Dispensary Works Maryland sells both adult-use recreational and medical cannabis in its store. 

According to their website, they have served more than four thousand patients and house more than 30 well-known brands. This dispensary in Maryland is family-owned and operated. 

Location: This dispensary can be found at 10766 Demarr Rd, White Plains Maryland. It is easy to locate and accessible. The store is comfortable for people with mobility issues or in a wheelchair. 

Operating Hours: Dispensary Works Maryland is open from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM and 10 PM. It is also open on Sundays between 12 PM and 6 PM. 

Ordering system

There are two ways you can get weed from this dispensary. You can either walk into the dispensary, have a look at their collection, and pick what you like or you can place an order online. Dispensary Works has an online menu powered by Dutchie so the layout is familiar and user-friendly. You can add different products to your cart and place the order. 

There is no mention of delivery online so you will need to visit the dispensary to pick the item up directly. This process is pretty quick as the store can get your order packed and ready in 30 minutes. Most users recommend picking up the order on the same day as much as possible. They won’t keep a hold on the items for too long. 

During the pick-up, you need to show your valid government ID and the medical marijuana card to the budtender. Once they verify the documents, you need to pay in either cash or debit card. There’s an ATM in the store where you can withdraw your money from.

Special offers

Like all dispensaries in Maryland, Dispensary Works also has a few discounts and offers for their customers. They include:

  • New patients get 20% off if they present a valid medical marijuana card. 
  • All veterans get 10% off on every purchase.

Dispensary Works Maryland also has some daily special discounts. You can have a look at their menu to see how much you can save on your purchase. The discounts have some interesting names:

  • Special Sunday
  • Monday Madness
  • Twofer Tuesday
  • Flower Madness Wednesday
  • Preroller Thursday
  • Vape Escape Friday
  • Choice Saturday

They have some unadvertised discounts as well. You need to contact the dispensary directly or get on their mailing list to receive alerts. 


As mentioned before, this dispensary in Maryland has more than 30 brands in stock. The combined inventory is more than 1,000 products strong. Some of the brands in store are:

  • &Shine
  • Bic
  • Cliq
  • Dart 
  • Discos
  • Dixie
  • Boveda
  • Culta
  • Avexia
  • G Pen
  • Grave
  • Good Green
  • In House
  • K Fusion
  • Kind Tree
  • Khalifa Kush
  • matter. 
  • LivWell
  • Modern Flower 
  • O.pen
  • Old Pal
  • Roll One
  • RAW
  • Rhytm
  • SunMed Growers 

As their menu is updated regularly, you can check to see if your favorite brand has been added down the line if it isn’t already available. 

Top-rated products

There are more than 1,000 products for you to choose from at Dispensary Works Maryland. Such a large selection can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new cannabis users. Based on reviews and recommendations on the dispensary’s website, these are the best products:

1. Snoop Dogg OG

This strain from SunMed Growers is one of the most popular in the store. It is Indica-based and ideal for people who want something relaxing that will coax them to relax. The THC is relatively high at 31% so you will feel floaty and chill. The strain will also uplift your mood, which is one of the reasons why cannabis users like it. 

2. &Shine Blue Raspberry Pen

Raspberry is a fairly popular flavor among cannabis users. This Sativa-based vape pen by &Shine has around 84.27% THC. As this is a Sativa strain, you will feel energized, creative, and focused. It will also uplift your mood and help you feel motivated. A good mid-week weed to try. 

3. Khalifa Kush Indica PRJ

This pre-roll from Khalifa Kush is Indica-based and has a modest 22% THC. The effect is mild but impactful. Users claim this pre-roll helps them feel sleepy and relaxed. It also puts them in a fairly happy mood. 

Dispensary Works Maryland also sells accessories, marijuana concentrates, blunts, edibles, and even topicals.