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12668 Gratiot Avenue, 48205, Detroit


DACUT operates licensed cannabis dispensary locations across Michigan and Detroit, and additional stores in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and Adrian. With both recreational and medical marijuana available, DACUT strives to provide quality cannabis products paired with excellent customer service.

The dispensaries maintain consistent hours from 9 am to 9 pm daily for accessibility. Patrons can shop in-store or utilize DACUT’s delivery options. Online ordering is available for pickup and delivery within the service radius of each shop.

Location (Detroit): 12668 Gratiot Avenue, 48205, Detroit

Location (Michigan): 2478 South Dort Highway, Flint, MI

Loyalty program

This dispensary in Michigan offers its customers an enticing loyalty program called the “Diamond Club.” This program aims to reward customers for their continuous support and loyalty, providing them with exclusive benefits and cashback rewards on their purchases. The program is accessible through DACUT’s user-friendly app, which allows customers to explore a vast selection of products, place orders effortlessly, and enjoy a range of perks.

Earning rewards

Members of the Diamond Club can start earning rewards right away. For every dollar spent on purchases made in the retail store, curbside pick-up, or delivery orders, customers earn 1 point. These points accumulate over time, allowing members to unlock various rewards.

Moreover, the loyalty program offers an impressive 3% cashback on every purchase, which means that for every dollar spent, customers receive 3 cents back in their Diamond Club wallet.

Redeeming rewards:

Once customers have accumulated a certain number of points, they can check their Diamond Club wallet to see the available rewards. For every 100 points earned, members can redeem $3 on qualifying purchases. The app keeps track of the points, so customers can easily monitor their progress and know when they have rewards ready to use.

Referral bonuses

The Diamond Club encourages customers to refer their friends and family to DACUT Dispensary. When a member refers a friend, and that friend makes their first purchase, the member receives a generous bonus of 200 points. This referral system benefits both the existing member and the new customer, making it a win-win situation.

App exclusive offers

To make the loyalty program even more appealing, DACUT offers exclusive rewards and deals to app users. By downloading the DACUT app, customers gain access to more offers and incentives, creating a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience.

Easy access and tracking

The Diamond Club and its rewards are easily accessible through the DACUT app. Customers can conveniently check their point balance, and available rewards, and track their progress towards reaching the next reward tier. The app also displays the different tiers of membership, allowing users to see their current status and potential benefits as they accumulate more points.

Product selection and pricing

DACUT partners with respected brands and cultivators like MKX, Church Cannabis Co., Pure Michigan, and more. This dispensary in Michigan and Detroit offers both traditional flowers as well as marijuana extracts and derivatives. 

Flower includes Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains sold by the gram or as pre-rolls. Vapes, edibles, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates are also stocked for variety. CBD-dominant products are available for therapeutic relief. 

Pricing is competitive with other dispensaries in Michigan and Detroit. Products are organized online by type as well as desired effect to simplify finding the ideal cannabis solution.

Top products


  • Runtz (Hybrid) – This sweet, fruity strain is a customer favorite. Provides a euphoric, feel-good high.
  • Jealousy (Indica) – A relaxing indica with grape and berry flavors. Perfect for unwinding and de-stressing. 
  • Sundae Driver (Hybrid) – Known for its smooth smoke and rich terpenes. Provides a balanced, mellow high.


  • MKX Cereal Cart (Hybrid) – This flavored distillate cartridge offers sweet fruit cereal flavor notes.
  • Church Lady LLR Cart (Indica) – A Granddaddy Purp live resin cart with potent, sedating effects.
  • Mitten Extracts Sour Diesel Cart (Sativa) – An uplifting, energizing sativa vape with a diesel aroma. 


  • Utopia Chocolate Bar (Indica) – This 90mg THC chocolate bar provides long-lasting relaxation.
  • Utopia Elderberry Gummies (Hybrid) – 5mg gummies with an elderberry flavor, great for microdosing. 
  • Kushy Punch Sativa Sour Gummies – Tangy gummies with 100mg THC for focused, creative effects.


  • MKX Cured Resin (Hybrid) – Potent THC crystalline cured resin concentrates like Tropicana Cookies and ICC.
  • Common Citizen Live Hash Rosin (Indica) – Solventless hash rosin made from fresh frozen flowers like GMO and Motorbreath.
  • Select Elite Live Resin (Hybrid) – Flavorful live resin with high terpene content. Strains include Jilly Bean, Rainbow Belts, and Sour Tangie.
  • Mitten Extracts Diamonds & Sauce (Sativa) – THCA crystalline diamonds swimming in terpene-rich sauce. Flavors like Durban Poison and Sour Diesel.
  • Utopia Sugar Wax (Indica) – Soft, fluffy strains perfect for dabbing like Bubba Diagonal and Granddaddy Purple.

In summary, DACUT provides quality cannabis products through its Michigan dispensary locations and delivery, an inviting retail environment, and strong customer appreciation programs.

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