Four Green Fields dispensary in the USA is a well-known medical and recreational cannabis store. This dispensary in Maryland has a variety of cannabis products and you can make your purchase from their wide range of selections by visiting the store, or through their online website portal

  • Operating hours: You can make a purchase fr​om the Four Green Fields cannabis dispensary between 9 AM in the morning and 8​ PM in the night from Monday to Friday. If you are visiting here on Sunday and Saturday, ​make sure to be here between 10 AM and 6 PM as the timings are less on these two ​days.
  • Ordering System: To make your purchase fro​m this dispensary, you can directly visit the store and buy your favorite cannabis product. Also, you can go for the other alternative options, including home delivery an​d storefront pick-up. For the storefront pick-up, you will have to call the store 30 minutes before your visit. Also, for home delivery, you can place your order directly from​ their official website. 

Deals and offers

The deals and offers section of this dispensary, Maryland is diverse, and you can make purchase orders on all days of the week. Some of the exciting offers of Four Green Fields dispensary are given as follows:

  1. The senior citizens are given a 10% dis​count on their entire purchase.
  2. For medical grade products, there i​s a 15% discount allowed to the buyers.
  3. The veterans of the country were given​ a 15% discount on their entire order every time they made a purchase.​
  4. The store staff is given​ 20% and industry staff are given 15% discount on their purchases.​
  5. First-time b​uyers are entitled to a 10% discount on their first purchase and a 5% discount on​ their second purchase.

These are 24 x 7 offers that you can avail at the Four Green Fields dispensary. There are many more offers available, and you can check them out by visiting the official website or talking to the dispensary staff.​


When it comes to products, this dispensary has a diversity of offerings for the customers. You can purchase items including cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, oils, and more.

Also, you are going to get a diverse range of brands at this dispensary, and there are popular as well as cheaper brands available. Some of the well-known names that you are going to see on the shelves of Four Green Fields dispensary are given as follows:

  • Delta Munchies
  • Euphoria
  • Stiiizy
  • Cannabis Trading Co.
  • Aphria
  • Cresco Labs
  • Curaleaf
  • Aurora Cannabis
  • Cronos Group
  • Marley Natural
  • Trulieve

These are a few of the names that you can find at the Four Green Fields dispensary in terms of brands. There are both cheaper and more expensive brands and you can get a price range between $10 and $300. Also, some of the products may cost even higher than $300 and you can buy them if you want to get a real cannabis experience.

Let us now have a look at some of the best-selling and store-selected items of Four Green Fields dispensary.

Delta 8 peach ring gummies

It is a product from the Delta Munchies brand, and this is o​ne of the best Delta 8 gummies you can buy from the shelves. It gives you 10 mg to 30 mg strength per​ unit in a product. It contains three different strain levels, and it is a pack of 15 units. It is right ​from the hundred percent hemp plant, and they offer free shipping of this product across th​e USA.

Berry pie 2-gram delta 8 disposable vape

It is a sativa-based disposable item that contains 22% PHC level. It is known to produce 1000 bucks, and it has a capacity of 2 g. It works through the automatic drop mechanism and therefore it is very easy to use. You can recharge it and throw it away when the liquid is finished. It is lab-tested and very safe and potent. You will get feelings of being hungry, aroused, and giggly after consuming this, and it also helps with anxiety, stress, and more. It is known to be higher on the energizing side of the cannabis market, and some negative effects may include dizziness, paranoia, and headache.

Grape Gushers 1000 mg

This is a hybrid strain product with a 17% THC level and 0% CBD. You can buy it from this dispensary, and it will give you 1000 mg of total Delta 8 THC. It contains ten pieces per pack, and it is totally vegan. The top feelings you will get after consuming this product include happiness, relaxation, and focus. Some negative sites may include dry mouth, dry eyes, and headache