Faded Flamingo LLC is a dispensary based out of the district of Cushing in the state of Oklahoma. It is a relatively new dispensary, and it is one that should be checked out if you are looking for good service and relatively cheap prices

About The Store

The store has a storefront policy, which means that online orders can not be placed. It offers a veteran discount for anyone who has served in the US military. It is mainly known as a medical dispensary, which means that you need to have a medical card in order to be able to purchase some of its products.

The store is open Mondays through Saturdays, opening at 10 a.m. and closing at 11 p.m. On Sundays, the store only opens at 11 a.m. and closes by 8 p.m. Now, there is no way to purchase orders online, but they do have a phone number that can be used at any time for any queries that the consumer may have.


The Faded Flamingo LLC Dispensary has a variety of items that the customer can choose from, so let’s take a look at some of their more popular products.


Flowers are by far Faded Flamingo’s most popular products. They have a wide array of items that the buyers can choose from. Let’s see what their most sought-after flowers are.

The flower that is most in demand is the Lebanese Landrace. It costs $10  for a gram and it is a part of the trend that most strains that are being used nowadays are part of. 

Another one of their flowers that is sought after quite a lot is the Lion’s Mane. This strain has a spicy aroma which has a feeling of chamomile tea and leaves the user feeling euphoric. It is $12 for a gram and it has a green exterior that is perforated with a gold-like color.


Cartridges are also quite popular on this Faded Flamingo LLC Dispensary’s menu. They are widely considered the most efficient way of weed intake across the world.

One of these is the Banana Punch 1000mg cartridge. It is made by crossing Banana and Purple Punch. The taste is dominated by a banana flavor which is then cut by slight hints of citrus and pine, which provide balance to the taste profile. Each one costs $45 The device also has 3 heat settings and easy airflow, which makes it ideal for seasoned pros and casual smokers alike.

A notable alternative to this is the Watermelon 1000mg Tank.  It costs $30  for each cart that you buy. While the taste is dominated by watermelon, it is balanced out by a little hint of cucumber. It is supposed to give the user a feeling of enjoying a nice tropical drink on a warm summer’s day.

Finally, there are also Nebula distillate cartridges that the Faded Flamingo LLC Dispensary offers. Distillate carts are made of highly refined oil. This is an advantage, as the oil can be made from a plethora of materials. These cost $10  for each cart.


Pre Rolls are also one of the dispensary’s more important items, so let’s just take a look at some of the different kinds of pre-rolls that they offer.

The King Cavi is the most popular pre-roll that the Faded Flamingo LLC Dispensary offers. A pre-roll costs about $20  for each one that you purchase.  It has a nice earthy and wood-infused taste that gives users a nice uplifting effect. It has an aroma that reminds the consumer of fresh herbs. Pre-roll has a really high amount of THC, so the effects are like a sedative. It has 45% THC and 11% CBD. It also has a tinge of the diesel flavor in it, which is a more specific part of the roll.

The Grape Diamond strain is a hybrid that is basically made from Memerberry, which means that it is a phenotype of the Memerberry strain. It is said to have more of a calming effect when compared to other pre-rolls. Each one of these costs about $25. They usually come in a pack of 7, so it costs about $ 25 to get 7 of these pre-rolls.

Lastly, the Grape Cream Cake is a hybrid strain that costs about $20 for each one. It tastes of grape along with cherry which is cut out by slightly nutty flavors that help in balancing the strain out. It gives the user an elevated mood and a sudden spark of energy, which settles down to make way for physical relaxation. The pack comes as a pack of 7, so it costs about $ 20 for each pack. It is a discounted price, as the original price is $ 25, so that makes it worth taking a look at.

Faded Flamingo LLC Dispensary is definitely one of the dispensaries that you need to check out.