Confidential Cannabis is a dispensary in Colorado that deals in both medical and recreational cannabis products. You can purchase cannabis items as per requirement from this dispensary, and it has two branches located in Colorado.

  • Operation hours: This dispensary in Colorado starts its operations at 10 in the morning. You can make your last purchase before eight in the night. The timings for all days of the week are the same to avoid confusion for the customers who checked the official website for their timings.
  • Ordering system: When it comes to the ordering system, you can make your purchases by visiting the Confidential Cannabis Dispensary outlet. Additionally, they also provide their customers with the choice to go for storefront pick up as well as home delivery. If you want to get a storefront pick-up of your Cannabis ordered from this dispensary in Colorado, you will have to place your order 30 minutes before your visit.
    You can also choose a home delivery service for your cannabis products, and there may be additional charges for this service.

Deals and offers

Confidential Cannabis has several deals and offers for its customers. Some of the offers are occasional, while others are weekly. Let us look at some of the offers you can get at the confidential cannabis dispensary.

  1. This dispensary offers a 10% discount to first-time visitors.
  2. If you are a medical cannabis user and buying from here for the first time, you can get a 10% discount.
  3. Veterans are offered a 22% discount on their entire purchase.
  4. Youth caregivers get a 25% discount on cannabis products.
  5. Individuals with Social Security disability insurance are offered a 10% discount on their entire order.
  6. Seniors over 55 years of age get a 10% discount.
  7. Higher education cannabis discount is 10% on items from select brands.

These offers may be for a limited time period and also exclusive to a particular location of the store. So, before you make your purchase from this dispensary in Colorado, make sure to ask if these offers are still active.


When it comes to products, Confidential Cannabis has a diverse range of items for its customers. You can find products ranging from cannabis flowers to tinctures and gummies to concentrates.

They also have a diverse range in terms of brands that you can find here. On their shelves, you are going to see some premium as well as budget-friendly brands. Let us have a look at some of the top names of the cannabis industry that you can find on the shelves of confidential Cannabis.

  • Cheeba Chews
  • Cookies
  • Craft Concentrates
  • Denver Dab Co.
  • Green Dot Labs
  • Harmony Extracts
  • Incredibles
  • Natty Rems
  • Veritas Fine Cannabis
  • WYLD

These names include some brands that may provide you with only premium products and charge you as high as $250. On the contrary, some of the brands on the list have products that only cost $10 or even less than that. It makes this dispensary oriented to put premium as well as budget-friendly options.

Let us now have a look at some of the products that are tagged as most selling as well as the best items of the confidential cannabis dispensary.

OG Brulee Flower

This flower from the Natty Rems is available at Confidential Cannabis for $15, and it has an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. As per the consumers, this is a well-crafted hybrid flower that may be helpful in several problems like migraines. It has the top effects of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation. These effects make it suitable for mostly indoor fun and entertainment. This flower is very clean and is known for its heavy trichome coverage with 25.44% THC.

Mango Kush oil Cartridge (1000mg) 

It is an oil cart from Craft Concentrates, and you can buy it for $15 from Confidential Cannabis. It is known for its high level of THC, which is 81.12%, and you can have effects of euphoria, hunger, relaxation, and talkativeness. The strain it has is Mango Kush, which is a mysterious one in the cannabis industry. However, it is a combination of Mango and Hindu Kush, which gives it a rich terpene profile for the users. This vape cart is fast-acting and can leave its effects for more than 4 hours on the user. Mostly, the taste you will get from this product is of mango, tropical and sweet.

1G 510 Cannabis Terp Vape

This is a vape cart from Cookies that is available at the confidential cannabis store for $30. The aroma of this vape cart will give you creamy and fruity hints of gas, and you will get flavors of sweet sugary cream. The top effects of this vape cart will be relaxation, happiness, and lightheadedness. It has 78.84% THC levels making it a strong option.

These are only a few of the top options you can get from Confidential Cannabis. There are more on their shelves that you can check out by visiting the outlet.