products that are applied to the skin. 

Columbia Care Dispensary provides several topicals, such as creams, balms, and lotions, to provide targeted relief from several symptoms.

  • THC-O carts

These carts are a form of vape cartridge that includes delta-8-THC, a chemical close to delta-9-THC (the major psychoactive component in cannabis) but with somewhat different intoxicating effects. 

THC-O carts are said to be more potent than regular cannabis products, with a more strong psychoactive impact.

Note: THC-O is treading on grey legal waters. Therefore, confirm with state laws before buying THC-O products.

  • Delta 8 carts

Another form of vape cartridge that includes delta-8-THC is delta-8 carts. 

These products are comparable to other types of cannabis carts, however, they may have a somewhat different impact profile.

  • Edibles

Columbia Care Dispensary sells cannabis-infused edibles, such as candies, Delta-8 gummies, CBD chocolates, CBD cookies, and other products. 

Edibles, which are discreet and simple to use, can be a practical method to take cannabis. 

It is crucial to remember, however, that the effects of edibles may take longer to kick in than other cannabis products, and they may also persist longer.

Thus, Columbia Care Dispensary products are made of distinct strains and formulas meant to address euphoria and intoxicating effects.

 2. Dispensary overview

The team is informed about the many cannabis products and strains on the market and can offer important advice on how to utilize them regarding their high, potency, soothing and psychedelic effects, and much more. The staff can also help in addressing inquiries regarding potential side effects and drug interactions.

On its website, the dispensary also offers educational insights, such as information on cannabis legislation, consumption techniques, and potential health advantages.

3. Physical locations

The dispensary sites are clean and well-organized. The environment is meant to be pleasant, which can help customers feel more comfortable while picking products or discussing their health issues with dispensary personnel.

Moreover, buyers can expect to have minimal waiting times at any of their locations.

Patients can schedule appointments in advance so they can visit the dispensary at a time that is convenient for them. This helps to significantly reduces crowds and wait times in the dispensary.

4. Safety measures and precaution

Third-party labs rigorously analyze all of their cannabis products to verify that they are free of hazardous toxins and fulfill high-quality requirements. 

Furthermore, Columbia Care dispensary ensures to sell its products only to consumers who are of legal age and have the correct identification. Cannabis products are also available to NY-certified medicinal cannabis patients. This implies patients must have a medical cannabis card issued by the state of New York and fulfill the state’s qualifying standards. 

Staff at the dispensary can advise patients on the qualifying procedure and assist them in obtaining their medicinal cannabis card if they qualify.

5. Community participation

Columbia Care Dispensary engages in local activities and philanthropic initiatives regularly, displaying its commitment to giving back to the communities it serves. 

This kind of community participation fosters customers’ trust and underlines the dispensary’s commitment to being a responsible and ethical dispensary in the state.

6. Reviews and ratings

In a short period, it has garnered great reviews from users on prominent review services as well. 

Numerous cannabis lovers have commended the dispensary for its extensive assortment of cannabis product lines, which includes a wide range of cannabis flower strains and edibles. 

What customers had to say?

Customers have typically had excellent experiences with the dispensary’s customer service. Numerous clients have commented on how well-organized and efficient the dispensary is, with short wait times and a clean and pleasant environment. 

While the majority of Columbia Care Dispensary reviews are excellent, there are a few bad ones as well. 

Several consumers have voiced displeasure with the dispensary’s costs, which they believe are greater than those of other clinics in the neighborhood. Also, some consumers have complained about the quality of some things, such as dried-out flowers.

But, like with any brand, there is negative light thrown at the dispensary which indicates areas where the dispensary may improve.

Columbia Care Dispensary’s recent merger updates

Columbia Care, the multi-state, publicly listed medical marijuana retail dispensary with the most Delaware shops, is bought in a $2 billion transaction by Cresco Laboratories

Established in New York and Columbia Care has dispensary licenses in 17 states and runs three Delaware medical marijuana dispensaries, one each in Wilmington, Smyrna, and Rehoboth Beach.

Cresco Laboratories, a Chicago-based multi-state business and the largest supplier of branded cannabis products in the United States has purchased it.

Cresco Laboratories and Columbia Care announced their merger on March 23rd, 2022, becoming the largest multi-state marijuana operator by pro-forma revenue, totaling more than $1.4 billion. 

Now, it has over 130 retail locations in 18 markets, including market share leaders in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, and Colorado.

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