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Double Eye LLC

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28201 Date Palm Dr Suite B & C Cathedral City, California US 92234

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Double Eye LLC

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28201 Date Palm Dr., Suite B & C, Cathedral City, California, US 92234

About Double Eye LLC 

Double Eye LLC is a cannabis dispensary and lounge in California, serving both medical and recreational users with a vast selection of quality cannabis products, including flowers, tinctures, vapes, topicals, and much more. Here is a complete rundown of Double Eye LLC.

Location: The dispensary and the longe for Double Eye LLC are located at 28201 Date Palm Dr., Suite B & C, Cathedral City, California, US 92234.

Operating hours: Double Eye LLC operates seven days a week and is open between 8 in the morning and 10 at night.

Double Eye LLC Lounge

Along with the well-stocked dispensary, Double Eye LLC also features a cannabis lounge within the same premises. Users can buy their preferred products from the dispensary and consume them in the comfort of the lounge. The lounge can also be a great place to connect with like-minded cannabis users.

Ordering options

Buyers have multiple options when it comes to placing orders with the dispensary. You can place online orders for self-pickups. Orders can also be placed on call at  760-699-8900. The dispensary currently does not offer home deliveries.

Deals and discounts

This dispensary in California offers a large selection of deals and discounts to buyers. Here are some of the most prominent deals you can avail of at the dispensary.

  • First time buyers: Avail a flat 10 per cent off on your entire purchase.
  • Reward Points: Earn reward points with every dollar spent at the dispensary. With these reward points, you can avail additional discounts on your purchases.
  • Happy Hours: The dispensary has two separate happy hours; one for seniors and one for regular customers. Buy during the happy hours and avail an additional 10 per cent discount on your favorite products.

Double Eye LLC encourages buyers to sign up for their weekly newsletters to receive personalized deals and the best discounts from the dispensary.

Featured brands

This dispensary in California stocks quality products from reputable US manufacturers. Here are some of the top brands featured on their shelves.

  • Alien Labs
  • Jungle Boys
  • NUG
  • Paragon and more.

Products from these brands are derived from organically grown hemp in the US, with each product coming with a COA as proof of its purity and potency.

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Here are a few must-try products at this dispensary in California that you can’t afford to miss. 

Baklava flowers from Alien Labs

These small yet mighty nugs from Alien Labs offer a hefty dose of THC with every hit. The Baklava is a hybrid strain that straws its lineage from the Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 strains and lends its creamy Gelato taste and gas aroma. Effects include a heavy body high and immediate euphoria and relaxation. You can buy this strain from Double Eye LLC at $68.88 for 7 grams.

Pop Rockz Indica from HOTBOX

Pop Rockz is an Indica dominant strain known for its high THC content of over 25 per cent and sweet and fruity profile. The offspring of the Z Animal and Triangle Kush Bx2, this hybrid offers an earthy sweet aroma and candy-like undertone. Effects of this strain include an energetic euphoria with a clear cerebral high. Buy a pack of 3.5 gram Pop Rockz Indica from HOTBOX at $49.98.

Frosted Kush from Jungle Boys

Inheriting genetics from the Frosted Lime and Kush Hemp E1 strains, Frosted Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid renowned for its pungent berry aroma and cream-like flavor. The strain offers a very high THC content of over 27 per cent and 20 per cent CBD, making it quite a balanced hybrid. Effects include feelings of relaxation and a body high with couch-lock effects. Buy a pack of 3.5 grams of Frosted Kush from Jungle Boys at $60.

Mango Jack Flower from NUG

NUG is known for its wonderful hybrids and Mango Jack does live up to the legacy of the brand. An offspring of the Jack Herer and White Widow, Mango Jack offers the very best of both its parents. The taste is that of tropical mangoes and ripe bananas with an overpowering fruity aroma with each puff. Although it might take some time to activate, you can expect effects ranging from a physical high to an elevating euphoria. Buy this strain from Double Eye LLC for $44.99.

Double Eye LLC dispensary and lounge offers a dynamic menu and it is always advised to check the online menu or call the dispensary in advance to get the most updated stocks. 

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