Element 7 Cathedral City

Element 7 Cathedral City

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68945 Vista Chino Ste. C Cathedral City, California US 92234

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Element 7

Element 7

68945 Vista Chino Ste. C Cathedral City, California, US 92234

About Element 7

Element 7 is a chain of cannabis dispensaries with multiple storefronts across California. The Element 7 Cathedral City outlet in the heart of Riverside County offers a large selection of medical and recreational cannabis products.

With seven other active storefronts and many more coming up across the state, Element 7 easily makes among the most popular dispensaries in California.

  • Location: The Element 7 Cathedral City store is located at 68945 Vista Chino Ste. C Cathedral City, California, US 92234. Other storefronts for this dispensary in California can be found in Chula Vista, Port Hueneme, Marina, Rio Dell, Firebaugh, Willits, and Mendota.
  • Operating hours: All the storefronts for Element 7 have the same operating hours. The dispensary is open all days between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Ordering system

Users can opt for both online and in-store orders at Element 7 Cathedral City. Orders can be placed over the phone at (760) 507-9579 or online through the official website. However, the dispensary does not offer a delivery service, and users will need to visit the dispensary location to pick up their orders.

Once orders are placed successfully on the website, users will have the option to choose their preferred pick-up time.

Deals and discount

Element 7 Cathedral City boasts a huge number of deals and discounts for customers. Some of these include:

  • A 10 per cent discount for senior citizens
  • A 15 per cent discount for veterans

Element 7 also offers store-specific deals. Details for these deals can be found on the official dispensary website.

Element 7 also brings a unique loyalty program called the Explorer’s Circle, valid across all its outlets. This loyalty program can be availed simply by logging in to the Explorer’s Circle mobile application, available on both iOS and Android.

With this loyalty program, customers can earn reward points for every dollar they spend at the dispensary. These points can then be redeemed for free merchandise or discounts on future purchases. Plus, loyalty program members also get special, exclusive birthday gifts from Element 7.

Featured brands

Element 7 Cathedral City offers an extensive menu from curated brands across the US. From basic pre-rolls to juicy extracts, these brands offer the very best of products for the Element 7 shelves. Some of the top brands to feature on Element 7 Cathedral City’s menu include the likes of:

  • Claybourne
  • Coldfire Extracts
  • Complex Concentrates
  • Farmer and the Felon
  • Galaxy
  • Gelato
  • Humboldt Farms
  • Jeeter
  • Keef
  • Raw Garden™ 
  • Skunk Feather and much more.

Do note that the dispensary has a dynamic menu, so users must always visit the store website to check brand availability in their preferred locations.


Boasting a wide range of offerings from renowned American brands, Element 7 Cathedral City’s shelves are brimming with products to choose from. Some of the best sellers for Element 7 include the likes of 

LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Pen- Blue Dream (500 mg)

Combining the sweet berry notes and versatility of on-the-go vaping, this disposable vape pen from LIIIL STIIIZY packs a real punch with 500 mg of vaping liquid. This sativa dominant offspring of Blueberry and Haze is already one of the most popular strains across the US, and the easy, portable puffs from this handheld can be the perfect choice for those lazy tokers.

Dosi-Mango Live Resin Pod from IZZO

This vape pod from IZZO features live resin extracts from the Dosi Mango strain. A sativa dominant strain, the Dosi Mango was created by crossing Mango OG and Dosidos. Despite its high THC content of 92.37 per cent, this strain is not advised for first-time users. It offers a sweet, fruity musk with a sweet aftertaste, with some users even comparing the taste to a ripe mango and cookie dough.

Ego Trip from Delighted

Brought on by the house of Delighted, Ego Trip is a hybrid strain made by crossing Georgia Pie and Gush Mints. This is a balanced hybrid known for its cerebral high and strong hits. Complemented by its bright green nugs, the taste is reminiscent of flavors of baked pie and mint.

1:1:1 Tranquility (50mg CBD/50mg THC/50mg CBN)

These are gummies from KANHA. Offering a perfect synergy of 50 mg CBD, 50 mg THC, and 50 mg CBN, these cannabis-infused gummies are offered in a number of flavor choices. With 10 pieces per pack, these tasty bites of gummies can be the perfect choice if you are looking for that enhanced entourage effect.

These were just a few of the best sellers from the plethora of options at Element 7 Cathedral City. This dispensary in California has a dynamic menu, and new additions are made regularly. Visit the official website to check current stocks before placing an order to avoid cancellations.

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