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Crop Cannabis Dispensary- Jonesboro, AR

4.5 stars

Crop is a medical cannabis Dispensary store in Jonesboro, Arkansas that is well renowned for selling a variety of cannabis items. There are various aspects to consider before you visit a cannabis store. 

You will find many cannabis products at Crop Dispensary in Arkansas, along with a satisfactory level of hospitality. If you are planning to get your cannabis refill from the Crop Dispensary, here is a detailed review of this dispensary.

2929 S. Caraway Rd. Ste. 1 Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

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Crop Dispensary

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Crop Dispensary- an Overview

The Cropnea Dispensary is located at S Caraway Rd, Street 1, Jonesboro, (AR) Arkansas. There are various buying options available at this dispensary, including in-store purchases, online purchases for home delivery, and takeaway options.

While you get an option to visit the store, you can alternatively call (870) 339 2767 to place your order or get a resolution for some questions you may have. 

Additionally, you can also send an email to to get in touch with the dispensary staff. 

For placing orders online, you can also visit their website at Moreover, this dispensary has received a 4.5-star rating online from the experiences of its customers.

They focus on delivering legal cannabis products to their customers that are carefully crafted and grown locally in Arkansas state. All the sources of Cropnea Dispensary are legal and follow all the rules to ensure that you get cannabis only from legal sources.

Range of cannabis products

The Crop Dispensary, Arkansas is a place for cannabis enthusiasts, and you can find a diverse range of products here. Everyone, from beginners to experienced cannabis enthusiasts, can find something for themselves at this dispensary. There are products ranging from flowers to edibles and vapes to concentrates. You can find a variety of well-known and lesser-known brands here, too, so that you can find one as per your budget and desires.

The crop dispensary, Arkansas has almost all the strains of cannabis products, including sativa and indica. Each strain product has complete information on the label about its ingredients, potency, and genetic lineage. It ensures that whoever is buying the products can always make a well-informed decision after analyzing how it is going to affect them.

Some well-known brands that you can find at this dispensary include:

  • Bold cultivation
  • Ardent
  • Buffalo Co
  • Good day farm
  • River valley relief
  • Dark horse medicinals

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The Cropnea Dispensary, Arkansas has a clean, modern, and inviting atmosphere for its customers. Anyone visiting the store experiences a well-organized layout and clearly, labeled product displays that make it easier for the customer to get the right product by browsing through their range conveniently. Moreover, the clear labeling ensures that the buyer does not mistakenly get something he is not looking for and always gets the product that they desire.

Additionally, the overall ambiance of this dispensary can be regarded as relaxing and welcoming for its customers looking to buy cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. They have avoided putting on a lot of cannabis-inspired decor inside the store so that the buyers can get a feeling of professionalism. This approach makes this dispensary suitable for people with a broad range of cannabis requirements.

Pricing and discounts at the Crop Dispensary

The prices at Crop Dispensary feel legitimate as per the product quality they have to offer. Within every product range, you can come across something at a very high and very low price point, and it is done to meet the needs of customers with diverse budgets. Some of the products may be more expensive than the rest, as they also have to meet the requirements of buyers looking for premium-range cannabis products.

You may also come across some discounts and promotional offers sometime. These offers at this dispensary can help you stock up on your favorite cannabis products at an affordable price range. You can keep an eye on the social media handles of this dispensary to check for promotional offers and discounts from time to time.

Overall Cropnea Review

At Crop Dispensary Jonesboro, Arkansas, there are a variety of cannabis products for you to use, along with an inviting atmosphere to relax and check out their products. You may find several strains from sativa to hybrid at this dispensary in quality concentrates, flowers, and more. While the price point may seem higher for some products, there is always something at affordable prices for everyone here.

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