Commcan is a chain of dispensaries based in the state of Massachusetts. The dispensary is located in Millis, Rehoboth and Southbourough in Massachusetts. The dispensary in Millis is located at 1525 Main St.(Rt. 109) and the one in Rehoboth is located at 150 Barney Ave (off Rt. 6). 

  • Store timings: Coming to the timings for these stores, they work from 10 AM to 8 PM through all the days of the week. 
  • Contact and order information: The store has online order placement options available as well. Their email,, can be used for any kind of query that the customer may have. They can also be contacted at the extension 508-533-WEED for any additional information that is needed.

Now we are going to discuss some of the weekly offers and deals that they have in place for their buyers; both recreational and medical.


  • In the spirit of pride month, the company has launched an offer for all their commcan strains for a featured price. Within this offer, pre rolls are priced at $10, eighths at $35, quarters at $63, half ounces at $120 and an ounce at $225.
  • They also have an offer on the strain Berniehana Butter, for which eighths are priced at $35, quarters at $63, half ounces at $120 and full ounces at $225.
  • On Sundays, 7g packs of Cookie Smalls cost around $70 for a quarter, $130 for a half ounce and $240 for a full ounce.
  • On Monday, 4 eighths under the brand of Commcan cost $80. The flowers can be mixed and matched. The strains are Dosi-Pie, Gelato #41 X Do-Si-Dos, Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch.
  • Tuesdays mean discounts for customers that live in the towns near the dispensary, such as Millis, Medway, Rehoboth, Southborough, Bellingham and Seekonk.
  • On Wednesdays, which are known as Wax Wednesdays, the price of concentrates is reduced for only that day.
  • FInally, on Thursdays, the Sip soda cans are priced at $3 each, each can being of 5 mg flavor.


Now we come to the different products that the Commcan dispensary sells. They have a variety of brands, one being the Commcan itself, along with Drip, Bite, Sip and Hellohii.


First up, we take a closer look at the different flowers that the Commcan dispensary sells.

  • The 5 star flower strain 

This is a hybrid strain that is highly sativa dominant. It is formed by a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Menthol. It contains 16% THC and no CBD content whatsoever. The smell of the strain is quite powerful because of the menthol present in it. The psychoactive element in this strain, THC, first acts on the brain of the user, after which it produces effects throughout the whole body. It contains terpenes like beta caryophyllene, terpinolene, beta myrcene and limonene. The price for 3.5 g of this flower is $35.

  • The Apples and Creme strain

This strain is made by the cross of Apple Juice and Grapes N’ Cream. It has 22% THC and again, has no CBD content. The aroma of the strain is quite doughy and sweet, like a filled pastry inside a bakery. The flavor profile is also reminiscent of this, feeling like a doughy pastry which has a light creamy filling inside.


Now, we have a few different concentrates that we can inspect a little more.

  • Wedding Cake Shatter 

This is one of the Commcan dispensary’s highest selling concentrates. The strain is formed by a cross between Triangle Mints and Triangle Mints #3. It contains 81% THC and a low amount of CBD, at 0.18%. The strain tastes very earthy and is reminiscent of tones of vanilla and spearmint, both of which give a little bit of sweetness to the overall flavor profile. It gives the user a relaxed feeling, whilst making them feel sleepy and tired as well. It is an indica dominant hybrid and it has a shatter like consistency, which is usually of golden or amber color, making it look sleek and shiny.

  • The Banana Guava Live Hash Rosin 

This is another popular product at this dispensary in Massachusetts. The cross between Afghani and Stardawg is what forms this strain. The strain has a strong sativa presence, and the flavor profile is very fruity and tropical. The aroma of the strain has strong hints of diesel, citrus, earthy and herbs. There is also a slightly cookie-ish feel to the aroma of the strain. It gives the user a feeling of euphoria, which gives them an uplifting, yet relaxing feeling upon consumption. It contains 75% THC and no CBD at all. 3.5 g of this strain costs $210.

Therefore, the Commcan dispensary has a large amount of varied products. Check them