debbies dispensary

Debbie’s Dispensary is a dispensary in Arizona. It is located at 3550 North Ln Ste 110, Bullhead City, Arizona 86442. 

Contact Information

  • Contact and ordering information: Their contact number is (833) 332-2437, which can be used for any inquiries that their patrons may have. Their hours are constant throughout the week. The store opens everyday at 8 AM and closes by 9 PM. Orders for products can be placed online, which can then either be picked up at the store’s curbside or delivered to the customer’s home.
  • Store amenities: The debbie dispensary is completely ADA accessible and has options for both cash payments and card payments. There is also an ATM attached to the store’s lot, where consumers can get cash if need be. The store also has a discount for all the military veteran customers that purchase their cannabis from debbie dispensary in Arizona.
  • Offers: There are buy-one-get-one deals on edibles by the company Sublime and the cartridges from the Grow Sciences company.


Debbie’s dispensary has a large range of products which can vary from flowers and topicals to edibles and different concentrates. The brands that they stock in the store are:

  • Amy and Al’s Edibles,
  • Connected Cannabis Co, 
  • Dime Industries, 
  • Drip, 
  • Gron Edibles, 
  • Jeeter, Jukebox, 
  • Keef Brands, 
  • MFused, 
  • Mohave Cannabis Co, 
  • MPX Melting Point Extracts, 
  • MUV Cannabis Infused Products, 
  • Nuvata, 
  • Pure, 
  • Savvy, 
  • Select Oil, 
  • Sip, 
  • Smokiez Edibles, 
  • STIIIZY and 
  • Timeless Vapes.

The prices for these products start from under $25 and go up to $200. They sell both medical and recreational cannabis products.

We will start by looking at Debbie’s dispensary’s most popular flowers.


The High-Grade Pre Pack 3.5g – MAC Stomper 

This is the most popular flower in Debbie’s dispensary. MAC can be expanded to reveal its whole name, which is Miracle Alien Cookies. This strain is a hybrid, which is dominated by indica. The flavor profile of this strain is quite fruity with hints of citrus and grapes, making the overall taste quite sweet, which is cut across by the sour citrus notes. 

It contains 17% THC and 0.03% CBD. It gives the user a feeling of intense relaxation, and initially provides a creative boost, both physically and mentally, which can result in productive periods for the smoker. Once the effects settle in fully, the user starts to experience a full relaxation throughout their whole body. ⅛ of an ounce of this strain costs $30.

The CBD Wellness Hemp Flower- Lemon Berry 

This is another popular flower that Debbies dispensary sells. The flavor of the flower is quite a strong one, as the name suggests, with the taste reminding the user of prominent hints of citrus and berries. The aroma isn’t very dissimilar either, having a lot of dense nugs, predominantly smelling like sweet lemonade, which is cut across by a fermented berry presence. It contains 0.05% THC and 20% CBD. It costs $44.


Now, we can take a closer look at the different concentrates that Debbie’s dispensary sells and which onesare the most popular.

The Gorilla Glue #5 by Mohave Gold 

This is the most popular concentrate in Debbie dispensary. This concentrate uses the New Glue strain, which is made by crossing the Original Glue and Sister Glue. It is a sticky strain that has a strong aroma and flavor, with it having a spice-filled diesel aroma and an earthy, sour taste. 

The concentrate is made by using a fully cured flower which is refined until it turns into solid crystal diamonds, which are semi-translucent in appearance. The high that it gives you starts out with euphoric, yet hazy effects. Once the effects start to settle in, the body experiences a full rush and leaves the user in a state of motionlessness. The strain contains 74% THC and 1g of this concentrate costs $50.

The MFused Vape Tank Green Crack 1g debbies

This is another popular concentrate that Debbie’s dispensary sells. The strain that is used in this concentrate is Green Crack, which is formed by crossing an Afghani landrace, a Skunk#1 and a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club. The original name for his strain was Cush, until it was changed to Green Crack strain by the rapper Snoop Dogg, referring to the strain’s potent sativa effects. 

This concentrate is highly purified and has a very high percentage of THC, standing at 88%. After the flower is distilled, botanical terpenes and cannabinoids are reintroduced into the distillate, resulting in an immediate high and superior taste as well. The process used in creating this product is known as multi-filtration extraction. 1g of this concentrate costs the user $45. The strain has an energetic, uplifting effect and has flavors of citrus and mango.

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